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Day: December 24, 2022

I3 Diamond
Diamond Clarity

I3 Diamonds: A Guide to Maximizing Value and Beauty

I3 diamonds are a type of diamond that falls into the “Included” category of the clarity grading scale. This means that they have visible inclusions and blemishes that are noticeable

VVS2 Diamonds
Diamond Clarity

VVS2 Diamonds: A Guide to Maximizing Value and Beauty

VVS2 diamonds, also known as Very, Very Slightly Included 2 diamonds, are diamonds that have a high level of clarity. In the diamond clarity grading scale, VVS2 diamonds are considered

Flawless Diamond
Diamond Clarity

The Flawless Diamond: The Perfect Way to Say ‘I Love You

A flawless diamond is a diamond that has no visible inclusions or blemishes under a 10x magnification. Inclusions are internal defects that occur naturally within a diamond, while blemishes are

SI2 Diamond
Diamond Clarity

The SI2 Diamond Clarity Grade: A Comprehensive Guide

Diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry, and with good reason. These beautiful gemstones are known for their hardness, durability, and sparkling appearance. However, with