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A Complete Guide to Various Chakra Necklaces

If you are looking for a chakra necklace, then you must first know all about chakras; what they are, what their benefits are, etc. The most widespread misunderstanding about Chakras


How to Mix Metal Jewelry? A Complete Guide

Do you want to know how can you Mix Metal Jewelry to wear heavy jewelry with style? Mixing and matching different colored metals is nothing new, but you’re not alone


Top 10 Popular Necklace Chains Of All Time

Willing to try necklace chains for styling? Well, you’re in luck because necklace chains are super trendy these days. A necklace is a piece of jewelry that never goes out


How to buy A Perfect Real Gold Chain?

A real gold chain is one of the common accessories found adorning the necks of both men and women. However, most of the customers feel that a gold chain is


An Exclusive Guide To A Perfect Necklace Length

Is there any necklace in your jewelry collection that you hardly wear? I bet most of you must have at least one of such kind. It doesn’t matter how many

herringbone chain

Herringbone Chain: What All You Must Know?

A herringbone chain is one of the many accessories popular among today’s youth. Basically, it is made by setting the flat and rectangular metal (sometimes copper, gold, etc.) links corresponding

14k, 18k or 24k. Which one to choose?

14k-Gold Chain

A chain not only connects individuals and bonds; it additionally associates different types of jewelry, as pendants, souvenirs, and special necklaces. It is regarded as the most significant bit of