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A complete Guide to Wrist Watches

Are you fond of watches? Then, we are pretty sure that you will be fond of wrist watches as well. A wristwatch is designed in such a way that it is worn around the wrist of the individual. It is attached by a different style of watch straps like metal bands, leather straps, braided, straps, and chains.

Watches have been in fashion since the 17th century. But people never sat back with only one type of watch style. People invented and tried making different types of watch with each coming year like mechanical watches, quartz watches, and then smart watches.

Wrist watches are fashion accessories that have driven women and men crazy. Wearing wrist watches is the habit of millions of people around every corner of the world. You can get wrist watches from affordable prices to a branded expensive wrist watch. Wrist watches can be worn on any formal or informal attire and on every occasion. In this digitally driven era, you won’t believe that mobile phones are not able to obviate the demand for watches.

Millions of people still prefer to see the time on the watch rather than on mobile phones. But they not only prefer to see time on the watch, but they also prefer the most stylish ones which can be matched with other accessories and with your entire outfit. Women prefer elegant and beautiful wrist watches with a beautiful look. Men prefer sturdy wrist watches with broad or glamorous straps.

In this article, you will get to know the different types of wrist watches that you can wear and flaunt on your wrist to the whole world. At the end of the article, you will get the option of the shop now to order your favourite wrist watch within seconds. You don’t have to get troubled to order them.

Types of Wrist Watches

  1. Leather Strap  Wrist Watches

You can buy the wrist watch with leather straps. You can get a leather strap watch in various design. Any accessory that is made up of leather is much durable than any accessory made of other material. Leather bags, leather belts, and leather straps watches have been in demand since so many years. Leather watches are durable and many of them come in classic black and brown color. But now as the demand for fashionable watches is increasing you will see that you can get leather strap watches which has a beautiful and stunning design.

For example for women, you can get a leather strap watch that has a floral design. For men, you can get a leather belt with vertical strips design in blue and white color or any other beautiful color blend. Leather straps watches are really comfortable to wear and you can wear them for years. The earlier leather belt used to have the analogue style but now you have the option of hybrid, digital, and smartwatch style to buy. So with leather straps watch you get a durable and elegant style watch that you can wear on formal or casual attires.

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2. Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women

A hybrid watch is a combination of analoge and digital style watch. Hybrid watches offer more than just the LCD screen in the watch. This type of watch gives many features to the individual like music control, text messages, connection with the apps, fitness trackers Estimates heart rate with wrist heart rate technology,stress tracking, and a relaxation timer. The hybrid watch is a combination of the classic and modern style of the watch, so if you are struggling between wanting a classic yet modern design of watch then this type is just perfect for you.

This type of watch has an unparalleled fashionable style. Many women and men who are fond of voguish watches go for buying this hybrid wristwatch. The precision hand dynamically moves away when you swipe it to see the messages or heart rate. In this type of watch, you get to enjoy the best of the type of watch that is classic and digital with a screen touch.

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3. Chronometer Wrist Watches

Chronomete watches are made up of high-quality material which does not expand or get destroyed easily. It is made in such a way that it can withstand any weather. It has much-advanced movement than any other watch movement. Chronometer watches have to go through a 16-day test of Controle Official Suisse Des Chronometers(COSC) which is an institute in Switzerland. After they are tested they get the name of being the chronometer watches.

This type of watch has 100 hours chronograph along with 10 lap memory and 24 hours countdown timer. This type is highly in demand from women and men of all ages. Chronometer wrist watches are very convenient to see time and thus the people who are really busy and have scheduled for each minute needs this type of which. These type of watch are also really helpful for kids.

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4. Quartz Watch

A quartz watch uses battery power which sends the constant electric charge through the Quartz Crystal. Quartz Crystal is the second most common mineral on this earth. A quartz watch is just like a mechanical watch that has the gears to move the hands. The quartz watch depends on quartz crystal to keep the time.

There are many brands like Michael Kors which makes a quartz watch that is fashionable and trendy. With the simple convenient way of seeing the time you get the fashionable accessory to wear it on your wrist and add spark to your attire. This style has 3 hand analog in the display. You can get them in beautiful and stunning design for both women and men.

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Credits:- Michael Kors

5. Smart Watch

In today’s digital world, you must have heard a lot about smart watches. They are so much in trend that every tech-savvy person wants to have a smartwatch to wear on their wrist. Smart watch has many features of a smart phone. And with the help of the smart watch you can have an easier life. The smart watch has a large 3d curved HR touch screen, the structure of the metal is made up of metal. You will feel comfortable after wearing it and thus you can wear it for longer stretches. If you want to have your picture as the wallpaper of the smart watch then you can also have that.

The smart watch is made in such a way that they are compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablets. You can connect the watch with these devices and enjoy access to your phones and tablets easily. You can get real-time notifications of your calls, texts, and SMS,  and notifications for social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger. It also has a health tracking system which makes it helpful to track your workout like distance, calories, steps, and daily work out. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen according to your preference.

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From Where to Buy Wrist Watches?

  1. Leather Strap  Wrist Watches

2. Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women

3. Chronometer Wrist Watches

4. Quartz Watch

5. Smart Watch

What is the wrist part of a watch called?

Wrist part of the watch is called the band. You can have different type of band according to your preference. If you are fond of leather than you buy a leather strap wrist watch, if you are inclined towards fashionable chains than you can buy chain band wrist watch. There are plethora of bands available for both women and men of every age.

Why you should wear a wrist watch?

Wrist Watch are very convenient to know time. You don’t have to look at your phone every time. Especially when you are driving or travelling you would not like to get distracted. In this case if you want to know the time you would like to see at your watch in just few seconds. Apart from telling the right time watches are great for adding glamour to your entire look, as a hand with wrist watch is better than a bare hand.

Is wearing a watch bad for you?

No, but make sure that you don’t wear a watch with the tight band. As it may hamper the blood circulation, and pressurize your nerves. So choose a watch which is slightly lose at your wrist.

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