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Types of Watch Bands: Love and buy

Millions of people are fond of wrist watches, and many of them are very choosy in buying the watch bands. If you know about the watch bands then that is great, but if you don’t then we are here to help you and tell you all about the watch bands that people prefer to buy.

Watch bands are the straps with the help of which people tie the watch to their wrist. You can get the watch band in various styles and in various materials. Apart from the type of watch people buy, they also focus on which type of watch bands to buy because that will complete the whole look.

You can get leather watch bands, rubber watch bands, chain watch bands, Nato Watch bands, Zulu watch bands, and many more. Individuals crazy about fashion, looks for watch bands that are stylish yet comfortable. Hence, the leather style has been the favorite of many people nowadays. But as we say chain accessories are never left behind because people prefer to buy the chain accessories like, chain earrings, chain belts, chain bags, and chain bands watches. Chain bands are adored by many individuals. And you can get beautiful chain bands for women and men, that you will love to wear on any attire of yours and on any occasion.

We will cover the types of watch bands below and then you can also order the watch with your favorite watch wrists with the help of the shop now button given below.

Types of Watch Bands

  1. Zulu Watch Bands

Zulu Watch bands are same as the Nato Watch bands but there is a few difference between the two. Zulu watch bands are made up of thicker material like leather or nylon which makes the Zulu watches reliable, durable, and strong watch. They are chunkier and comes with a well-rounded keeper. They generally have 3 to 5 rings which give these types of watch bands a fashionable and unique look.

Watch with Zulu type of bands have been in trend for many years. People prefer buying them because of their durability and the safety that they provide to your watch. You can buy it in many colors according to the color of the attire you are buying for or you can buy classic black, brown, or beige color Zulu bands that can be worn on any attire.

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2. Leather Watch bands

Leather bands are the best seller watches that are in high demand all the time. Due to their classic and durable style, people prefer wearing it on different occasions. But if you think that leather watch band are the style of oldies now, then you are wrong because new-age individuals are also fond of buying leather watch band because there are many leather bands that come in a novel and unique style.

Women and men of any age prefer buying leather watch band. Like chain styles of accessories, leather accessories like leather bags, leather belts are everlasting.

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3. Rubber Watch

Rubber watch band are very comfortable. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a type of watch that you can wear on a daily basis. Rubber watch band gained popularity in the 1980s. the most preferred color in rubber watch bands is black as it goes on every attire. There are majorly two types of rubber used in the watches made of rubber straps: Natural rubber and silicone.

Rubber watches can be worn in humid and hot climates as well, because of the rubber feature to repel water. Rubber watches last long and will support you in many events of your life. Rubber watch straps do not need hard maintenance but are needs just a few minutes of yours.

To add a dose of fashion knowledge to your bucket of fashion information. One of the first rubber straps was the tropic straps, that competed with metal straps in the 1960s. Unlike the metal watch band, these tropic straps were lightweight. They were easy to attach with any kind of watch. They had a soft texture and provided a comfortable experience to the person wearing them.

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4. Metal Watches

You can find metal watches in various styles and designs. Straps made of metals are held together with the help of pins or screws or even both. The weight of the metal watch straps depends on the metal being used for the watch. Explaining with the examples: a watch with the titanium watch band will be lighter in weight than a steel watch band. Metal watch bands are stylish and really voguish. Men and women go crazy for the metal watch bands because their beauty is their elegance.

They look elegant on any dress and on any occasion. Stainless steel is the most common metal used in metal watch band. But you can also find the watch band made up of rich metal like gold, but these watch band are expensive than any other type of watch band. If you are looking for a heavy watch style then you should buy a watch with the metal watch band because they are heavier than leather or any other material. Metal band watches becomes a must-buy accessory for both women and men.

Within the metal band category, there are so many types like: Oyster, President, Jubilee, Pearl master and all of them has their own kind of beauty. the most beauty and luxurious type of metal band is the president which is made by high-end designer brands like Rolex.

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From Where to Buy Watch Bands?

  1. Zulu Watch Bands

2. Leather Watch bands

3. Rubber Watch

4. Metal Watches

Are rubber strap watches good?

Yes, rubber band became popular in 1960s, and they rose as the competitor of the metal bands. Rubber straps are loved for many of their features like lightweight, stylish, comfortable to wear for a longer stretch. They can be worn in any weather

What type of watch band is best?

Bands made of rubber are the best type of bands as you must have seen in the above article. Rubber band are very convenient to wear and they are voguish which makes them perfect to wear on different occasions.

How do I know my watch strap size?

You will see that behind many of the watch bands you will find a number that signifies your wrist size, with the help of this number you can buy any other watch bands, but if there is no such indication, then you should measure the gap between the lugs from where the watch’s band is attached.

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