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A Must- Buy Satchels: Complete Guide

If you are looking for a unique style of bag to add to your fashion accessories, then the Satchels is the one that you are looking for. In this article, we will acquaint you with all information about what is satchel bag, what are the types, where can you carry a satchel bag, and from where to buy it. We have provided all the information for you to make your decision-making process easier, as the time you will require to find different information from a different source, you can utilize that time in other productive work.

What are Satchels?

A Satchel bag was historically used for carrying books, it is a bag with straps. Satchel bags came in trend in the 1700s, yes the satchel bag is nothing new in the market, it has been around you since the 1700s. But this style started with schoolboys carrying books in it to the schools. You can find it in various sizes but the common one is mid to large. It also comes with two handles which give you more ways of holding it.

But what is the difference between any other bag and a satchel bag?  A Satchel bag is carried diagonally over your body. The bag will hang on the opposite shoulder rather than hanging straight down from one shoulder. The satchel bag is fastened in the front that folds over the cover.

What is the difference between Satchels and Crossbody bag?

If you find satchel bag and crossbody bag as similar types, then you are not wrong to have this perception, because anybody can be mistaken for these two types. Satchel bag and crossbody bag has one difference which is: crossbody can be worn in different ways, on the straight shoulder, can be carried front-ways, and can be carried back-ways. But Satchel bag can only be worn in a cross way which comes diagonally on your body. It is carried sideways. So you can buy any of the types according to your preference.  

Who can carry Satchels

Satchels can be carried by men and women of any age. Not only women can enjoy carrying this satchel, men and boys also prefer to carry satchels of different sizes and types. As the trend started with boys who used to carry satchel to their schools. Girls also prefer carrying Satchels at college, schools, or special occasions.

Where to Carry Satchels?

Satchels can be carried anywhere and at any time. If a girl is looking for a stylish bag to carry to school then they can choose satchels, if boys are looking for a bag to carry to school or college then a satchel is the bag they can choose. If a working woman or man is looking for a stylish bag to carry to their work then you can prefer satchels. For professional events also you can prefer carrying satchel bags. Even for wedding occasions, you can choose elegant satchel bags for wedding events and parties. Hence, Satchels are perfect for every occasion.

Types of Satchels

  1. ALDO Women’s Galilini Dome Satchel Handbag

Designer Satchels for women. This is an elegant satchel is perfect for working women to carry at the office or any professional event. On the Satchels, you get a cute pompom which gives it a luxurious and cute look along with which it adds stars to it. It is an adorable sturdy bag, which is durable. You can use it for a long-time and you will not have to worry about spending more money on the same type of the bag again and again.

It is made up of high-quality bags which makes it a full pack bag to buy. The satchel bag has an adjustable strap that you can adjust according to your length and can fit perfectly on yourself. You can carry it your way by adjusting its buckle.

Credits:- Aldo

2. Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag 

I lovely color satchel bag for women to carry at any time. You can keep your long wallet, keys, makeup, phone, and mini bottles, not one but 2. It has a striped lining on the side which gives it a beautiful look. It has a nice sophisticated look. The purse is made up of high quality. It is made of strong leather material and can be used for. It is a beautiful bag to carry on any occasion and on any event. It can be a perfect gift to be presented to girls and women of any age.

Screenshot 2021 02 11 235036

3. Vera Bradley Satchel Bags

It is made up of lovely quilted cotton that is lightweight, that is durable, and can be used for any occasion and at any time. It comes in a variety of colorful patterns. You will be able to grab dual straps on the go or over your shoulder to get the comfort of carrying the bag with carrying your essential stuff. The topic zipper keeps your essential items protected. The exterior of the bag has a hidden zip and 2 slip pockets which is ideal for storing your phone, reading material phone that is quickly accessible. It boasts charming drawstrings, with which you can customize the shape of this spacious shoulder bag.

Screenshot 2021 02 11 235018

4. Satchel casual Business

Now we are introducing you to a satchel bag for man. Man can carry it at the office and also carry it to college or on any event. Man can carry their important stuff in this bag without worrying about getting them spoiled. You can carry your electronic gadget like iPad, tablets, laptop in this bag, along with clothes. It has proper segregation, with a proper compartment that helps you organize your stuff properly and you can easily get the stuff on time.

You have a side top for bottled water. You can carry your stuff nicely and securely in this bag if you are worried about the style. Then you will be happy to know that this satchel bag has a beautiful texture and blend of colors which you will love to carry. So for men, it is a full pack bag to carry anywhere.

Screenshot 2021 02 11 235003

5.  Satchel Handbags Shoulder Purses Totes Top Handle

It is made up of high quality vegan leather, which is eco friendly. It is highly anti- scratch and tear-resistant, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. It has detailed gold-tone hardware, zippers, and bottom studs. It has rolled leather with top handles which makes it easy to carry anywhere and at any time. It has one center compartment with a zipper closure. And two side pockets which are made of magnetic snaps closure. It has exterior zipper pockets. It has an elegant look with a large space to keep your things well.

Screenshot 2021 02 11 234939

From Where to Buy Satchels?

  1. ALDO Women’s Galilini Dome Satchel Handbag

2. Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag 

3. Vera Bradley Satchel Bags

4. Satchel casual Business

5.  Satchel Handbags Shoulder Purses Totes Top Handle

What size is a satchel?

Satchel is made in such a way that it provides space to the individual to keep various stuff. Generally the dimension of the satchel is 30cm high, 40cm wide and 12cm deep, which provide a great space to the person

What is bigger a tote or satchel?

If we talk about Tote bag then it is of a bigger size than satchel as the it is either of the rectangle size or a square size. Tote Bag can carry more stuff than Satchel bags. But satchels are also available in mid size which is a bit less than Tote.

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