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White gold chain

White Gold Chain: What Makes It The Best?

A white gold chain is another popular piece for jewelry popular among both men and women. Basically, white gold is a popular alloy of gold containing 75% of pure gold and 25% of other metals like zinc, nickel, palladium, etc. These metals don’t only provide pure gold a decent strength (as pure gold is very soft that might go out of shape if not hardened through metals) but also make it affordable for the buyers. 

More often, white gold is additionally given a coat of rhodium so as to get extra durability, luster, and strength. Owing to these, white gold is popular among rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, and much more. Today, in this article, we are going to study white gold chains in detail. So, let’s get right into this.

How is a white gold chain made?

As earlier mentioned, pure gold is delicate stuff, unsuitable for direct jewelry making, even if it’s a chain. So, it’s mixed with silvery-white metals that provide it the desired strength and white color. Still, there remains some yellow tint which is then removed through a thin coating of platinum or rhodium. One disadvantage of this layer is that it can wear off easily. So, its chain requires frequent replating.

How to choose the carat in a white gold chain?

Here also the meaning of carat is similar to what it means in any other precious metal or pure gold i.e. higher the carat value, the higher the proportion of that precious metal in it relative to the other metals, if any. For instance, for a 14k chain, pure gold sums up to nearly 58% (14 divided by 24 carats). 

In an 18k white gold chain, there will be almost 75% pure gold, and so on. It is also to be noted that a higher carat value will mean a delicate gold chain. That’s why a 14k white gold chain is considered the best buy than 18k or 24k.

Does a white gold chain contain nickel?

Yes, white gold contains 25% of silvery-white metals like zinc, nickel, palladium, etc. For those allergic to nickel and wearing its chain (or any jewelry) must ensure that the rhodium layer is still present and get it replanted as soon as it wears off. As direct exposure of your skin to nickel might cause rashes. Else, you can look for those white gold chains or jewelry that are nickel-free.

What shall I buy: a hollow chain or a solid one?

In any showroom, you’re more likely to find solid white gold chains. However, hollow ones are also popular and favorable among many due to a variety of reasons. First, a hollow white gold chain is light in weight which makes it suitable for day-to-day wear. Second, it’s extremely cheap and costs nothing relative to a solid chain. But there’s one disadvantage too. Being hollow, the chain has less strength, durability, and is more prone to bends and breakage if not handled with care. 

Hence, it’s suggested to go for a solid White gold chain by paying some extra bucks. It’s robust and durable.

What should be an ideal thickness of a white gold chain?

Although the thickness of the chain depends upon the soul’s personal taste, there are some points for you to consider regarding its thickness. If you’re wearing the chain as it is i.e. without any pendant, the thickness can be moderate. If you’re going to add a pendant to the chain, remember to keep the chain thick otherwise the additional weight of the pendant will cause the chain to kink permanently.

On what factors does the cost of a white gold chain depend?

The cost of a chain made of White Gold depends upon a number of factors like:

Carat: The higher the carat, the more expensive will be the white gold chain as it means a higher proportion of pure gold.

Weight: The denser the chain is, the higher will be its price. But it’s also to be noted that the weight is not always associated with higher carats. For example, a heavier chain of light carat may be cheaper than a lighter chain of more carats.

Structure: A hollow white gold chain is cheaper than a solid white gold chain.

How to take care of a white gold chain?

As a white gold chain has a thin layer of rhodium over it, it’s very important to take care of it. Try to keep your chain away from chemicals present in makeup. Don’t wear your white gold chain while doing heavy exercises, in the gym, or in the swimming pool, as water sometimes contains chlorine in larger amounts, putting on your chain while in water may cause it to wear off with time. For its cleaning, you can either use a mild detergent solution of toothpaste. Simply soak your white gold chain into the solution for 10-15 minutes and take it off. It’s important to dry it completely using a hairdryer or with a soft cotton cloth or tissues. 


Is white gold for me?

If you’re on a budget but aspire for a gold ornament, you can go with white gold as it contains 75% pure gold with other metals for durability and strength. It’s also a good option against expensive platinum and silver but carries the same worth.

Is white gold real gold?

Yes, although it’s not 100% pure gold, it’s considered as real gold. You can verify the same by looking at its hallmark. It’s a small stamp inside the gold jewelry that signifies its authenticity and purity.

Why is my white gold chain turning yellow?

It’s possible due to wearing off its rhodium or platinum layer due to reasons like exposure to chlorine-based water, chemicals, your skin’s pH, etc. It can be eliminated by recoating your chain.

How much does a white gold chain worth?

Against a real gold chain, a white gold chain will cost you anything between $300 to $400 per carat. Its additional cost may vary on the basis of its weight, structure, and carats.

What all can you have made of white gold?

Being a precious metal, white gold is used in a number of ornaments like pendants, chains, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

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