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baguette diamond

Baguette Diamond: Can It Be The Best Pick For Me?

Baguette diamond is one of the first choices for everyone among Red diamond, Yellow diamond, Pink diamond, or Baguettes. While other variants are well-known, the identity of a baguette diamond is still not well-established. So, let’s know about it in depth.

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A baguette diamond is a rectangular (approximately 5:1 length: width ratio) step-cut diamond. A baguette diamond is a rectangular (approximately 5:1 length: width ratio) step-cut diamond. It is usually used as a side diamond, mostly in three-stone wedding and engagement rings. It has a total of 14 facets as compared to 50 facets among the other diamond cuts. 

Though rarely put into a center stone, it doesn’t let off the fact that this cut of a diamond is cheap and suitable for those having a fixed budget. The baguette diamonds were first found in the 1920s and since then, it’s the first preference for couples who want a vintage look for their rings.

What is the history of a baguette diamond?

Baguette diamond
An elegant baguette diamond

The origin of the term “Baguette” has remained a hot topic for debates for ages. However, in the traditional translation, it signifies a “stick” or “rod”. It was in the year 1673 when the French Dictionary compiled by Randle Cotgrave gave it the title of “A side jewel.” It is just a short of both the French and English word “Bague,” which meant “jewel” at the time or its present meaning. Some people even think that the diamond cut was actually named after the French bread loaf, baguette, which it often resembles.

How to wear a baguette-cut diamond?

As mentioned above, these diamonds are never placed as a center stone in your jewelry owing to their less sparkle. Being thin and rectangular, they are better suited to enhance the other center stone of your ring. For example, engagement and wedding bands look timeless and elegant due to this. For example, engagement and wedding bands look timeless and elegant. Also, you can modernize a baguette-cut diamond to match your style as there are endless design possibilities.

How to shop for a perfect baguette diamond?

When you wish to shop for baguette diamond, make sure to:


Match its color and clarity with the center stone of your jewelry:

Yes, there should be a clear match between your baguette diamonds and center stone/diamond. Because, if this isn’t the case, it can affect the appearance and elegance of the entire jewelry piece.

Avoid inclusions:

We have an article where we discussed everything about diamond clarity. You must have come across the term “inclusion”. It refers to internal flaws cropped up within a diamond due to extreme temperature and heat under the Earth’s crust. These inclusions are somewhat inversely proportional to the number of facets in a diamond. Hence, as there are merely 14 facets in a baguette diamond, it displays a decent level of inclusions than any other cut like brilliant or emerald. So, it’s better to search for a diamond having a minimum level of inclusions i.e. a diamond of VS or higher clarity

Purchase in a pair at least:

For elevating the looks, ensure that the precious stones are utterly similar to each other. This is basically is guaranteed when you’ll purchase them in pairs at least. So, refrain from making individual purchases.

How to clean a baguette diamond jewelry at home?


Diamonds tend to fade with time if not taken care of. In order to restore and maintain the timeless brilliance of your diamond jewelry at home, I suggest you try the below-mentioned methods.

Detergent wash

Take lukewarm water in a bowl and put a small amount of usual detergent into it and mix well. Soak your jewelry for about 4-5 minutes so that all the oil or dirt layer breaks down easily. Dry using a cotton cloth or tissue paper.

Ammonia-based solution

Blend a small quantity of any ammonia-based cleaner with water. Put in the jewelry for a couple of minutes. Afterward, wash with normal water and let it dry.

Additional tips to retain the sparkle of your diamond article:

For this, it’s suggested to refrain from wearing your jewelry while doing exercises like bathing, washing, etc. Also, keep the baguette diamonds away from bleaching powder and chemicals present mainly in makeup products. It will also lead to the rusting of the metal brackets protecting the precious stone inside.

How much is a baguette-cut diamond worth?

There are different kinds of baguette diamonds available like one-side tapered, both sides tapered, straight, etc. All these types come with different price tags but rest assured of paying at least $100 for a basic stone that is still on a lower side than the other cuts like round cut, emerald cut, etc. This basic cost will elevate further depending upon the labor used, work done in the mounting, and grading of clarity. 

Wrap Up

A baguette will surely grace your style with a classy touch.

You will also find several variations with the baguette diamond styles.

Just pick the one you like, there you go.


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