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Copper bracelet

Copper Bracelet: The Best Bet Against Arthritis?

I bet that a copper bracelet is something that a lot of us must have seen on the wrists of the grown-ups around us (they are now popular among the youths too). In the earlier times, these were regularly accessible at most of the mundane drug stores or flea markets with a thickness enough to conceal the green hint of the skin underneath them. 

However, ever wondered how a copper bracelet is made? If not, let me tell you. It is made by converting soft copper into bands that can be effectively folded over into a size to fit on the wrist or upper arm of the wearer. Due to its soft nature, a copper bracelet can be alternatively shaped to impersonate styles of adornments that suit the regular design.

How is a copper bracelet effective against arthritis?

You must have come across this fact that copper bracelet is extensively effective against arthritis and its consequent joint pain. Being an endemic in today’s world, the older we get, the more prone we become to arthritis and analysts accept that these numbers are just going to ascend because of the exercises that strain the hands and fingers. These exercises include drawing, writing, typing, etc.

Also, before arthritis attacks the body, it is first accompanied by a gentle to serious joint pain, especially in the hand and wrist locale. A major portion of the copper bracelets wearers revealed that a broad contact of copper with the skin appeared to ease the pain and distress brought about by the joint strain. This drove the onset of copper into a wearable design like in bracelets. 

According to the researchers, our body has an indistinct method of retaining the mending elements of copper from a copper bracelet (or any other article) and conveying it to the joints having mild to severe pain. It is also accepted that these healing components incorporate iron and zinc along with copper. 

This is on the grounds that even the purest copper contains a significant quantity of micro-minerals like iron and zinc. These are difficult to reap through the skin when sweat is presented. Hence, these are mixed with copper. The copper is considered pure when its portion falls above 99.95% in the compound ratio i.e. about 0.05% is the place one finds these micro-minerals. 

Therefore, copper bracelets offer a straightforward and moderate approach to conceivably oversee every day joint pain for individuals who incline toward comprehensive medicines or need to take a stab at something in blend with other more ordinary medicines.

How can I wear and use a copper bracelet everyday?

It won’t be a bad idea to give a copper bracelet the title of an individual’s third limb owing to its growing popularity. With regard to its usage, these wristbands can join your custom adornments like your wedding ring.

Those having found success through these copper armbands are viewed as the strict wearers, someone who hardly takes them off his/her body. However, it’s not necessary to wear them for the whole day long. Wearing the armband for two hours per night, for example, indicates that there is almost no opportunity for any copper ingestion to occur. 

In the event that you are wearing a copper armband (or any other item of copper) as a precaution towards an illness, as per a few studies, wearing it for half of the day will get the job done. Some wearers, however, suggest that the most ideal approach to follow is to wear the wristband the entire day or the entire night while you rest. Simple!

Ordinarily, for the treatments of illnesses, it’s advisable to wear your copper wristband on your left hand. Any individual who experiences weakness may wear the copper armband on exchanging wrists so as to convey the micro-minerals to both the wrists/arms. 

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of copper armbands is their life. As indicated by certain proponents, they are made to supplement your personality for at least two years, however, this can be broadened on the off chance that you are not a consistent wearer of them.

How to clean and store a copper bracelet?

The copper gets easily oxidized when exposed to air for long. This you all must have known from your school days. The layer of oxide is commonly known as copper oxide or patina.

The most ideal approach to understand patina is to imagine a dull greenish layer on the copper coins or pennies known globally. Dull looking coins (or any copper commodity) are generally thought to be inconceivably dirty, although the layer of oxide can be effectively eliminated through some therapies. 

When in doubt, put forth an attempt to routinely clean your copper bracelet with a delicate fabric. On the off chance that the copper oxide layer expands too much, at that point, utilize one of the accompanying strategies to take it off:

Lemon and salt method:

Sprinkle some salt on a lemon cut into half and rub it over the oxide layer. Keep rubbing it unless and until the layer starts to rip off the bracelet. Then wash it with normal tap water.

Salt and vinegar method:

Prepare a solution of salt and vinegar. Drench your copper bracelet into it and let it soak for a few minutes or until the layer of oxide starts to soften up. After this, rub it with a soft cloth and wash it with normal tap water.

Toothpaste or ketchup method:

Both these are suitable for a thin and fresh layer of oxide. Rub either of the two on the oxide layer and let it sit for 10-15 minutes after which, you can clean it with water.


How much is a copper bracelet worth?

A common copper bracelet will cost you around $20/$25-$35 depending upon the brand and quality.

Are magnetic copper bracelets more effective than the normal copper bracelets?

Magnetic copper bracelet

Yes, the magnetic copper bracelets are more efficient against arthritis and body pain than the normal bracelets.

Why do copper bracelets turn green after some time?

They develop a thin layer of copper oxide owing to the reaction between the metal and water/air.

Can I sleep with the copper bracelet on?

Yes, you can sleep with the copper bracelet on as the body tends to absorb only copper and minerals in necessary quantities.

Who all should avoid wearing a copper bracelet?

Those having sensitive skin or a pacemaker or using an insulin pump are advised to stay away from the copper articles. 

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