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Topaz Color

Topaz Color: Its kinds, Clarity and Myths

Topaz color have been a most popular gemstone for centuries, with ancient civilizations bestowing powers on the gemstone. These powers, while a little exaggerated, nevertheless gave Topaz an essential status within the society. These stones come in many different colors, and the color is perhaps the single most determining factor of its value.


Topaz is one of the few gemstones which can commonly be found with eye clean, meaning without inclusions in the stone that can be seen by the naked eye. If the clarity is poor, the stone tends to look opaque and milky. These types of heavily include Topaz will probably be used as beads in less expensive jewelry; it is really clear Topaz that is fashioned into the more expensive jewelry.

Carat Weight

Small topaz has a little value because the stone can commonly be found both clear and vivid up to ten carats. There will be little difference in value between an eight or ten carat stone; the value is in the color and clarity.


If you are considering buying a Topaz, just take a look at the list of some of the properties Man has bestowed on these stones over the Ages. In the middle Ages, Topaz prevented nightmares and encourage faithfulness; the Romans thought it improved eyesight; it gave the Greeks health and the Egyptians strength, the Indian beauty, and longevity.

The yellow Topaz color is the stone of love and relationship!

You may get all these things for the purchase of a stone that is far from the most expensive in the gemstone and jewelry trade.

Types of Topaz:

Pure topaz color is a silicate mineral that is colorless and transparent when found in nature. The various topaz color that are available are actually a result of natural impurities or defects in its crystal structure. Based on them, Topaz can be classified into the following types:

Imperial Topaz:

This is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties of topaz. It occurs naturally in yellow to orange hues with the reddish overtones. As a result of its striking color, imperial topaz has become extremely popular and highly sought after among the jewelry lovers across the globe.

Sherry Topaz:

It is named after sherry wine and ranges from the yellowish-brown and brownish yellow to orange in color. Most of the time, dealers even refer to this gem as precious topaz. This helps traders to distinguish sherry topaz from similar, but less expensive gemstones like the smoky and citrine quartz.

Yellow Topaz color:

For centuries, topaz was believed to be a typical yellow gemstone till modern gemologists discovered its different hues. Today, the term yellow topaz refers only to the yellow and orange-hued varieties of this gem. Also, it is easily available and relatively less expensive than any other topaz type.

Brown Topaz color:

This name is used to refer to the brown-hued topaz variety. It is widely available and a common topaz color due to which it is less valuable than the others. Sometimes this gemstone is mistakenly called smoky quartz as they have a similar hue.

White Topaz color:

It is the colorless or translucent variety of this gem. It is quite easily available as this is the naturally occurring state of the topaz. At times, white topaz can be confused with a diamond due to its brilliance and similar appearance.

Blue topaz color:

In recent years, blue topaz color has become the most preferred type of topaz. Moreover, natural blue topaz color is extremely rare and usually very pale in color. Moreover, natural blue topaz and colorless topaz are often heat-treated and irradiated to produce the vibrant blue topaz that is seen in the market.


Topaz is a fairly common stone, and it is not common to find the fairly large stones. It has a range of colors and it is a stone that can be cut into a range of imaginative designs because the carat value is not all essential. You will do well to consider it in all its shapes and sizes next time you want to buy a present or want to get a piece of jewelry to finish off that new outfit.


Q1. Is Topaz expensive?

Ans. Although brown topaz is also highly less valuable, it has been used in striking pieces of jewelry and ornamental art. Furthermore, topaz is most commonly colorless, and naturally strong blue gems are extremely rare. When it was first introduced to the market, treated blue topaz sold for $20 – $10 per carat.

Q2. What color is Topaz naturally?

Ans. Topaz color is of a golden brown to yellow – a characteristic which means it is sometimes confused with the citrine, a less valuable gemstone. A variety of impurities and treatments may make topaz wine red, pink, pale green, opaque, pale gray, and reddish-orange to transparent.

Q3. Is yellow topaz expensive?

Ans. Heat-treated topaz loses its color after a certain period of time while natural, original yellow topaz retains its astrological and aesthetic relevance. For this reason, natural, pure yellow topaz is far more expensive than colorless or heat-treated topaz gemstones.

Q4. Is topaz blue or yellow?

Ans. The traditional, topaz is a popular gem. Although frequently associated with the golden yellow as well as blue, it can be found in a wide range of colors, which includes the colorless. The rarest is natural pink, red and fine golden orange, sometimes with a pink stone.

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