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Designer Bags worth buying

If you have decided that now you will just have designer bags in your closet. Then we have come up with this article to help you buy the best designer bags in the market. We empathize with you and we want you to be at the top of the fashion fiesta. Designer bags are one of the luxurious accessories that women desire for. When you have a huge collection of bags, we can understand your gratification for designer bags to add stars to your bags collection.

Maybe you are perplexed with the question” there is no difference between designer bags and non-designer bags” right? But here you will get the knowledge about how they are different and why we favor your decision of buying a designer bag. Having a label of a high-end designer will complete your bag collection.

Designer bags are known for their classy style and durable material. While you are buying designer bags you have to keep your preference and purpose in mind. So buying designer bags is worth it.

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Difference between designers and non-designers bags

When you are buying designer bags you will instinctively come to know about the difference that prevails between non-designer and designer bags. Designer bags are made of the best of material, which makes them durable and long-lasting. When you buy non-designer bags you know that after some time you will have to buy another one and thus you do not allocate much budget in buying non-designer bag, but you will happily allocate a huge budget of your spending on designer bags, because you know it is worth the money for the long term.

Unlike non-designer bags, designer bags have a classy style and design that a non-designer bag cannot match. This is why, a woman goes for designer bags because they fulfill their purpose very well.

Types of Designer Bags

  1. Louis Vuitton

Is one of the expensive and high-end brand. It has been excelling in women’s bag collection. You will get the most expensive collection in the brand, but they are all worth buying. Louis Vuitton has the most durable bags which remains with you for years. You get a hundred types of bag for women’s collections. you can choose any type of bag according to your type. They have a beautiful spacious collection for a mother to be women, who are looking for a bag that has an organized compartment in the bag along with huge space in it to keep baby stuff. Their bag has high-quality material.

. Their bag has high-quality material. The most popular type of Louis Vuitton brand is the tote bag which is preferred by working women, mothers, and for daily purpose

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2. Chanel

If you are looking for a small handbag or a sling bag, then the brand that you should go for is Chanel.  They have the most stylish handbag among the designer bags that are available. Chanel is a known brand and women long for buying Chanel bags. Along with a classy style, you get a cute style of Chanel handbag to add to your closet. Chanel has most of the beautiful design bags which every woman want to buy to add in their fashion accessories collection. You can get every type of bag in this brand. If you are looking for an elegant bag with fur style, then this is the perfect brand where you can buy such a beautiful bag. Not only the fur style, but you can also get the blend of fur and chain style bag which will just steal your heart, once you see it.

Chanel Shearling Flap Bag

3. Saint Laurent

Another brand giving tough competition to Chanel bags. Saint Laurent’s bag has a pool of stylish handbags, sling bags, and Clutch. Saint Laurent style has been in trend for ages, and the bags of this brand has been in demand. The bag of Saint Laurent has been the top brand in providing high-quality material of the bag. You will get a stylish and durable bag for your collection. This designer bag is preferred by women of any age, and they have a multipurpose bag that can be used on more than one occasion.

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4.  Chloé

For an elegant style bag, you should go with the brand Chloe bags. They have a classy and elegant look. Many styles that they have is Potli bag, tote bags, and Shoulder Bag. If you are looking for a new unique look, then you can get a mini-chain Chloe bag that goes on any outfit, you get fewer options for chain branded chain bag. Another popular yet unique type of Chloe designer bag is the Bucket bag, which goes on professional occasions as well as on any events and scenarios. They have leather bags as well, which gives you a satisfying feeling after buying it.

Chloe is the brand which has the trending style and types of bags that today’s women look for in the market. Along with the brand name you get a unique bag to carry wherever you want to.

Perfect Chloe Drew bag Halton chloe drew nano leather shoulder bag 170831 1

5. Prada

There are no women who are not aware of this brand Prada. Along with a classy and elegant look, you get a durable bag that can be used for the long-term. You also get a leather bag which is comfortable to carry. You also have the option for spacious bags, which can carry most of your stuff without burdening you in any way. So Prada is the perfect brand for you if you are a very picky person, then you will have to go with Prada which has a plethora of options available for you to choose from. Prada is one of the renowned brand, and every person knows about this brand.

Women wish for getting this brand bag to add in their bag collection and flaunt it in front of their friends and other women. Along with its popular name, it has a wide range for designed and stylish bags that women carry on more than one occasion. If you are looking for an elegant look, then you also have the option to buy an elegant Prada bag. If you are looking for a classy one, you have a choice to buy a classy bag also.


From Where to Buy Designer Bags?

  1. Louis Vuitton

2. Chanel

3. Saint Laurent

4.  Chloé

5. Prada

What branded bag is worth buying?

As described above all the 5 brands are worth buying due to various reason, but you have to see for yourself which designer bag to buy according to your budget, preference and occasion.

Which handbag is most popular?

The most famous designer bag is offered by Burberry. Every woman knows about the Burberry brand, and women dream of having a Burberry brand bag in their closet.

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