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Diamond Bracelet: All Important Things To Know

Recent statistics show that one in every five people prefers a diamond bracelet as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, and for various other purposes. And why not? Diamond is the most elegant and one of the most precious jewels in the world. Although it looks glamorous on every part of your body, the best way to showcase your diamond’s beauty and elegance is on your hand as a bracelet. For this particular reason, you’ll come across many types of bracelets with a different number of diamonds, shapes, and colors. One of the well-known of all being a tennis bracelet.

What is a tennis bracelet?

If you have gone through our article on tennis bracelets, you will infer that it’s the simplest form of a diamond bracelet which consists of a chain of precious stones of the same cut, color, and clarity set in a flexible metal base. However, if you like something a little extraordinary, you can incorporate multiple variations in the bracelet pattern or the chain of diamonds.

How to choose the best diamond bracelet?

Well, there are two scenarios for this. If the bracelet is for you, it’s very easy to choose and you can go with anything you like best of all but, if it’s meant for someone else, then be careful!! At times like these, you must better pay heed to things like pattern, color, and the wearer’s individuality. Experts suggest that in most cases, the jewel for the bracelet must be bold and neat.

Bangle v/s bracelet

There is a common misconception that a diamond bangle is similar to a bracelet but it’s not the case.


A bangle is an accessory crafted out of a rigid metal having a joint for opening and closing the bangle and a clasp to put your wrist into it. Traditionally, a bangle finds a heavenly place among the women while their popularity among men is low (who knows this trend may take a turn in the future!).


In common terms, a bracelet is a linked or woven chain of metal pieces with a clasp to attach it securely to the wearer’s wrist. Unlike bangles, the bracelets find equal popularity among males and females as they are exquisite in their way. They are also regarded as the western upgrade of bangles.

How to measure the perfect wrist size for the diamond bracelet?

It’s a common observation that people wear their diamond bracelets in the wrong way (cause: poor fit). Therefore, it’s recommended first to measure your wrist correctly and then wear it. Here’s how you can do it. 

Measure your wrist size just below the wrist bone using a flexible tape or a strip of paper. If neither is available, a thread can be used but this is not preferable as it may lead to errors in measurement. Mark the size of your wrist with a pencil and then measure it with a ruler.

Pro tip: A perfect diamond bracelet should move a little on your wrist and you should be able to slide your one or two fingers between the bracelet and the wrist for comfort.

Standard sizes

For bangles: The medium size of 6.5 cm. in diameter or 2.55 inches or around 20.4 cm. in circumference is the most common fit for most women.

For bracelets: The medium size is 18.5 cm or 72 inches is the most common size but always measure the size before buying any bracelet.

The best metal for a diamond bracelet: Gold v/s Silver

Choosing the metal for your diamond bracelet is as crucial as choosing the diamond itself as any common metal may not suit the elegance of a diamond (or may even ruin it). On most occasions, rare metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are the best picks. Some main factors to determine one between gold and silver are as follows:


Gold comes in various colors besides its natural bright yellow like white, rose gold, black, etc. which goes very well with the diamonds. For silver, there are many alloys which give different structure and color to it like nickel, manganese, or palladium. 


Mainly due to its rarity and durability, gold is more expensive than silver. 


While sterling silver can tarnish over time due to oxidation, it may cause allergic reactions on the wearer’s skin while gold isn’t known for any sort of tarnishing and thus no reaction!


Although both sterling and gold metal pieces need to be regularly cleaned, as silver tarnishes over time, they require more regular cleaning than gold.

Hence, keep these things in mind before choosing the metal for your diamond bracelet.

Which setting is good for the diamonds?

There are ample options for you to choose from when it comes to diamond bracelets. Each type of setting renders unique looks and benefits to the diamond. The common ones are:

Claw/prong setting

In this, there can be 4/6 metal claws/prongs to securely hold the diamonds in place besides allowing for lots of light to enter and exhibit maximum sparkle.

Halo setting

In each bracelet link, small diamonds are set around the center diamond like a “halo”. This setting increases the overall sparkle and establishes a very luxurious look of the diamond bracelet.

Channel setting

In this, the metal strips hold a whole row of stones securely in place. Although the metal protects the diamonds, it can limit the sparkle because the light fails to enter the stones from all sides.

Cluster setting

A cluster setting is formed by the arrangement of several small diamonds, simply to create a stunning piece of jewelry like a diamond bracelet.


What is a tennis diamond bracelet?

It’s a normal bracelet that got its name from an infamous tennis match of 1987 US Opens when Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet in the middle of her match and halted it only to search for it. This is how her diamond bracelet got its name, tennis bracelet.

Which is the most expensive diamond bracelet?

One of the most expensive diamond bracelets is M. Gérard’s 29.01-carat bracelet that went for a whopping USD 1.5 million in an auction.

How much does a diamond bracelet cost?

The cost of a bracelet depends upon various factors like the diamond’s 4Cs, its proportion, size, metal type, etc. On average, a diamond bracelet cost starts from roughly $2500 and escalates further as per the above factors.

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