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herringbone chain

Herringbone Chain: What All You Must Know?

A herringbone chain is one of the many accessories popular among today’s youth. Basically, it is made by setting the flat and rectangular metal (sometimes copper, gold, etc.) links corresponding to one another on an adaptable base material to form a chain-like structure. 

They are sorted out firmly at an inclined angle and woven to make a plaited and flattened chain as shown in the figure below. The links are woven tight giving the chain a finished vibe. 

It is a perfect example of tessellation. It got its name from the spine bones of a herring fish owing to its splendid geometry of interlinked flat metal pieces.

What are the common problems with a herringbone chain?

Being flexible and flat, these are prone to get tangled with your clothing if not taken care of.
Another common issue that most of its buyers usually confront is that herringbone kinks very easily.
If you try to pull it off with hard hands, it is more likely to bend and fall out into pieces. Hence, it puts a question for its wearers- Are herringbone chains durable?

When to wear a herringbone chain?

Herringbone chain
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Truth be told, a herringbone chain is meant to be your fashion statement but it’s not meant to accompany you everywhere. Since these chains are not very strong, you should be cautious when you wear them outside. The proper way should be known to wear the gold.

The common thumb rule says that abstain from putting your chain on when you are occupied with hard activities like exercising, running, playing, etc. as the necklace can undoubtedly get bent or pulled when you move around. Try not to lay down with your herringbone necklace, or with any flat necklace so far as that is concerned. It is anything but difficult to get your chain kinked when you turn over in bed. 

How to fix a herringbone Necklace?

If your chain gets damaged, there is no need to worry. In that case, you can get it repaired from any jewelry store or any other repair shop. But, there are chances that the chain may never appear the same as before. 

How to get kinks out of a herringbone necklace

On the off chance that the chain is simply bowed, it very well may be fixed and flattened via some tools, yet that bent/twisted spot will remain a shaky area afterward as most of its owners have reported that after some time, it can bend again more effectively owing to which the chain’s metal links resort to breaking apart. 

Another arrangement is to have the damaged portion cut out and rejoined with a new piece having more strength. In any case, the joint will stay less flexible than the remainder of the chain and the necklace will curve all the more effectively around that spot. 

As should be obvious, wearing a herringbone chain is a sensitive issue. Ensure you handle this sort of necklace with care in light of the fact that fixing it is a tremendous problem and any fix will have restricted achievement.

How to clean a herringbone chain at home?

Cleaning the chain is indeed a difficult process when it comes to them. The following are the commonly used chain cleaning techniques.

Cleaning with a dishwashing liquid

Blend a couple of drops of mellow dishwashing cleanser into a bowl with either club soda or seltzer water. Ensure that the water is at room temperature. Now, put your chain into this solution and let it rest for 15-25 minutes. Afterward, take it out and wipe the chain with a tissue or soft cloth. What a club soda or seltzer water does is that they eliminate even the difficult spots on the chain because of carbonation. You can likewise utilize dishwashing detergent instead of the same results. Simply ensure that it is gentle as a strong detergent can destroy your chain’s material and leads to its corrosion.

HerringBone Chain


Toothpaste is another common household tactic for jewelry cleaning. Take a small amount of toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush and start brushing the chain in and out for a couple of minutes. Afterward, get it under tap water and wipe it off with either tissue or a soft cloth.


This method is not suitable for regular or daily cleaning. Further, avoid using ammonia for old and delicate chains as it might cause their pieces to break down with time. Prepare an ammonia solution with 6 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia. Mix well and let it sit for some time. Then, drop your chain into the rested solution for a minute maximum. Wipe off the chain with a clean soft cloth and store it properly. 


Are herringbone chains durable?

Yes, herringbone chains are durable if taken care of as mentioned above tips.

Can pendants be used with a herringbone chain?

No, being flat and fragile, it’s suggested not to use it with any weight pendant.

What are the different types of chains available?

There are nearly 11 chain types available that include the Cuban link chain, herringbone chain, Figaro chain, rope chain, mariner chain, snake chain, box chain, Byzantine chain, belcher chain, wheat chain, and diamond-cut chain.

Which type of necklace chain is considered the strongest of all?

The wheat chain, due to its four strands of interlacing oval links twisted in a single direction, is the strongest of all.

What is a herringbone chain made of?

herringbone bracelet

There are different varieties of herringbone chains made with different metals and materials. Some common materials are sterling silver mixed with some copper, gold mixed with other metals, titanium, and platinum.

What is the cost of a herringbone chain?

With different metals present that govern its cost, on a normal side, an ordinary herringbone chain starts from $10-$20 and can go to as high as $3000. 

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