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Diamond Ring

Where can I Sell My Diamond Ring for the most money?

Well, to sell the diamond ring, there are wide ranges of ways. Some of them are:

1. Online

The fastest and easiest way to sell your ring will be to find a diamond buyer online. You could earn more in a specialized auction house with the right clientele, but when you want the ring to sell quickly and for a reasonable profit, you could do that today online.

2. A Vintage Jewelry Store

Another option is a vintage jewelry store. Like an independent jeweler, a vintage store would have an expert who can easily examine your ring and estimate its worth. Overall the process is much similar for both types of shops. It is a good idea to get a few different options about how much your ring could be worth it if you have time. Visiting both a jeweler and a vintage shop can be a smart choice.

Diamond Ring

3. An Auction

If you find the prospect of visiting so many dealers and experts exhausting, then why should you not try your luck with an auction instead?

Most auction houses will give a free appraisal of the item which you are selling, but of course, it is much riskier to take their word for it as final instead of consulting multiple sources.

If you can choose an auction house that will take the ring to a jeweler and GIA lab for you.

Moreover, bear in mind that an auction house will take a commission from your sale – more possibly as much as 10%. But you will also gain services like product photography and insurance.

4. A Broker

Just like some independent jewelers may offer to act as brokers for you, you could go directly to a jewelry broker, otherwise known as jewelry re-sellers.

A broker should take care of the selling process for you, but you will pay for this convenience in the form of a commission at the time of sale of the ring.

But you could have the process over and done with quickly. Most of the brokers already have buyers in mind before you walk in the door. It is just a matter of finding the right buyer – whether that is another store or a private client.

If you ever found yourself in that situation, then you probably know that saying- “diamonds are forever”. You also probably know that how to buy a diamond ring without getting being duped, then it fits pretty much in any situation, and it will always make your girlfriend or wife so happy when they look at these sparkling stones.

So if you are looking to purchase a diamond, then you must need to practice some of the cautions of how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped and know what you are doing, so you don’t fall prey to these scams.

How you approach this endeavor of finding the perfect diamond will determine if you fall into such a scam, or get a great deal.

So, let’s have a look at these core characteristics of the diamond (4c’s), which makes it the smart and safe purchase:

A. Cut

The very first thing that you should look for is the cut; it is how the diamond was shaped. If cut too roughly, the different facets will not reflect light as they should, and the diamond itself will look dull.

The more flawless the cut is, the higher the value of the diamond.

The first thing you should know in order to avoid getting scammed is the cut grade types.

The grades go from shallow, which has a poor shine and is too dark, to flawless, which has a brilliant sparkle.

Diamond Ring5

B. Color

The second thing you should know is that color affects the diamond value tremendously, where fully transparent diamonds are very valuable, and colored, which are usually yellowish in tint, are less valuable.

The color grade is from the D to Z, where D is colorless, and Z is yellow, and this the price even falls the closer you get to Z. The grade is as follows:

  • Grades D-F is colorless.
  • Grades G-J is near colorless.
  • Fancy diamonds are yellow.
  • Grades K-M is faint yellow.
  • Grades N-Z and are light yellow.

C. Clarity

The third C, which you should know, is Clarity, which signifies small marks and imperfections on the surface of the diamond.

These marks could be black or white tiny specs that can be seen with the help of a microscope. The more imperfections a diamond has, the lower is its value. Most of the inclusions are not visible without even magnifying equipment.

D. Carat

The third thing which you need to know is the diamond weight, as it is being measured in Carat and 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

When taking care of the carat, it refers only to the weight, not to the dimension of the stone.

The reason that carat is only the 4th on the list is due to having a smaller stone, which may appear larger if it has a very fine cut.

GIA Certification is a Must

  • The worst thing you can do is accept an in-house certification or even no certification at all.
  • A 3rd party certification is a must, and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification is the best.
  • Unless they have that, you should always walk away from a deal to avoid scams.
  • Any of the reputable sellers will always be going to have an authenticating certificate for their diamonds.


Q1. How much is a 3-carat diamond ring?

Ans: A diamond ring with 3 carats would cost you around ~$75,000.

Q2. how much is a 1-carat diamond ring?

Ans: A diamond ring with 1-carat costs from $20000 to $25000

Q3. How much is a 5-carat diamond ring?

Ans: The prices per carat for 5-carat stones range from $125000 – $130000.

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