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Mood Ring

Mood Rings | Best fun rings to have in 2020

Mood rings were first revealed in the year 1975 by Maris Ambats and Joshua Reynolds. The two investors created a mood stone by bonding liquid crystals into the quartz stones, which in turn were set into a ring.

The thermotropic liquid crystals would respond to changes in the temperature, and would also consequently change in color accordingly. The stone of the ring would, therefore, change color, according to the emotional state or mood of the wearer.

The colors below are the colors that appear in modern-day mood rings.

AmberA little anxiety and nervousness.
Dark BlueRelaxed or calm
Black (Onyx)Mysterious, Angry, Excited, Stressed, Energetic, Intense
GrayVery anxious or nervous
Blue-greenSomewhat relaxed
Dark BlackStressed, feeling harried or tense
Pink-RedIn love, Rising Passions, Thrilled, Alarmed, Aroused Mood, Awe-Struck, Fascinated, Desirable, Hopeful
Dark BluePleasant Mood, Completely Relaxed, Romantic, Passionate, Subdued, Very Happy, Joyful.
GreenAverage Reading, Amused, Involved, No Great Stress, Active, Normal, Average Reading
Orange RedUnsettled, Annoyed, Agitated, Cool, Emotions mixed, Excited Moods, and Exasperated.
PurpleRomantic, In Love, Moody, Emotionally Excited, Transition Charged Emotions, Passionate, Transition.
BrownRandom Thinking, Worried, Fear, Sometimes, Restless, Troubled, and Reflects Fidgetiness.
Colors according to the mood of the wearer

How the actual mood rings work

Our body reacts differently according to the mood we have. When we are happy, chemicals are released in the blood and activate many of our organs. This increases the chemical effects in the heart rate, and thus increasing the amount of blood circulating in the body. And that is the reason we feel alert and energetic whenever we are happy. This is also why our body temperature changes from time to time.

Apart from that, when we are irritated and anxious, the hormones in our body divert the blood flow to some of our essential muscles and organs. This happens because our body prepares itself for the “flight or fight” response. The temperature even tends to drop, and blood is being diverted to the internal organs of the body.

Mood rings- Elegance tips

Our body always changes its reaction according to the mood we have. Hormones in our bodies are released into our blood and causing several responses. That is the main reason our heart rate changes when we are sad, or happy. These changes are used by the mood ring to change the color.

Temperature is a significant indicator at the time of mood changes. The normal body temperature is 97.6F. And the temperature rises or falls when our mood changes. Mood rings contain a liquid crystal layer of thermophile with a protective coating. They are most of the time placed inside the ring or at the band. Once a person’s mood changes, the liquid reacts to the temperature change and change in the ring color happens.

Actually, the mood ring does not reflect colors perfectly, but they are certainly fun to wear. Mood rings are useful as well as fashionable. We all have very few pieces that can do that.

What Are Mood Rings Made Of?

A mood ring is a sort of sandwich. The bottom layer of the ring is made of the sterling silver but usually is plated with the gold or silver over brass. A trip of a liquid crystal is glued onto a ring. A glass or a plastic dome or a coating is placed over the crystals of the liquid. Most of the higher quality mood rings are sealed to prevent water or any other liquid from seeping into the liquid crystals since the high humidity or moisture will damage the ring irreversibly.

Mood Ring3


Q1. How Long Do Mood Rings Last?

Ans: Mood rings change color in response to the temperature, which is even supposed to reflect your mood. Eventually, a mood ring will even turn black and stop responding. At last, the more you care for your rings, the more they will last. So, keep them away from wet items and also the high temperature.

Q2. Can Mood Rings Get Wet?

Ans: Mood rings should not get wet, nor should these be submerged in water. When water gets into the bed of liquid crystals, the crystals are damaged, and the color often says it fixed at black. The sealing of the liquid crystals is not perfect, so make sure to take good care of your mood ring if you already have one. Mood rings should also be kept well away from the high temperatures as they can get damaged permanently from a higher level of temperature.

Q3. Are Mood Rings Accurate?

Ans: Kevin Darne’ from Conation Enterprises answers this question as -“Mood rings are about as accurate as horoscopes which were also very popular during the 1960s and 1970s. Both the rings and astrology signs were discussed as a* fun* topic among friends and often used as ice breakers to start conversations with strangers. Very few people view the color of mood rings as being actual scientific evidence for how someone is feeling”.

“If the wearer were always in an environment with a static temperature, they would indeed work, but naturally, that’s rarely the case. Nevertheless, there is one benefit of mood rings that is valid: they make us mindful of our emotions. Looking at the ring reminds us to take a moment to check-in with our emotions and to be mindful, and that in itself does carry some benefit.”- PaulHarrison from The Daily Meditation

Moreover, the temperature of your finger may change according to your emotions, the temperature of your finger also changes for other reasons. It is not uncommon for a mood ring to provide erroneous results based on some other factors such as the state of your health – factors that a mood ring does not take into consideration.

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