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10 Innovative Anniversary Gift ideas during Pandemic

The pandemic situation has affected everyone. All festivals, important life events such as anniversaries, birthdays of your loved ones are difficult to celebrate for two reasons.

  1. You can not go out and risk your family
  2. You are running short on the budget

In this blog we have asked some experts on what could be potential gift for your loving partner during this time.

We kept two criterias in mind.

  1. The gift should be pocket friendly.
  2. It should be memorable.

If your anniversary is around the corner and you are looking for gift ideas, you will love the suggestions included in this post.

1. Color Map Mugs

Trouvaille Global World Mug lifestyle 1

Greg Waloszczyk from Trouvaille Global Ltd suggests that having a unique mug you colored yourself and getting that sometimes much-needed motivation from the prospect of an upcoming trip is wonderful. Remembering those excursions over a warm cup of joe is a nice way to spend time between trips. Each set includes a mug with a world or USA map along with a special green ceramic pen to color in visited places. The ink becomes permanent after baking and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Sustainably produced in Europe, makes a thoughtful, nostalgic, and affordable anniversary gift.

2. Handmade gifts

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Ivana Kurilic from Artful Haven suggests “Handmade gifts from the heart are the best if you ask me.
I suggest getting your lovely lady a memorable gift like a simple photo album she will cherish for years to come. You can buy a simple notebook with black papers inside and glue the best photos you have, even better if they’re all black and white. She will love it if you write something nice with a white pen, too.

If this is a lot of trouble, you can also take the best photo of you two, and send it for a print on demand. You can print it on a canvas, a mug, or almost anything. These shops deliver to your address and there are many options for different financial budgets. These gifts are especially adored by women, and they are thoughtful, inexpensive and unique.

3. Card Deck

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Tiffany Dasilva from flowjo suggests to gift ‘The couples Bucket List- Card Deck’ .

Want to bring the focus back to romance in your relationship? Step outside your usual relationship routine while creating memories together with the help of these clever cards. No phones, no streaming services, just the two of you reconnecting and giggling till your sides hurt. Plus, keep track of everything you try with the do, doing, and done folders right inside the box.

Whether it’s your first date or an Anniversary, this card deck is filled to the brim with 100 ideas to keep your relationship fresh & interesting.

4. Sunstone Candles

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Madeline Boening from Sunstone Candles is pitching an idea to surprise your mate with ‘Sandstone Candles’. Sunstone Candle is proud to offer a custom soy candle which includes a note written by you – hidden inside of the candle itself for your partner to later reveal. This Custom Candle option takes ‘Surprise Inside’ to a whole new level! While the label will mention that there is indeed a surprise crystal/mineral inside of the candle, it won’t tell your partner right off the bat just how much thought you put into this gift.

You can choose their favorite scent, their favorite crystal, and write them a hidden message that they will remember forever. (Don’t worry – they will place the crystal and note towards the top so the recipient doesn’t have to
wait long for their surprise). Yes, it is sealed and protected from the wax as the candle burns down and the thoughtful surprise emerges to the top.

5. Celebration with Celebrity

Lisa Arlington from GiftsNerd suggests to celebrate get a wish for your partner from a celebrity.

She says–“If you know who your partner is a fan of, a personalized wish from that celebrity will bring more joy to your surprise. Cameo is a site where you can pay celebrities to record a short video greeting your partner. It will cost from $50 to $500 depending on how expensive stars you choose to personalize a wish for your better half.

6. Customised Handbag

Teddi Lightman from Rae of Light gives customers the opportunity to create and customize a handbag by selecting from a variety of colors, fonts, clasps, and shapes.
Whether you want to buy a purse for a wedding, birthday gift, or for an everyday look – Rae of Light has plenty of options for everyone! It is a “go-to” accessory and has been a “Rae of Light” for so many especially during this current climate.

7. Wine Soaps

Ana Levinta from Business Travel Reviews suggests offering your spouse a spa day at home with the four delicious wine soaps. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the aromatherapy of these beautifully crafted all-natural and vegan soaps. The soaps have natural scents that resemble different types of wine, like Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. This is a unique way of offering your spouse a relaxing day on your anniversary.

8. Copper H2O

home hero product image

JessicaRose from Copper H2O advises helping a loved one stay hydrated with this stylish, hand-crafted copper water bottle. In addition to the environmental benefits of a reusable water bottle and the aesthetic qualities of this bottle, recent studies have shown that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, which makes copper water bottles ideal for an active lifestyle during COVID-19. As a precious metal, copper is also a great anniversary gift.

The company which sells this bottle is 100% female-run and has a “good karma” program whereby they donate 15% of their profits to non-profit groups that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

9. Shanti Bowl

home hero product image

Lisa Davis from Shanti Bowl suggests giving the gift of zen during the pandemic and the benefits of meditation and sound therapy with the gorgeous Tibetan singing bowl. This bowl can be used to create positive, uplifting, and relaxing sounds which ancient civilizations believed could help cause negative energy to disperse and permit fresh new chi to flow through the home. Tibetan singing bowls are also great aids for at-home meditation and yoga sessions.

10. Date night in a box

WhatsApp Image 2020 08 20 at 11.05.07 PM

Lisa Arlington from GiftsNerd suggests bring the Date night box at your doorstep.

During the pandemic, it would be hard for you to go out and buy something special for your partner. However, the date night in a box would be of great help. It is a must-try service that ships everything you need.

Date night in a box lets you choose the vibes of your choice and pack them in the box with love and ship it to your doorstep. The box may include several interactive activities, accessories for ambiance to set your mood, high-quality snacks or mixers, a dinner menu of your favorite chef, and much more.

So these are the gift ideas that you can see to surprise your partners in this pandemic from the comfort of your home.

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