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You should know these things before buying Diamond Stud earrings

Diamond stud earrings are fit for any occasion. If you are planning to gift it, no other gift could be more charming than them. Earrings are anytime worn jewel, that you can put on at any day and at any time. Many of us prefer to wear earrings on a daily basis, but be cautious of wearing a diamond stud earring daily. Diamond stud earring becomes a must part of your jewel collection, as they come in various options, colors, and styles. We know how perplexed you will be when you go out and see a plethora of options that you can buy from.

So we are here for your rescue and with a complete guide of how you can go about buying diamond stud earrings, which metal you should choose, what points to keep in mind while choosing the color, and what is the general cost is applicable.

Brief about diamonds

Diamond is the hardest stone which is measured to be 10 on Mohs scale. It is considered to be the birthstone for people born in April, which brings fortune in their life. It is one of the most desired stone and is gifted on many occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, achievements, and celebrations. People desire a diamond to be a part of their jewellery collection. This is the reason they look for a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings, or diamond bracelets. As we have many options to select from in diamond necklaces, similarly you will need to make choice from various styles of diamond stud earrings presented in front of you.

How to buy diamond stud earring

To buy diamond stud earrings follow the major 4 C’s of buying a diamond. The universal standard followed for determining a diamond’s quality is the GIA 4 C’s:- Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. Watching out for these C will lead you towards buying the best of the diamonds jewellery you are looking for.


Diamond has the rarest quality in it, that is, it picks the color of the metal it is embedded in. The reason behind such a feature is tiny mirrors that are set in diamond, which reflects the objects which are closed to it. This feature affects the color perception of a diamond. If you want to save on the budget, then you are advised to go for a lower color that you find on D to Z color scale. We’ll describe it in more detail in the coming sections, so hold on to your seat.


Problem with diamond stud earrings is that they are small in size, unlike a diamond necklace or a diamond ring where your diamond jewellery will catch the other person’s eye, diamond stud earring will fail to do so because of its size, and generally stud earrings keep hiding behind your hair. This is the reason why we look for an eye-clean diamond when we are looking out for a diamond necklace or diamond ring.

But in the case of diamond stud earrings, some tiny fissures or inclusions will not be visible and can be missing out. If you have budget constraints you can stay satisfied with not so good quality diamond because that won’t change your desire.


This C is important when looking for options to buy a diamond stud earring. You will probably be looking for a diamond stud earring that can steal the show, which sparkles through the darkness and catches the attention of everybody. Here, ablazing cut of the diamond will do the work. Go for A1 grade of cut for the diamond.

Round, Princess and Asscher cut diamonds stud earrings are the most common ones. These are popular because of their equal proportional cuts that become the perfect fit for a stud earring. The least common are Marquise and pear-shaped diamond cuts, because of the obvious reason, that they lack equal proportion, that is why with such cuts it becomes difficult to buy matching stones that can be a fit for stud earrings. Choosing a shape is your personal preference, so choose a shape that you think will suit your ears.

Olivia Ainsley, senior content manager at RRPDiamonds, expresses “The most preferred combination of diamond stud earrings is a round diamond placed along with gold or platinum. As these turn out to bring the best look and are bound to grab attention. The round brilliant cut diamond is also pretty favoured in the diamond industry as it is the most optimal diamond-cut given the right carat, Color, and clarity.”

Diamond stud earrings


If you don’t have to worry about your budget then you should go for .50 carat or even larger, but keep in mind that you are buying two, so you should decide your budget accordingly. This component will directly depend on your budget and along with this, it is important to focus on other C’s as well.

Olivia Ainsley, senior content manager at RRPdiamonds, says “ to select the perfect diamond stud earring and to make your decision process easier you should follow these simple steps:-

Select the design of the diamond stud

Select the metal you want it to be placed on

– Decide your budget beforehand

– Incorporate the 4C’s to narrow your search: Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat

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Picking up the right metal

As discussed earlier, when you want diamond stud earrings you also need to decide on which metal to buy. So here are few points to keep in mind while picking up the right metal for your desired diamond stud earrings:-

Metal color

If you are looking for a clear white look diamond stud earrings,  then white gold or platinum would be the best fit metal that you can opt for. You should choose color grades from D to J by GIA D to Z color grading scale. If you want a softer look then go for M to Z color which will have a yellowish tint, going well with rose gold and yellow gold, settling with the color of the metal. If you want another mixture, you can also ask to put these color diamonds in the white metal all according to your preference. For color K to L, you can ask for yellow gold, or even white metal.

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Metal Weight

If you have opted for platinum, it is denser with a specific gravity (mass+ volume). So you may find platinum diamond stud earrings having more weight than the gold diamond stud earring. So if you are fond of heavy jewellery platinum would be the choice that you would like to go with. But if you are more inclined towards a lighter one, then gold will be yours. Just take a break and think which one do you prefer. Generally what happens is that these metals are mixed with other metals to give the weight that they carry. But keep in mind the weight of these metals will not be noticeable in a piece of jewellery like a diamond stud earring.

Avoid allergenic metal

This is one of the important components to keep in mind. It is really important to identify which metal suits you and which doesn’t. Accordingly, you can go for deciding the metal with which you want to set the diamond. If you are sensitive to any kind of metal avoid it and go for some other. Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal, which gives you the freedom to wear it without irritation.

What is the cost of diamond stud earrings?

Taking care of your budget you can spend from $100 to $30,000. If you want the perfect cut with perfect color and free of flaws, then you should be ready to spend a big pay. And while purchasing don’t forget that you are buying two, so before buying just cross-check whether the cost is for one or two together.

What is the most common cut for diamond stud earrings?

Round, Princess and Asscher cut diamonds stud earrings are the most common ones, because they fit perfectly for diamond stud earrings

What is the cost range for diamond stud earrings?

$100 to $30,000. It solely depends on how much you want to spend and what types of diamond stud earrings you are looking for. But general range is mentioned above.

Which one is heavier platinum or gold?

Platinum is heavier. But the thing to note here is that many other metals are mixed which makes them heavier. Thus, gold is considered lighter than the platinum

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