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Diamond Ring in 2019

Best quick ways to Spot a Fake Diamond Ring in 2020

To be sure of diamonds’ genuineness, you should test fake diamonds in the way indicated below to avoid the possibility of being the victim of the fraud. A lot of below mentioned essential processes will make you confident that you have not made any mistakes, having purchased the decent diamond for your sweetheart. We hope this article will be really helpful in becoming more knowledgeable about this question.

While the festive season has just passed by us, buying diamonds never gets out of fashion. One purchase that is subjected to a lot of excitement is a diamond ring. Gemologists across the world are often asked about the process and how they can be helpful to prevent the fact that diamonds are fake.

In a bid to educate all our readers and make sure the modern buyer can meet their Festive resolution, we would like to describe the best options, which you can spot a fake diamond ring. To understand the reliability of your diamond, please find below the major options on how to check whether it is the real diamond or not.

Stare at the Diamond Setting From a Loupe

One of the main and the most widespread method to check the diamond originality can be done, using a loupe glass. Whether the number of blemishes can help you to identify the diamond authenticity? For those who are not aware of it, there is a magnifying glass that is specially designed and used by diamond retailers to look at jewelry as well as the settings they have.

Experts suggest that there are some fine points that you should look out for here. Firstly, make sure to check the pattern on the diamond setting and see if you can find any imperfections. And do not be scared if the diamond is not perfect: since diamonds are crafted in nature, you might see some imperfections through your loupe. Moreover, if the diamond looks perfect, there is plenty of chances that it might be fake.

Practical Example- Dan Moran from Concierge Diamonds gives us a practical way(The line test) to identify a fake diamond. He says, “Take a blank piece of paper and draw a straight line on it, he says. Now place your loose diamond upside down on top of the line and look at it with a jewelry loupe. If you can see the line you drew, you have a fake diamond. The reason for this is that a diamond would bend the light so sharply that you would not be able to see the printed line under the stone”.

You need to innovate and look around for all possible reasons for the diamond being fake while looking at it through a loupe. Make sure to do the purchase when you are guaranteed that the diamond you have in your hand is real.

Rubbing Sandpaper

More tests will give you a larger amount of guarantees that the diamond you are buying is not a fake. Let’s move to the test, which will help to convince you one more time that the diamond is authentic.

Do not simply afraid to take on more tests to be confident that an engagement ring is decent and highly valued. This is one of the most common and perhaps the most used tests for finding out the authenticity of a diamond. Sandpaper is known for eroding away the surface of all weak materials, due to its properties.

As diamond is the world’s most solid material, it just cannot be scratched or damaged by the sandpaper. If your stone gets scratched being tested with rubbing sandpaper on it, then the chances are that it is cubic zirconium as an option and not a diamond, as you are expecting it to have.

The Fog Test

One of the most well-known and popular methods for checking a diamond authenticity, which can be realized free of charge and does not need any additional equipment, is Fog Test. All you need to make sure is your desired diamond ring and be ready to test it with the air.

You can start the experiment by breathing hot air on your diamond, similar to when you are fogging up a bathroom mirror. Give an ability to flow the air out for a few seconds. The features, which testify the fake nature, will show the fog for a short period of time, while a real diamond will be clear and without shade.

Real diamonds will not simply retain the heat, while a fake diamond would retain the heat, pretty much like a mirror does after you fog up hot air onto it. One more time to be confirmed: everything brilliant is simple. This test is simple to perform and can tell you quite a lot about the diamond ring you are buying and the authenticity of it.

Seeing the Sparkles

They say that all the sparkles are not gold, but the sparkles of a true gem can easily be differentiated from that of a fake object. The way a diamond reflects light failing on to its surface is truly exceptional, and cannot be replicated by any other material for that matter.

Pay attention to the side of the sparkling: a diamond piece that is not real tends to show rainbow colors inside the diamond, rather than outside of it. People most of the time misconceive thinking that diamonds tend to sparkle like a rainbow. This is not the case, as diamonds sparkle with a grayish and whitish tone. Materials that have a rainbow sparkle to them are not real.

Some Practical Tips:

Nikolina from 2Date4Love is giving us some practical quick tips that she applies to spot Fake Diamonds:-

  1. The first is to ALWAYS check the diamond density first, which takes no effort at all. You have to take a glass of water and place your diamond (this only works if the stone isn’t mounted on the ring yet). If the diamond sinks – it’s real and authentic. If it sort of floats there as if it’s trying to make up its mind whether to sink or swim, then it’s fake.
    Real diamonds are extremely dense and will ALWAYS sink to the bottom.
  2. Another way to spot a fake diamond is a bit more crude but very effective. You have to check to see if the diamond shatters and if it does, it’s not a real diamond at all. Just take a glass of very cold water again and preheat the stone with a lighter for about 1 minute. Then drop it directly in the water. If it shatters, it’s definitely fake. Real diamonds derive from coals and are incredibly resistant to heat, so there is no way they would shatter easily.


Q1. How to Recognize Cubic Zirconia?

Ans. RohanAgrawal from Azeera is providing us a piece of good advice if you know what a diamond generally looks like. You can test for an orange flash if you look at the CZ through the pavilion with the light going through the table. This is not the most conclusive test, because of human error, but it can help.

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