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floating diamond ring

A Complete Guide to Buy Floating Diamond Ring

Do you know what is a Floating Diamond Ring? If not then this article if for you..

You’ve finally decided to purchase a diamond ring, and you’re overjoyed. But, with so many different styles to pick from, where do you begin? You’ve probably heard of floating diamond rings, but what exactly are they? What’s more, how do you know which one is best for you?

A floating diamond engagement ring can be the perfect match for you if you prefer ring styles with a few unusual effects. This eye-catching design has a unique way of emphasising the main stone and works nicely with sparkle-enhancing accent diamonds. However, there are a few points to keep in mind when looking for this unique form of engagement ring; read on to find out what they are and to see some of our favourites.

We’ll cover all you need to know about floating diamond rings, including where to get them and how to decide whether or not to buy one for yourself, in this article. Continue reading to learn something new!


What is a Floating Diamond Ring?

A floating diamond ring is exactly what it says on the tin: The centre diamond is extra-large and looks to float free of the ring or setting. A floating diamond is usually found on rings with bands that diverge away from the stone, giving the impression that the diamond is afloat.

When the main stone and accent diamonds are held at such differing heights from one other, a floating diamond can also be a floating halo.

Most diamond engagement rings have traditionally used prongs or claws to hold the diamond in place. This, on the other hand, results in more exposed metal surfaces and less emphasis on the diamond.

The phrase “floating” refers to ring settings in which the centre stone is suspended and appears to float rather than being secured by prongs or channels. This also allows more light to enter the diamond unhindered, resulting in enhanced light return.

The open and raised settings of most floating diamond engagement rings give them an uncluttered appearance. To achieve this, simpler designs may use an open bezel or tension settings, but more intricate designs may include bars or hidden claws.


Different Types of Floating Diamond Rings

Floating rings are available in a range of styles and metals. They can also use innovative design features to create one-of-a-kind rings for those who want something distinct.

I’ve listed numerous types of floating ring styles available on the market below, along with some examples of how they look in real life.

Tension Settings

These are ultra-sleek, contemporary rings that use intense pressure to hold the diamond in place. The gemstone is actually held between the two halves of the ring’s band in the illustration above due to tensile stresses.

A tension ring setting is a minimalist ring setting in which the diamond or other gemstone appears to hover in midair within the ring’s band. This setting, which dates back to the late 1960s, uses specially treated metals with inherent “springiness” to keep the ring in place.

To hold the stone in place, the entire band of the ring works as two huge prongs, usually with little carved recesses that fit around the stone’s girdle. The stone is held securely in place with a unique floating aspect thanks to its tensile strength of 65-95 pounds.

Bypass Rings

Bypass rings, which were popular during the Victorian era, are defined by bands that overlap or part instead of creating a continuous line. Bypass rings can highlight the originality and create an almost otherworldly visual impression, depending on the designer’s ingenuity.

Bar Settings

To keep diamonds in place, bar set rings use a bar-shaped piece of metal. They are commonly found in eternity rings or classic 3-stone ring designs, and they produce stunning symmetry.

Floating Arches

To keep diamonds in place, bar set rings use a bar-shaped piece of metal. They are commonly found in eternity rings or classic 3-stone ring designs, and they produce stunning symmetry.

Open Bezels

To give the idea of a suspended diamond in mid-air, carefully designed bezel settings with an airy and open base might be used. Because of the mechanical strength required to secure the centre stone, I would expect most of these open bezel designs to have thicker bands.

Floating Halo Rings

Halo rings have smaller accent stones that surrounds the primary stone (melees). This increases the diamond’s perceived size and creates a dazzling field. The centre diamond in a floating halo diamond engagement ring is “lifted” above the halo to place the focal point on the central stone.

Points to note while Buying Floating Diamond Ring

The diamond will be more exposed due to the open aspect of a floating ring design, which raises the danger of accidental damage. Furthermore, because the centre stone will be the centre of attention on the engagement ring, diamond colour and cut quality will be much more significant.

We would recommend a diamond clarity of at least VS2 in an open setting because I do not want imperfections to cause any durability difficulties. Obviously, you want to make sure the diamond is spotless.
We would prefer a G or more outstanding colour rating if you want a diamond that faces up white in terms of hue. Finally, because cut quality impacts sparkle and brilliance, you want it to be as good as possible.

Craftsmanship is another crucial consideration when purchasing a high-quality floating diamond ring. When it comes to tension set rings, floating rings use minimum metal contact to secure the centre stone.

With wear and tear, diamonds in rings with poor craftsmanship may fall out of their settings. No one wants this to happen to their valuables.

Where To buy From?

Amazon is the right stop for you to purchase floating diamond ring, so rather searching for some other platform, checkout some of the beautiful floating diamond ring for yourself or for your partner.

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image 5
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image 7

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