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Stuck Ring Off

3 Best ways to get a Stuck Ring Off

Stuck rings are often painful and can even cause swelling to the affected fingers and sometimes even hand. It is best to try to get the stuck ring off as soon as they become stuck into the finger, though this is often easier said than done.

Moreover, the first step is to try to bring down the swelling, as inflamed fingers can make removal all but impossible. Rubbing the finger with the oil or lotion, spraying it with the chemical glass cleaner, or wrapping it in the dental floss or tape may also help to get it off.

Why Rings Get Stuck?

Stuck ring on the finger is actually a pretty common problem. It can happen for a lot of different reasons too.

One of the most common causes of a ring getting stuck is due to swelling of the finger. Your fingers may swell for various different reasons.

  1. Injuries tend to cause swelling, so if you accidentally smash your hand in a door or do anything else that could injure the finger that you have a piece of jewelry
  2. on, it can even lead to swelling that can cause difficulties in taking the jewelry off.
  3. Things like arthritis can definitely cause swelling in your hands and fingers, which leads to rings that would not come out
  4. Another possibility could be overheating. When your body gets very hot, your body reacts in various ways to help you stay cool. One thing your body will do to keep you cool is to cause some swelling, which includes your fingers too. Basically, this creates a greater surface area, which allows more area for heat to escape your body at a faster pace.
  5. Water retention is a common cause. This can happen to anyone, but it is especially common at the time of pregnancy.
  6. Many women have to go wearing rings altogether at the time of pregnancy for this reason. Moreover, the swelling tends to go down shortly after giving birth.
  7. Even something as simple as an especially salty meal can even lead to your fingers swelling up and preventing you from easily moving rings.
  8. If the ring size was already tight, then this problem occurs too often because of changes in seasons over the year.
  9. Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to rush to the Jeweller to have it cut off just a year. So, here are some of the methods which you can use to get it off.

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Getting the stuck ring off

Ways to get the ring stuck off

1. Ice it up

To get the stuck ring off your finger, you first need to take the swelling down from the finger. Take some ice from the fridge, raise your hand, and apply the ice to your finger. Then wait for a couple of minutes and gently try to take the ring off. If that does not work, then don’t panic. There are some other methods too to get a stuck ring off the finger.

Kerry O’ Donoghue from The Mine Company is giving a pragmatic approach to getting the stuck ring off your finger. It is as follows- “Hands can swell with heat making it hard to remove a ring. Try running your hands under cold water or take a shower to cool your body down in order to get a stuck ring off your finger”.

2. Try hand lotion or Vaseline

Most rings would come off by now, but in case you are still dealing with the stuck ring, then it is the time to take out the big guns. Get some dental floss and slide it under the ring to have something to hold on to when your hand will get slippery.

Apply a small Vaseline or lotion to your finger and tug gently when the dental floss gets the stuck ring, move. Again you should only do this if you don’t have an open wound or broken skin.

Muhammed Mateen Khan from PureVPN suggests using Soap And Water too. To do that, Mix a slippery solution to reduce friction between your skin and the ring. Gently spread a generous amount all along with the finger and slowly twist to remove the ring. This method is safe for your skin and your ring

Stuck Ring Off3 1

3. Try fine string or dental floss

According to the Harvard Medical School, one safe and effective way to smoothly remove a stuck ring off on your finger is to thread a little string or dental floss underneath the band. Once the string is looped through, tightly wrap the string around the finger all way over the lower knuckle. From there, use the other end of the string to unravel the string. Often the ring will begin to move over the string as it unwraps.


Q1: Can a jeweler remove a stuck ring?

Ans: If you are in pain or the ring is stuck due to some injury, then I would recommend you to head to your doctor first. After the consultation with a doctor, you can head to the jeweler to remove a stuck ring.

Q2: How to get a stuck ring off a swollen finger?

Ans: You first need to take the swelling down from the finger. Take some ice from the fridge, raise your hand, and apply the ice to your finger. Then wait for a couple of minutes and gently try to take the ring off.

Q3: Who can cut a stuck ring off?

Ans: The protective jaw is slipped between the ring and your finger, and then the Jeweller will turn the blade to cut through the shank. Jewellers can cut the shank in either one or two places. If cut in one place, the Jeweller will then use a special pair of pliers to make the cut wider and allow you to remove the ring.

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