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Best Shopping Guide for Engagement Rings

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The engagement ring is also known as the “proposal ring”, which is the ring you propose with. Proposing traditionally involves getting down on one knee and asking your partner to spend the rest of their life with you, while you present the engagement ring that is ready to slip on their finger. Which finger does an engagement ring go on? The fourth finger of the left hand is merely known as the ring finger. Many cultures believe that there is a vein in your fourth finger that leads directly to your heart, making it the most symbolic finger to wear your engagement ring on. The engagement ring hand is your left hand.

The engagement rings have a spark that symbolizes the promise of marriage and commitment that you and your partner have made to each other. Engagement rings vary in detail and qualities but most typically feature a diamond or gemstone center stone on a metal band and engagement rings to be more extravagant than wedding rings.

Some of the engagement ring buying tips

At the time of buying an engagement ring, it is essential to consider the style preferences of the bride-to-be, your budget, and the quality of the diamond. These essentials will help to guide you to the right choice.

Bride-to-be: Try to figure out what she likes by being observant or asking about the family or friends. Does she adore the solitaires or the love rings with the side stones? Did she mention that she should love a ring like Kate Middleton’s?

Budget: Buy the most elegant and beautiful ring you can within your budget. Your bride will appreciate you for making any of the efforts.

Diamond Quality: Understand the 4C’s of a diamond to make sure that you are getting a quality stone. Choosing a diamond that has been certified by the GIA is essential so that you can be sure of the value of the diamond and its quality. Other laboratories don’t have standards as strict as GIA and may not be as trustworthy.

Sonya Schwartz from Hernorm is giving us 2 tips which have helped her get Engagement ring at lesser price. These are-

A) Consider your local jewelers– If you cannot find the design you want online or in the mall, try to check out with your local jeweler stores. Aside from saving a few bucks, you can also request for a more unique ring.

B) If applicable, shop between July and October– Since these months offer fewer sales for jewelers, they will more likely
give discounts and reduce their prices. There are also no major holidays that will boost their sales and fewer shoppers to compete with your purchase.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

What is the main difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? Well, it is all in the style and name!

An engagement ring is exactly what you think they might be. It is a ring given to the bride at the time of a proposal and typically features a diamond or beautiful gemstone. The bride wears the ring at the time of her engagement to signify her upcoming wedding. Engagement rings are used to symbolize the wealth of the man proposing, demonstrating that he had enough money to care for his bride. Furthermore, that tradition has fallen by the wayside, but the engagement ring continues to get flashier and more expensive.

Weddings rings are exchanged by the groom and bride at the time of the wedding ceremony. Both can be worn at the time of the wedding, but a wedding ring is typically worn under the engagement ring. Some say this is because the wedding ring should be closer to the heart, symbolizing the eternal factor of the marriage. Wedding rings are often planned bands, although they can have stones or diamonds, and are often made of white gold, or platinum gold .

Men usually don’t wear engagement rings, and men’s wedding rings tend to be very simple and match the women. They can be platinum, silver, tungsten, or even with a wide range of other metals.

Engagement Ring

Haley Anhut from Clean Origin says-“One of the biggest trends in engagement rings at the moment is going with a lab-grown diamond! Not only are they chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds, but they are up to 40% less expensive! This gives couples a more affordable option or allows them to get a bigger/better diamond for the same price. As far as designs go, the most recent trend is definitely more of a minimalist look! Brides are looking for very slim, simple bands. We’ve also seen a huge increase in oval-shaped diamonds, and, although white gold is still the most popular, yellow gold settings are definitely coming back into style!

What are the different types of engagement rings?

  • Solitaire Engagement Rings:
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The solitaire engagement ring is a timeless design, elegant, classic, and sophisticated. This design allows the diamond to steal the shine and limelight.

  • Trilogy Engagement Rings:
chatham sapphire diamond ring 1 gold

Trilogy rings are formed with three stones. Popular amongst many couples, this ring symbolizes the past, the present, and the future.

  • Halo Engagement Rings:
split shank halo engagement ring 1

This popular design beautifully enhances the center stone. Thus angling circling the strong with the smaller diamonds to give a halo effect.

  • Diamond Bands:
floating diamond eternity band for women in 14K white gold FD8072B NL WG

Delicately set side stones lie perfectly across the band of the pave ring to enhance all aspects of beauty and elegance.

Who Wears An Engagement Ring On the Right?

 It is equally common across the globe for the rings to be worn on the opposite hand. Wearing it on the fourth finger on the right-hand does not change or diminish its meaning in some parts of the world.

Shall I wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring?

Because the engagement ring is traditionally the more opulent rings of the two, most women will wear their wedding bands stacked underneath the engagement ring as well, while some women choose to only wear one ring to present both. Most of the jewelers sell engagement rings and wedding rings as a set so that they match one another. This is entirely optional, it is not a requirement, and you and your partner can choose to buy wedding bands at your own leisure if you wish to have them at all!

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