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1-carat emerald ring

Why Is Emerald Ring A Right Choice For You? 4 Facts To Know

An emerald ring is slowly becoming mainstream among the couples looking for something uncommon. Although the precious stone wedding rings are, without a doubt, the most popular. They are not meant and desired for everybody owing to cost and other factors. On the off chance that your accomplice fantasies about something exceptional and vivid, an emerald ring is what could be the ideal decision in such a scenario.

Emerald is a deep green colored gemstone associated with the Irish legacy (initially, it was the Romans who found it). It is regarded as the birthstone for the month of May. There are many other astounding facts about emeralds that may seem fascinating to you. So, let’s start without further ado.

What is the meaning of an emerald ring?

They carry a special meaning in the life of its wearer. It symbolizes love given to one and nurtured with expectations of supporting a solid and faithful love and duty for the remainder of their career together. Being cherished by many cultures for centuries now, emerald rings are believed to epitomize the ancient beliefs that make a marriage flourish for a lifetime. It is additionally said that these gemstones are the sacred stones of Venus, a goddess who embodies affection, love, and prosperity. The following are the four values emeralds signify among every couple.


Emerald is said to raise the hopes of a flourishing marriage life among its wearers i.e. a wonderful future loaded up with energy, love, and affection. Or, on the other hand, raise the hope for you to support your partner through life, and when life runs its course, be brought together like never before. 


Many astrologers view the emerald as the stone of prophecy. That is, an emerald gemstone represents a life full of clear and concise communication among a couple that forms the basis of their prosperous life. 


An emerald acts as a tranquilizer for an upset brain. That is, the emerald brings its wearer some intelligence and calmness. 


For a marriage stacked with trust and consolation, it is conventional to give your sweetheart an emerald wedding ring. Emeralds are accepted as a cause of loyalty and reliability between the two lovers.

How did the emerald rings originate?

According to an ancient study, emeralds were first viewed solely as pure gemstones with no suitability for rings. But, when the Sumerians started wearing rings made of emerald in their left-hand ring finger, they found that emeralds had a mitigating impact, particularly on the eyes, something our elders regard as a property of rings. Accordingly, the emerald rings were born. After some time and around the globe, it became the mainstream owing to which the Victorian style emerald rings and vintage-propelled structures picked up unmistakable quality and prevalence after some time.

How to take care of emerald rings?

How long the gems can retain their hues, excellence, and appeal is up to you and your caring practices. Some legitimate considerations can hold their gleam and allure for long. There are particular sorts of gems that require more care and therapies than others, and these emerald rings fall into this class of gems. On the off chance that you are somebody who is fascinated with the emeralds and have some adorable emerald rings at home, here are a few caring tips that will assist you with keeping your preferred rings endlessly beautiful. 

As emeralds are one of the gentle stones, they are more prone to bruises and scratches. Therefore, it’s advisable that you wear your ring on only significant occasions and put them inside a jewelry box when you are finished wearing your outfit, limiting any odds of getting them tangled. Moreover, in most adornments, the outer surface gets coated with a thin layer of dirt, sweat, and dead cells over an undefined time frame. Among such adornments, the emerald rings are the most prone to such things. So, refrain from wearing them for long.

A quick round of cleaning by drenching your emerald rings in lukewarm water mixed with any gentle cleanser will bring back the radiance to these beguiling pieces. You can likewise use a delicate brush to go through the ring mountings so that all dirt that has settled will get disposed of and your ring will be brought to its unique structure. 

Another therapy includes putting away your emerald ring wrapped independently in soft tissues, in discrete adornments boxes. It’s worth noting that abstain from putting your emerald ring close to another adornment as this might lead to scratches on both the adornments. 

At last, a visit to an expert gem specialist additionally helps your preferred emerald rings attain their unique radiance and shading back. Emerald rings are very special and delicate. So, we should give them the exceptional consideration they merit. Staying aware of these caring tips will keep your emerald ring sparkling like new every time.

How much is an emerald ring worth?

A Columbian emerald ring and a Zambian emerald ring

Emerald stones can range from anything around $20 to $3000 per carat based on the 4Cs i.e. Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. These can sometimes outshine diamonds in terms of price too. Also, there are several categories among the emerald gemstones which carry their own price tag, for example, the Columbian emerald costs around $49 to $3000, the Zambian emerald costs something in between $42 to $2300, etc.


On which finger should I wear my emerald ring?

As per astrology, you must wear your emerald ring on the little finger of your working hand for attaining its full benefits.

For emerald, what should I value more: color or clarity?

If you are wearing the emerald stone as jewelry, you value its clarity more. However, if you’re wearing it as per astrology, then its color holds more value.

Where are emerald stones found?

These are mined in the mines present in Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Is an emerald more expensive than a diamond?

Yes, emerald can sometimes cost you more than diamonds.

What are the famous cuts for an emerald ring?

The famous emerald ring cuts are pear cut, round cut, cushion cut, classic cut, etc. 

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