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Best Designer Belt to Buy

Now talking about accessories, men and women also look for designer belt sold by the top high-end well-established brands. There are many people out there who only prefer designer accessories and clothing because, first, they are able to afford it and secondly the quality given by the brands is unparallel. They prefer buying designer bags, Designer belts, designer sunglasses.

When you buy a designer belt once, you will prefer buying it, again and again, you may switch to designer brands after purchasing it the first time your entire life. The designer belt may impress you with its great features like durability, fashionable, ahead of trends, and the brand name itself. When you carry a designer bag or wear a designer belt, you will feel proud when the other person identifies that you have spent many dollars on the designer belt.

Due to many reasons, you will prefer a designer belt over a non-designer belt. The reasons are:-

Fashionable:– Many brands create trends. Many brands create a voguish design of a belt that is so attractive that when you see it you will be compelled to buy it. They give your attire a glamorous look that you may find missing in a non-designer belt.

Tough:- Designer belts are tough as the material used in the belt is of high –quality, which makes the belt durable, you can use it for years.

Brand image:- People have become so fond of established brands like Gucci, MK, Zara, and many more that their names drive them crazy. Brand freak people know the price of each accessory offered to buy different brands, thus if you have a social setting who are brand freak then designer belts will be too good to be true for you.

Types of Designer Belt

  1. Louis Vuitton

There are so many crazy followers of the Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton brand is one of the well-established brands in the fashion world. Those who are not so fashion freak also know about the Louis Vuitton . Louis Vuitton brand is the most known accessories sold by Louis Vuitton and there are many fans out there in the market who looks forward to buying it and adding it to their wardrobe collection.

Louis Vuitton belt comes in various cool design which you will prefer to wear on all occasion. Most of the Louis Vuitton brand comes with a buckle of the brand logo. This looks sassy on all the outfits like jeans, pants, dresses, shirts, and blazers. The belt comes in various designs which will just steal your heart.

designer belt
Credits:- Louis Vuitton

2. TonnyWell

 Tonywell brand makes belts with genuine leather. They have belts with no holes which is impossible to crack or wear out. They are known for the ratchet belt. Tonywell designer belts have many styles of Double D automatic buckle that appear voguish and attractive. Tonywell is a brand that is really popular among men. To use the belt you can lift the buckle pull it to the right position and release it.

Tonywell keeps in mind the different sizes of the men thus it offers a belt with an adjustable strap that can be used flexibly according to the size of the person. The belt comes with a wide buckle which is made of zinc alloy that has an elegant look. Men can prefer wearing it on jeans, pants, and trousers. Tonywell belts come in a great exclusive box which makes it a perfect gift to be given to a man.

Screenshot 2021 02 23 213859 1
Credits:- Tonnywell

3. Michael Kors 

Have you heard about Michael Kors? The probable answer is yes, there will be very few people who haven’t heard about Michael Kors. Michael Kors is known for the material used in the accessories it offers. In belts offered by MK, you will see that most of the design contains its logo “MK”. In many belts, you will find the buckle logo as well. Women are crazy to have one or the other kind of MK belt in their closet.

They love to wear MK belts on special occasions like birthdays, award events, official events, at the office. MK belts have a different design with different colors present. You can wear the same belt on jeans, pants, shirts and on blazers. You will go crazy when you will receive compliments for the be6lt you are wearing.

Screenshot 2021 02 23 224022
Credits:- Michael Kors

4. Alaka

Alaka is one of the brand that offers a beautiful luxury belt. Moving ahead of the classic boring design, it offers a new design that goes with the fashion trend. Alaka is a high-end brand that provides many novel designs of the belt to the women of today’s world. Many of its belts have a classic design with a blend of the new style. It has belts with holes which are easy to wear and easy to take off.

They have such a design that both men and women can wear it so it becomes cost-effective for the couple as well. It has different design buckles like dragon design, which gives a glamorous beautiful look to the outfit of the person. It comes in beautiful colors which you will not get in other brands. If you are fond of white color than you will love to buy a belt by Alaka.

Screenshot 2021 02 23 221357
Credits:- Alaka

5. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole has the accessories that meet your requirement. Kenneth Cole designer belts are one that match every look for yours, whether you wear a jeans, pants, or a dress. after buying the Kenneth Cole belt you can be sure that the belt style will never go out of fashion. Belt by Kenneth Cole will become your favorite one. You can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and dresses. Kenneth Cole is especially famous for the quality of the material used in its accessories. You can flaunt it among your friends and if you plan to gift a designer belt to a closed one, you can gift this Kenneth Cole belt to your loved to make them happy

Screenshot 2021 02 23 223828
Credits:- Kenneth Cole

From Where to Buy Designer Belts?

  1. Louis Vuitton

2. TonnyWell

3. Michael Kors 

4. Alaka

5. Kenneth Cole

How much does a real Gucci belt cost?

The cost of Gucci belt may cost you around $350 to $ 1,200. The prices depends upon the design, style and the material used in making the belt. But an average cost of the Gucci belt is $580

Which belt is better LV or Gucci?

It will depend upon various factors that you are considering when you are choosing to buy the belt. If you are looking for a classic design then LV will be your choice but if you are looking for more sassy and new design belts then Gucci will be the brand you will go with.

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