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Buy the Best Leather Belt

Do you want to add a leather belt to your fashion accessories? Then we must say that you have a great choice. The leather belt is not just any other accessories but you will see that leather belt are so classy and sturdy, that it gives a different look when you wear it with your clothes. You will be looking for a belt that is durable. Which will support you for a long time.

The leather belt is made for both women and men in a different style. They can wear it on different occasions and enjoy the fun of making your outfit look stunning. Women and men both look for a leather belt that will fit them right to get a perfect fitted look.

When you are looking for a leather belt you have to keep in mind a few points while your decision-making process. These important points are:-

1. Check the length of the belt:- you need to check the length according to your body size

2. Check the color of the belt according to the event you are planning to wear in.

3. The fit of the belt:- you can buy the ratchet, track-style as they give the perfect fit to the person wearing the belt/

4. A grain of the leather:- this feature will let you know about the quality of the leather. You should always buy a full grain or a top grain leather belt. These two types give you the highest quality leather. Grain leather is best as it improves with years in reality. And you will undoubtedly want to buy a leather belt which is durable.

5. Look and the pattern of the belt:- whether you want to go with a classic pattern or you will be looking for a novel fashionable pattern

6. Type of buckle:- do you want hole type buckle, slide buckle, or any other new style.

Types of Leather Belt for Women

  1. Hollow Flower Leather

A beautiful style belt with Hollow Flower Leather. It is a wide leather belt which is made up of high-quality cowhide leather. It has soft touch. Due to the sturdy material used in this belt, it is durable and can be used for many years. It has a novel design which makes it perfect for a woman to wear it on jeans, pants, shirts, blazers, etc. The buckle used in the belt is made up of special alloy craft, it has a nice quilted texture that gives a glamorous look to the outfit. High polishing plating technology is used while making this belt which makes sure that it has a bright color.

It is perfect for waist size 20-26 inches. If you want to buy a more accurate, size you can measure your size and then try wearing the belt accordingly. It can be worn on various occasions like parties, events, weddings, casual day out, night out, prom, college, and trips. You can have faith in the belt for its feature of holding up your pants tight. Because of its unique design, it is the preferred leather belt by many women who are looking for a leather belt that is more than just a classic one.

leather belt
Credits:- JASGOOD

2. Leopard Print leather Belt

Today’s women are crazy about new novel design that stands them apart from the general crowd. They prefer wearing accessories that attract the eyes of the audience and compel other people to ask them” From where did you buy this belt”. If you are one of those women then, you should be glad to see this unique style leopard leather belt. It is made up of genuine leather with a leopard print on it. It is a sturdy strong leather belt that you can use for years.

The buckle attached to the belt is made up of alloy that is scratch-resistant. It is a fashionable leather belt yet so comfortable to wear. It is a perfect leather belt to be worn on pants, jeans, and various dresses. Leopard design is one such design that never goes out of fashion, if you see the fashion trends, back in the 90s, you will see that many people were fond of leopard accessories like bags, and belts.

What’s more? It is a perfect gift to be presented to a woman who is a fashion diva, she will just love this leopard leather belt. There will be no reason for her to refuse your gift. You can gift it on birthday, festivals, achievements, and awards events.

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Credits:- LOKLIK

3. Grommet Leather Belts for Women

Another stylish belt that you can buy without any stress is Grommet Leather Belts for Women. This grommet leather belt has wide straps and it is available in three sizes:- 39” for the waist size 33”, 43” inches for the waist size 37”, and 47” inches for waist under 41”. It is made in such a way that it can fit most of the paint loops. This belt is made of colorful PVS and with a high-quality metal alloy. It is durable and you can wear it for a longer duration.

If you are looking for a belt that has the punk look then, this is the perfect one for you as the grommet straps have a punk rock look that you can wear on music concerts, events, and daily use as well. It is worn by teenagers who look towards buying the accessories that make them apart from other people. It looks gorgeous on the waist of every woman. You can also get one of the grommet leather belts in which the chain is attached, chain attachment gives it a more cool and punk look. If you are fond of chain accessories than you can match them with chain earrings.

Screenshot 2021 02 22 222049
Credits:- Macoking

Best Leather Belt for men

  1. Single Prong Buckle  leather belt

It is made up of 40% leather, 40% Bonded leather, and 20% polyurethane. This is the perfect belt for men who are looking for a classic vintage design belt to wear on every occasion. But this classic style never goes out of fashion and this style attracts the heart of many. Apart from holding up your jeans or pants tightly, it also provides you with a beautiful design and color. You can wear it for daily use as it is highly durable due the material used in making it.

You can rely on this belt for years as you will not want it to get destroyed so soon. You will love to wear it to the office, to party, to events, to weddings and trips. You can wear it on trousers, jeans, and pants. This is one of the best classic-style belts preferred by men.

Screenshot 2021 02 22 232258
Credits:- Comlubia Store

2. Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

Do you want to buy a belt made of Italian leather? Then here is the leather belt made of Italian leather. It has an unfastened buckle with a ratchet design. You can adjust it according to the length you want. It is really comfortable to wear. This belt comes in a very novel style, which you will see no other men wearing. It comes in a well-decorated box that makes it a perfect gift to be given to any man. It is a trim belt with a great catchy style.

You can slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt. It gives it an auto-lock that holds your pants or jeans tightly. You also have the choice to trim the belt according to your length. You can wear it for daily use and enjoy the look it gives you to our whole attire.

Screenshot 2021 02 22 232235

From Where to Buy?

  1. Hollow Flower Leather

2. Leopard Print leather Belt

3. Grommet Leather Belts for Women

4. Single Prong Buckle  leather belt

5. Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

Do leather belts last longer?

A leather bag made up of full grain will last for at least a minimum of 5 years, they can also last for ages if taken care of. A lower quality leather belt can last for 4-5 years but it depends on how you keep them.

Which leather is best for belts?

Best and the most common used leather in the belts to make it durable and fashionable at the same time is Cowhide. Thus you will see the Cowhide material mentioned in most of the belts mentioned above. Full grain calfskin is the top most best quality leather used.

How can you tell if a leather belt is real?

You can tell by the smell of the leather whether the belt is made up of real leather belt or not. Real leather smells like must, that many of you will identify but fake leather will smell like a plastic. 

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