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Black Diamond Engagement Rings: What Makes Them Trendy And Sensational?

Been seeing black diamond engagement rings frequently? Well, well, it’s no surprise since they’re very IN these past few decades.

Glamour, charm, and elegance. Words tend to fall short when it comes to describing what a black diamond depicts.
First, the stunning color has always been a majority’s favorite. Second, the black diamond emerged as a rare stone in relation to weddings and engagements. And third, it has only upped the game.

black diamond

Black Diamond Engagement Rings All Over

It’s no wonder that black diamond engagement rings have become one of the trendiest wedding ring styles. Aside from their contemporary status, black diamonds are also a good choice for engagement rings since they are less expensive than standard white diamonds.

Another advantage is that they are remarkably adaptable. There’s a black diamond ring design for everyone. Whether it’s surrounded by a halo of smaller white diamonds, the brilliant center stone in a solitaire ring setting, or a more understated accent stone on a wedding band.

Black diamond has been an unusual option for engagement rings. But over time, that has changed drastically. Now anyone seen flaunting a black diamond is considered to be chic, modern, and interesting.
Take the huge black diamond ring of Myleen Klass. Myleen Class and Simon Motson’s stunner of an engagement ring has been published in Hello magazine.
In an understated halo atmosphere, Hong Kong’s emerald black diamond was made in 7.6ct. This formation was completely new. “This is the first of its kind in the world,” Myleen said.
Was it not stunning?

And how can we forget Mr. Big getting Carrie a five-carat black diamond Itay Malkin ring set in 18-karat? That totally changed the game, didn’t it?

Well, let’s see where it started from.

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What is the Origin of Black Diamonds?

Graphite is said to produce the color of black diamonds. There is a huge number of inclusions in a black diamond. Basically, small defects affect the appearance of a gemstone. These many inclusions are enough to alter the color of black diamonds used in jewelry.
The main feature of a black diamond is that these inclusions color the whole stone black. It’s intense enough to produce a pretty gem-like look.
Among all gemstones, diamonds are famous for their hardness level. A rating of 10 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale is quite considerable.

Black diamonds are commonly known as ‘carbonado diamonds’. Currently, they are found in Brazil and Central Africa.


Types of Black Diamond

Natural Black Diamonds-

Natural black diamonds are basically colorless diamonds with a lot of imperfections in them.

Unlike ordinary colorless diamonds, which are made up of millions of tiny bits, black diamonds are kept together by internal defects called inclusions. This is what gives them those grey sparkles from time to time.

Treated Black Diamonds-

Treated black diamonds are the least expensive type of diamond. They are often used in industry, however, they are not suitable for jewelry or high-end items.

Lab-grown Black Diamonds-

Lab-grown black diamonds are among the most valuable and costly diamonds today. These lab-grown black diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds.

They are created by a sophisticated procedure that imitates, down to the last feature, the natural diamond.

What Does A Black Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

Black diamond engagement rings are among the most valuable pieces of jewelry. The word “black diamond” comes from its one-of-a-kind dark color. They are considered to be the world’s oldest diamonds, dating back more than three billion years.

White diamonds were the traditional pillar of fashion all along. But, black diamonds are particularly great for fashion-conscious people. Nothing is as good as the black colour.

Black diamond can match any color of the outfit. If you wear it every day, it can have a casual or classy look. Based on outfits, you can style them accordingly. It’s also great for special occasions when you want to wear it.

Death, sorrow, and gloom are generally associated with black color. But black rings of diamonds mean authority, wealth, force, and passion. This symbolism makes it particularly a perfect gift when you are about to offer it. The dark diamond has only a dark color, which is caused by sulfide deposits in the stones. This is not necessarily black in color. It gives a grey, black color to the diamond.

The black diamond rings are ideal for powerful women and trusted women. What makes the black diamond even better is that it’s suitable for both sexes. This makes it a nearly perfect gemstone for men and women alike. In the case of fitting, round and princess cut forms are the most common. They make the perfect shape for halo rings and three-stein-fitting rings in the center stone of the black diamonds. The black diamond does not refract light. This is the desired form.

Wrapping Up

Black diamonds are invisible, so you can either go for a bezel or an adjustment. This happens irrespective of how the black diamond shines. But if you use silver, palladium, or white gold metals, black diamond rings are ideal to add to the ring’s contrasting colors.

The challenge can also be to shopping for black diamond rings. Since such diamonds can be rare, looking for one with high quality can be a challenge. In this case, only the cut and the carat must be considered, because clearness is seldom checked. The only drawback of a ring with black diamonds is that you must search for the shapes to make it sparkling because it does not begin by refracting light. But, depending on your budget, you must set the type of ring you want to purchase.


Should I buy a black diamond?

Black diamonds are often less expensive than white diamonds. If you want to add a black stone to your jewelry collection, they might be an excellent choice. Another stone might do the work, but a black diamond possesses unrivaled durability.

Can a black diamond be an engagement ring?

Black diamonds, like colorless diamonds, represent eternal, faultless, and unchanging love, making them ideal for a diamond engagement ring. Passion, activity, and energy are factors that are also connected with black diamonds.

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