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Long Distance Couples Bracelets

5 Bracelets For Long Distance Couples You Must Check Out

There are a variety of bracelets available for long distance couples that can help them feel connected despite being physically apart. Some options include:

  • “Thinking of you” bracelets: These are simple bracelet designs that include a message or symbol that reminds the wearer of their partner.
  • Distance bracelets: These are often made with materials that are imbued with special meaning, such as lava stones that symbolize strength and stability. The bracelets are designed so that each partner wears one, and the distance between them is supposed to be represented by the space between the two stones.
  • Couple’s bracelet sets: These are matching bracelet sets that are designed to be worn by both partners. The bracelets often include messages or symbols that are meaningful to the couple, and can be a constant reminder of their connection.
  • GPS tracking bracelets: These are high-tech options that use GPS technology to allow couples to track each other’s location. This can be a useful tool for couples who want to keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts, and can provide peace of mind during long separations.

Regardless of the type of bracelet, the important thing is that it helps the couple feel connected and remind them of each other, even when they are physically apart. Try again

1. Classic Beaded Long Distance Couples Bracelet

These are the most traditional and popular types of distance wristbands. The look is fairly universal and simple, so they’ll go with most women’s and men’s designs. The beads can be made of any material, however, natural stone beads are our favorite.

When contrasted to synthetic beads, natural stone looks more opulent, giving the bracelet more value and a sense of pleasure. These beaded distance bracelets have a Yin and Yang design that nicely complements each other.

Isn’t that what every cute couple does?

The first bracelet is single-colored with one different bead, which creates a lovely contrast.

The second bracelet has the same design as the first, but the colors are reversed.

The distinguishing bead is “stolen” from the other bracelet, ensuring that you always have a bit of your other half with you. Beaded distance bracelets come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences.

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2. Magnetic Long Distance Couples Bracelet

This matching couple bracelet features a magnetic charm that will attract each other when close. It symbolizes your eternal love/friendship with your lover/friends! You’ll also receive a commitment card and two bracelets in a lovely velvet gift bag. Ideal for giving as a present.

Pinky Promise bracelets bring you closer to your loved one, no matter how far apart you are. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you might send each other this promise matching bracelet. It will be adorable when they see it and the unique message sent by you.

Long Distance Couples
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3. Lock and Key Long Distance Couples Bracelet

You have the key to my heart,” the pendants declare. Your heart is yours, and the key to unlocking it is in the hands of your loved one.
Bracelets with locks and keys are very popular among couples. These adorable relationship bracelets are ideal for couples that enjoy romance and don’t hesitate to flaunt.
If you’re searching for a thoughtful present for a loved one, this is a terrific option. Keep the heart bracelet on your wrist and hand over the key. It’s a kind gesture, and you’ll have little reminders of each other on your wrists.

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4. Infinity Long Distance Couples Bracelet

We all know how difficult long-distance relationships can be. You wish to be near your loved one but are unable to do so due to their distance.

Long-distance relationships, as difficult as they might be, may also work quite well and be quite gratifying.

This is where long-distance wristbands come in handy. They keep you mentally connected while you’re physically apart. Also, they remind you of your infinite love for each other.

They improve the quality of your life by bringing you joy because it reminds you of you two. The infinity pendant indicates that you’ve chosen to be with each other for the rest of your lives.

We’re not sure what else to call that if that isn’t proof of true love.

Screenshot 2021 06 09 234410 1
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5. Heartbeat Long Distance Couples Bracelet

The heartbeat distance wristbands are understated.

To make the most stunning distance bracelet, a plain silver, gold, or black chain is coupled with a heartbeat pendant.

When you’re away, a bracelet like this might let you envision your loved one’s heartbeat, which can provide comfort. If you want a stacked design, the delicate appearance combines well with other bracelets.

How to take care of a bracelet?

Here are some helpful hints for keeping your bracelet in top shape:

Before showering, swimming, or bathing, remove your bracelet. Chemicals have the potential to harm or discolor jewelry. The last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night should be your bracelet.

When you take your bracelet off each night, wipe it clean with a soft cloth to eliminate salt, oil, and other pollutants. When not in use, store your bracelet in a plastic bag or soft pouch. Colors can fade when exposed to air.

Only use dry hands to handle your bracelet. Moisture can wreak havoc. Finally, NEVER use cleaners that contain acid, ammonia, alcohol, or vinegar. These might permanently harm your bracelet.

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How do I find my bracelet size?

Wrap a flexible measuring tape, twine, or piece of paper around the broadest area of your wrist to determine your bracelet size. If you’re working with string or paper, look for the point where the ends meet and measure the length with a ruler or measuring tape. To acquire the correct bracelet size, add half an inch to an inch.

How do you care for a cord or rope bracelet?

Cord or rope bracelets are fantastic since they can be cleaned with simple soap and water every time you wash your hands or take a shower. You can clean the dirt out with a toothbrush if it becomes particularly filthy. Cotton bracelets will shrink when wet, especially if they are washed in hot water.

How do you care for a leather bracelet?

Here are some suggestions for keeping a leather bracelet in good condition: Remove it before showering or going swimming. Water dries out the oils in the leather, causing it to fracture and fade. Wipe down your leather bracelet with a wet towel (no harsh chemicals). Extreme temperatures should be avoided. High heat can cause your leather bracelet to dry out.

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