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A complete Guide to buy Belts for women

Belts for women are not only used for holding up your outfit tight. But belts are fashion accessories that add stars to the outfit of women and also bring a beautiful dose of simplicity and style to their personality. Historically belts were worn on T-shirts and jeans but as fashions keep including many trends, the belts are also worn on ethnic and dress as well nowadays.

The belt is one such fashion accessory that does not go out of fashion and you will love to wear it on every outfit of yours. The belt for women comes in various styles, designs, and colors. You can choose among a plethora of options according to the outfit you are planning to wear. There are different types of the belt that you can use to cinch your blazers, sundresses, and jeans.

From classic, simple leather to cool stylish chain belts, you will be given the option for the belts in this article. You will also get the shop now button at the end where you don’t have to go anywhere else, rather you just have to read through the article and reach the bottom to order your favourite style of the belt.

On which outfit can women wear a belt?

When we think about the belt, the outfit that comes to the mind is jeans and pants. Belt has been worn on the waist for a long time and this trend is everlasting. Majorly belt will be worn on jeans and pants to hold them tight, but a new fashion is being followed by the fashion enthusiast where it is being worn on sundresses and ethnic wear as well. Some women also prefer wearing It on formals like a blazer to give a stylish cool look to them. And this style looks really cool on women and they received many compliments for a new trending look.

Types of Belts for Women

  1. Lace Wide Waist Band Belts for women

It is an elastic waist band belt that has a corset look. It is made up of high-quality material. It will look charming on the oversized tunic dress worn with leggings. It will make you look gorgeous at any event you go. It is the perfect belt to flaunt your body figure. It is adjustable with no fixed closures. It gives you an elegant look and charms your personality out of every outfit. It is perfect to be gifted to a girl who is fashion-driven and tries different styles of outfit. You can use it to wear at parties, prom, vacations, ceremonies, and anniversaries. You can get this style in different beautiful and classic color:- Beige, White, Black, and Ochre.

These corset belts have been in trend when models started wearing it on the dresses in huge fashion fiestas and fashion shows. Women drove crazy after seeing them on the beautiful that models wore in the fashion shows.

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2. Roper Women’s Large Cross

Stylish belt with a beautiful design which is a must-buy belt for your outfit. It has thick heavy leather with gorgeous concho leather. Also medallions with the belt. The belt is adjustable and slidable which allows you to adjust it for the perfect fitted look. It has a rich black look with shiny silver conchos. It is a beautiful piece that beauty to your outfits. You can wear it on coats, formals blazers, and dresses.  It has a cool and novel design that will make your outfit look different from a distance. It  has an eye-catching design

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3. Applique Glitter Dress Belts

You will not have enough of this type of beautiful wedding dress belt. This is Crystal Belt Wedding Rhinestone Applique Glitter Beaded Bridal Dress Belts. What can be a more special day than your wedding day? On your wedding day, you will try to wear the best of the outfit to look like a queen of seven heavens right?  To add a star to your wedding outfit this Wedding Rhinestone Applique Glitter Beaded Bridal Dress Belt is a must-buy. It gives an elegant look to the outfit and makes you the prettiest bride. You get beautiful pearls and beads embedded in this stylish belt. It is best to wear gowns and mini dresses.

It is perfect belt to be worn on any gown apart from wedding gown. It brings glamour to the outfit that you are planning to wear. You can get it stitched with the dress or you can pin it up to the dress. You can get it in other colors as well like: Rose gold and silver.

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4. Elastic Braided Belts for women

A braided classic style of the belt is loved by the majority of women. It is a durable belt that can be worn on different outfits. Do you know the uniques feature of this belt? You can stretch it to the extreme level but you will see that it will come back to its original place. It is made with high-quality material with 25 % of diene elastic fibre, cotton 10.5%, viscose fibre 54%, and polyester 10.5 %.

This is the best belt for you.  On the basis of your waistline, you can fasten it in mesh weave. Because of the good elastic material used in this belt, it will support you throughout. You will not feel uncomfortable in any way after wearing this belt as it is made while keeping the comfort of the women in mind. It has a high-quality alloy buckle. Buckle in this belt is plated with environment-protected material. It is made up of solid material.

The Head and tail of the belt are well wrapped with selected leather. It can be worn on jeans, dresses, and formals. Women of any age can prefer wearing this braided classic belt. If you are looking forward to gifting a belt to your women then this is classic braid belt is perfect as no women can reject it from wearing.

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5. Interlock Buckle 8-shaped Faux Belts for women

Are you looking for a beautiful yet unique belt that you can wear on your stunning dresses? Then this is the perfect one for you. It is a unique style of belt made up of Faux leather. It has elastic band with a fine edge. It has Interlock Buckle 8-shaped Faux.  It is comfortable to wear and gives you a charming and complete look on the dress. It comes in various colors like Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Red.

You can buy the color according to your dress. You can also wear it on formals blazers and shirts. It has an interlocking buckle which makes it easier and quick for you to wear. It has good elastic which gives you a comfortable experience. It is also good to go to wear skirts, jeans, a sweater, and a blouse. It is perfect to be worn on any occasion. This belt is perfect to be worn on mini dresses or loose dress which gets fitted to your body after wearing this belt.

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From Where to Buy?

  1. Lace Wide Waist Band Belts for women

2. Roper Women’s Large Cross

3. Applique Glitter Dress Belts

4. Elastic Braided Belts for women

5. 5. Interlock Buckle 8-shaped Faux Belts for women

What side does a woman wear her belt?

If you want to follow the rules that the point of the belt should be facing on the right side for women and for men the point of the belt should be on the left. This is as per the military dress rule.

How much do belts cost?

You may be required to have a budget of $15 to $25 to buy belt accessories to be added to your closet. But this budget is for the low-priced belts. For a mid prices leather belt you will require to spend the amount between $40 to $ 50. For a higher-priced belt, you may need to spend up to $100.

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