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Best Chain Belts to buy

Chain belts are the coolest type of belts that you can wear on any outfit you like. The trend for chain belts was crazily followed by women from every country in the 90s. After the 90s, the trend for chain belts experienced a decline, but talking of today’s era, the chain belt is again in vogue.

You can get a plethora of designs in the chain belt to wear on different outfits on different occasions. Chain belts have been now in fashion vogue for a long time where women look for new design chain belts to wear on jeans, pants, formals, blazers, jackets, and dresses.

You will find a chain belt for every outfit. Some chain belts are delicate and some are heavy with sturdy chunk designs. You will get some of the chain belts with pendants that are usually worn on dresses and gowns. They come in various metallic shades. From thin to broad chain style you will find every type of chain belt in the market nowadays. 90s trend has come back now and women are driving crazy for these stylish chain belts.

Do you know what is much cooler than just the metallic chain belt? A gold or silver chain belt is the heart-stealing style that is demanded by women from high-end society. They prefer wearing it on special occasions like weddings, awards and events night.

Accessories with chains give a more stylish and cool look, whether it is a bag, earrings, or belts. You will see that chain belts are the funkiest yet elegant belts to be put on dresses, jeans, pants, shirts, blazers, and gowns. Women also prefer wearing it on beach outfits to look stunning at beach parties.

If you think chain belts are for holding up your jeans and pants, then you are partly wrong, because many of the chain belts are design in such a way that they are used for adding more style to the outfit that you are wearing. But the strong sturdy chain belts will play the role of holing up your jeans and pants

Types of Chain Belts

  1. Women Long Tassel Waist Chain Belt 

This waist chain belt has an elegant style that is 40 inches long. It is suitable for every outfit, if you are looking for a chain belt for a dress then you can buy this if you are looking for a chain belt to wear on jeans and pants, shorts you can wear this.  It is a multi-layer chain belt with a sun charm design. It Is very exotic and has a unique design. The waist chain is made up of alloy. It is a chain belt with a fashionable pendant.

It is adjustable to your waist and you can wear it comfortably everywhere. It is made in such a way that it cannot be easily broken and it has been strictly examined for the features it has. It goes with basically anything. It is really eye catchy and you will get so many compliments after wearing it.

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2. Punk Leather Waist Chain Belt 

A belly waist chain belt is the perfect chain belt that you are looking for. This leather chain belt is made of leather. The workmanship on this chain belt is exquisite with a good color retention feature used on it. The color of the belt will not fade away easily. But it is advised that you should avoid putting it in water for a long time.

This is the combination of leather belt and chain belt together, this combination gives a killer funky look. It goes on every outfit, yes, you read it right you can wear it on every outfit like jeans and tops, dresses, gowns, and shirts. You can wear it on different occasions and be the show stealer in the event. It is best for night club, parties and Halloween.

This design of chain belt attached to leather is really attractive and gorgeous, where on the leather belt you 3 chain belt is attached which gives it enlarge look which is seen from far a distance. It will get you many compliments. It is also a great gift to be presented to any women you know.

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3. 3 Pieces Belly Waist Chain 

Would you love to buy a durable belly waist chain made of strong alloy? Yes, why wouldn’t you love to add it to your wardrobe? It is lightweight and causes no discomfort and harm to you. The bright gold color gives it an exotic look. This waist body chain is designed with multi-layered fringe. It is one of the trending styles in the fashion vogue. You can adjust the length of this belt according to your waist and wear it to fit your body to give a gorgeous look.

It can be worn on pants, jeans, dress and you can wear it on different occasions like a beach party, night parties, dates, and other casual day outs. This belt has 3 layers of chain tied in such a way that it gives an elegant look to you on every outfit.

What’s More? You don’t get one or two waist chain belts you get 3 waist chain belts, it means that you don’t have to spend your money again and again on buying different chain belts, just buy this one and get yourself free from the worry. This shiny chain belt is a must buy and you should not wait any longer to add it to your wardrobe collection.

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4. Butterfly Belt Waist Chain Pants

Buy this trendy waist chain belt to be worn on your funky jeans and pants. It has a beautiful butterfly design which makes it an elegant chain belt with a charming look. It is adjustable as it is made up of high-quality material. You can wear it on your punk pants and give your outfit a stunning look. You can wear it sideways, tieing the one hook end, to the belt area at the front and tieing the second hook end at the side of the belt area. This will make your outfit more attractive and glamorous. It can be worn on various occasions, like parties, school or college events, formals events, and wherever you want to look stunning.

Screenshot 2021 02 19 221116

5. Crystal Rhinestone Chain Waist belt

A double O-ring will steal your heart. This belt is made up of rhinestone tassels. It gives your outfit an elegant look and this belt is made for any type of outfit, like dresses, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, and gowns. It has a shiny look which makes it perfect for night events like parties, Music concerts, etc. This is a gentle chain belt that will give you a comfortable experience. It will especially look amazing on the black dress as it has a sparkly design.

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From Where to Buy Chain belts?

  1. Women Long Tassel Waist Chain Belt 

2. Punk Leather Waist Chain Belt 

3. 3 Pieces Belly Waist Chain 

4. Butterfly Belt Waist Chain Pants

5. Crystal Rhinestone Chain Waist belt

How do you style chain belts?

Chain belts can be styled in various ways: you can wear it one jeans and pants in which the belt area is already given, you can wear it on your belly area if you are wearing any dress, or you can wear it side ways as well like the butterfly chain belt described above.

Are thick belts in Style 2020?

Yes, thick belts fashion came back in 2020 when they were worn by models in the Fall 2020 fashion week New York, London and Milan fashion week also. From that time thick belts especially with chain were in the vogue again

Do wide belts make you look thinner?

No, if any belt sales person tell you this, understand that they are just selling their product. Wide belts don’t make you look thinner instead you will have to prefer a thin elegant chain belt to have this kind of look.

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