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Cheap Jewelry: 7 Reasons For You To Avoid It

Jewelry is considered an essential fashion statement for both men and women, be they of any age. Just pair it with your outfit and level-up your glamour and elegance to the next level. But most of the people assume that only “expensive” jewelry studded with gold and diamonds can do the needful which isn’t the case. 

You can achieve the same level of glamour and allure with cheap jewelry too which is any jewelry made out of imitating stones and inexpensive material lowering both the cost and impression. It is also called costume jewelry due to the fact that cheap jewelry is not meant to be paired up with every clothing, unlike the expensive variants which follow the one-for-all approach. 

Although being a cheap fix, donning cheap jewelry isn’t always a good choice for a good number of reasons mentioned below. So, let’s understand why you shouldn’t run after cheap jewelry.

Why should I avoid cheap jewelry?

The following 7 are the major reasons for you to avoid wearing a low-quality jewelry.

Cheap jewelry is of low quality

Cheap means low quality. Whatever jewelry you choose, remember that it’ll have poor quality gemstones which will appear amazing to the naked eye but can break easily when bumped. Moreover, the metal used will be of cheap quality and prone to rusting and scratches. Being of low durability, you might end up damaging the cheap jewelry within the first few uses only. Hence, even if you’re looking forward to cheap jewelry, make sure you do proper research and purchase from a reputed seller only. 

Some costume jewelry contains carcinogens

If you’re from a biology background, you will know that carcinogens are a cancer-causing agent. A research conducted on a certain sample of cheap jewelry showed that the majority of them contain nickel and chromium, two known and probable human carcinogens. Hence, it’s suggested to not load yourself with carcinogenic articles like chains, necklaces, etc. for your own health benefits.

These carcinogens may also be neurotoxins

If you’re thinking that your cheap costume jewelry contains only carcinogens, you might be surprised to know that many of these carcinogens may be neurotoxins, a chemical that negatively affects the brain development of kids who often put jewelry into their mouths. Some of the negative effects include behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and a bunch of other health complications. Lead and arsenic are two major neurotoxins.

It comes with shaky settings

If you know about various ring settings, you will understand how important is a setting for a ring and its gem. But in cheap jewelry, the setting is what gets no attention and you come across a cheaply priced article with a shaky setting causing the ring and stone both to fall apart sooner rather than later. Hence, refrain from buying any cheap jewelry.

The risk of cadmium in cheap costume jewelry

Apart from carcinogens and neurotoxins, another potent chronic illness causing substance widely used in the making of cheap jewelry is cadmium. It is a major kidney failure causing agents in the 30s to 40s. Therefore, stop wearing cheap costume jewelry that may have long-lasting implications on your health. 

It causes skin issues

In the market, you will find one common and widely-known costume jewelry type called aromatherapy jewelry. In such jewelry, there are aromatic oils mixed with the metals. These oils are prone to oxidation and this leads to the jewelry’s tarnishing and corrosion. When this tarnished metal comes in contact with the skin, it causes skin rashes, itching, redness, etc. In some cases, the jewelry may even leave behind a green mark on the skin under contact. As an alternative, you can prefer 316L stainless steel that doesn’t oxidize or tarnish with time.

Cheap rings have a thinner body

A ring’s body is the main part of the ring that wraps around your finger and undergoes the maximum wear and tear. For example, it rubs against your fingers, against the gloves, etc. After some time, if being made of cheap quality, it will break out and might even hurt your fingers. Hence, it’s better to put your money on a good quality ring having a solid build quality.

Hence, as a conclusion, it’s not that every cheap piece of jewelry is the same. Even cheap jewelry bought from a reputed and established dealer can be of your use as such articles will be free from any harmful chemical we discussed above. 


Which is the cheapest metal used in cheap jewelry?

Unlike the expensive pieces of jewelry where expensive metals like gold (white, rose gold, etc.) and platinum are used, you will find cheap metal like titanium being used in costume jewelry.

What is costume jewelry made of?

In terms of looks, it may be difficult to differentiate between real and cheap jewelry. But certain aspects of cheap jewelry include the use of inexpensive material, imitating stones, and weak settings. Also, cheap jewelry will more likely be gold-plated or silver-plated which ought to wear off gradually.

Is it recommended to buy costume jewelry?

No, there’s a popular saying associated with cheap jewelry that cheap jewelry may cost you nothing while buying but it’ll cost you more after buying.

How much does cheap jewelry cost?

On average, you may be asked to spend anything starting from $50 for cheap jewelry. 

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