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Earrings for Sensitive Ears

When you are looking out for your favourite type of earrings, do you worry about your sensitive skin? Earrings for Sensitive Ears, are in demand in today’s era because customers have become more conscious towards their sensitivity. But gone are the days when your sensitivity didn’t matter to the jewelry maker. But now amidst so much competition and availability of so many earrings in the market, every jewelry maker is making the jewelry by keeping your preference in mind. Now you will get many earrings that are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free, which protects you from any kind of allergy. You don’t have to suffer from rashes, irritation, and itchiness.

Nowadays, brands are also becoming more aware of customer preference through market research. Hence, brands allure the customer by specifying the allergy-free feature of their earrings. Whether the earrings are allergic or not depends on the metal used in the earrings. So you can go through the list of best metals that are good for sensitive ears.

Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears

  1. High- Karat gold Earrings

Gold is believed to be one of the best metals. They are good for sensitive ears. But you should be aware that the more amount of gold present in the earrings, the more it is safe to wear the earrings. If the amount of gold is less in the metal then you might have the risk of allergies. In earrings in which the gold is below 14k, the purity decreases. So, it is suggested that you should buy earrings which have gold like 18k and 22k.  These types of earrings contain more amount of gold and less nickel.

Earrings for Sensitive Ears
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2. Platinum earrings

They are more valued than gold and it is even rare to be found. It is a durable metal that can be worn for longer duration. Platinum earrings are also preferred in daily wear. People prefer wearing these types of earrings on a routine basis. Platinum resists tarnishing and corrosion, which makes it safe to wear. they are perfect to be worn on sensitive earrings. These platinum earrings are worth paying for if you are highly sensitive to any other metal.

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3. Sterling Silver earrings

If you are fond of sterling silver earrings, then here is the piece of good news for you. Silver is hypoallergenic which do not cause allergy to any type of skin. When you are buying these earrings make sure that it is nickel or lead-free. Because these are the 2 metal which causes allegy. So it is suggested that people with sensitive skin, should check for these 2 metals before buying any jewelry. But lit is soft like gold, which makes them less durable than platinum earrings.


4. Titanium Earrings

This beautiful make a beautiful pair of earrings. If you see titanium earrings then you cannot resist yourself to buy this beautiful pair of earrings. It is a durable metal that lets you wear your favorite earrings for a long stretch. It is a hypoallergic metal that never causes allergy. If you buy titanium earrings then you don’t need to have fear of allergies. One of the most exciting features of this metal is that it is a strong one unline silver and gold, which are allergy-free but are soft. They are also lighter to wear and make up a piece of comfortable wear jewelry.


5. Plastic Earrings

As much they are affordable, they are even safe to wear. It is the best-suited earrings for those who have sensitive skin. If you are planning to buy plastic earrings make sure that the post of earrings is made of plastic because that is the section that is in contact with your ears.  These are the perfect ones to be bought. Plastic earrings are really suited for kids. As kid’s skin is sensitive than adult’s skin, choosing kids’ earrings to require more serious decision-making for the metal being used in the earrings. And you will notice that most of the kid’s earrings are made for plastic keeping the kid’s sensitive skin in mind

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How to Wear Earrings Without Irritation

The use of metal in the earrings is the external factor for your allergy. But you can control internal factors by applying homemade remedies to save your earrings from allergy, which one can notice by the feeling of irritation around the ears and itchiness.

The tricks given below, to wear earrings without irritation is really applicable when you have your favorite earrings that cause allergy to you. In such a case, you don’t feel like throwing them, and you are left with confusion when you need to wear them. Many a times you will be perplexed between a situation to wear them and suffer from the irritation or not to wear them and be comfortable at the occasion. Read the points given below, to save yourself from allergy.

  1. Applying nail polish:-

You can use transparent nail polish at the back of the earrings. If you don’t have the transparent one, then also, you don’t have to worry because you can use any color nail polish. You have to apply the nail polish only at the post of earrings which is not visible to the public. If you are skeptical to use nail polish then you can also buy sealant for earrings. You can coat your earrings with this sealant and get away from the allergy.

2. Applying Vaseline

Every household as Vaseline which is used for one or the other purpose like lip balm or used to remove the roughness of skin. You should apply the petroleum jelly on the part of earrings that gets in direct contact with the ears. This way you can protect your ears from allergy and also it is good for moisturizing. So you can use this trick but don’t forget, then you will be required to put Vaseline in every one hour.

Where to buy from?

You can take reference from below option to buy the earrings that are allergy free.

  1. High- Karat gold Earrings

2. Platinum Earrings

3. Sterling Silver earrings

4. Titanium Earrings

5. Plastic Earrings

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