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engagement ring designs

Engagement Ring Designs and Styles

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable and special moments in life. And a perfect ring is the cherry on the top! Moreover, with so many styles and designs out there, it can be hard to know what you should choose. The old rules have gone out the window – today, it is all about the individual and the engagement ring designs that reflect their taste, style, and values. There is also a sparkler out there for each and every budget. So, if you are planning to propose – or need to give your other half some ideas on what to buy – keep reading our guide to every engagement ring styles.

Low set solitaire rings and High set solitaire rings

A low set solitaire ring has a single diamond held in place by metal claws. The reason why it is called “low set” is that when you look at its side profile, you will notice the diamond sits low down, close to the band. The advantage of a low set solitaire is that the diamond would not catch on clothes, hair, or things around you because as it is securely tucked in. For people who want a classic ring but have an active lifestyle, it is a practical and beautiful choice.

Low set solitaire rings

A high set solitaire ring has one single diamond secured in place by metal claws that hold the diamond high up. This means that if you look at its profile from the side, you will see there is a gap between the diamond and the band. The high set solitaire is the ultimate, classic engagement ring. This style makes the diamond look larger and allows it to catch a lot of light, giving you maximum sparkle.

Rub over set solitaire rings

A rub over setting holds the diamond in place by “wrapping” it in precious metal. This style has various advantages:

  • It holds the diamond firmly in place.
  • It protects it from the knocks and catching on things.
  • It makes the diamond appear much larger than it actually is. It is the perfect ring for people who are active or work a lot with their hands: whilst sleek and sophisticated, it is an extremely robust design.
Rub over set solitaire rings 1

Tension set solitaire rings

The tension settings hold the diamond in place by pressure from the metal band. The diamond edges slot tightly into the tiny little grooves in the metal, and the tension created by the ring band holds it securely in place. This style looks truly unique and allows you to see most of the diamond, which is visually pleasing and allows for plentiful sparkle.

Tension set solitaire rings 1

Diamond cluster rings

A diamond cluster setting allows you to have any design you like. It is a ring where lots and lots of small diamonds are set close together. They are very versatile, offering multiple styles and design which includes the oval, pear, square, round, rectangular, and even the heart-shaped rings. The other advantage of a diamond cluster ring is that several small diamonds cost less per carat than one large diamond would do. So, you can have a big ring for an affordable cost.

Diamond cluster rings

Sidestone, or diamond shoulder rings

Sidestones, also known as the shoulder tones, are small diamonds that are placed on the ring band on both sides of the main setting. Sidestones are fantastic for adding extra luxury and radiance to any engagement ring. For instance, if you love the simple elegance of solitaire rings but you are missing that little bit of extra luxury; you could choose a solitaire ring with the side stones to have both.

Sidestone or diamond shoulder rings
pic credits- James Allen

Trilogy rings

Trilogy rings, also known as the three-stone rings, have three diamonds on the band. A trilogy ring symbolizes the past, present, and future of your relationship. This is a beautiful sentiment for an engagement ring. The main advantage of a trilogy ring is that it offers three times the sparkle of a solitaire. As an added bonus, you can also personalize your trilogy ring with the colored gems if you wish.

Trilogy rings 1

Illusion set rings

An illusion setting creates a “big look” ring at a very small cost. Its precious metal setting is patterned to mimic the facets of a diamond. Moreover, the ring is set with only a few small diamonds. Among the best low budget engagement ring designs to choose from, the illusion setting is a great option when you want luxurious sparkle at an affordable cost.

Illusion set rings 1

Twist set rings

A twist setting is a design where the ring band twists the central stone. This unique style symbolizes two lovers entwined in an embrace – or some also say that it is a design that symbolizes infinity. This engagement ring is easily eye-catching. If you want something that stands out from the crows, it is a fantastic choice.

Twist set rings 1

As per the latest trends, it is wise either to buy engagement and wedding rings together so that they can match each other, or to buy stackable rings so that it can be fit with any other rings. For this, DeenaDanielle from Siku Jewelry & Nomad Moda advises buying stackable rings as per their experience. She has met many clients who are now preferring them, as they are reliable, beautiful, and cost-effective.

What is the most classic engagement ring style?

The most classic engagement ring style is the Classic or Solitaire Engagement Ring.
The most popular traditional engagement ring style, by far, is the solitaire engagement ring. A few other styles that have stood the test of time include four-prong settings, bands with diamond accent stones, princess-cut rings, pave diamonds, and the petite engagement ring.

Can you make engagement rings from 24k gold?

A Ring made with the 24 karat gold is often thought of as the best quality of gold that you can buy. Moreover, very few people actually own a ring made of 24k gold because it is rare for a ring to be made of solid gold without any other metals mixed in. As pure gold is too soft to make a ring, it is not recommended to have a pure gold ring. Also, it is more prone to scratches and other deformation when you wear it.

Do men wear engagement rings?

While most men wear only a wedding band, some want to wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their impending nuptials. Men’s engagement rings vary significantly from women, but there are many options for style preferences.

What are the best engagement ring designers?

According to Sue Spiry from Hannoush , Women are increasingly selecting many fancy-shaped diamonds, such as the oval, pear, and marquise shapes. That’s because they show a larger face-up appearance, making the diamond look larger-and who doesn’t love a big looking diamond? What’s old is new again, and many vintage-inspired settings are being chosen to complement these fancy-shaped diamonds. Designer brands like Verragio, Gabriel, and Tacori are inspirational designers. In terms of metals, white gold is still the metal color of choice, and the timeless and endless sparkle of a traditional, round shape diamond remains the most-demanded in the engagement ring scene.

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