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Locket Necklace: Everything You Need to Know about

A locket necklace is a piece of jewelry that is deeply personal to the wearer. It means something special to the wearer, whether it was a gift or something they chose for their collection. Lockets, which are typically pendants on a necklace chain, open in some way to allow the wearer to place something meaningful inside.

A locket necklace is commonly thought of as a Victorian-era keepsake. Perhaps you envision mourners or lovers from centuries ago wearing antique designs around their necks, clutching a locket with a loved one’s photo inside. While jewelry has a long history, it still has many applications today and is popular.

Locket necklaces are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes. If you own a locket, whether it’s a vintage heirloom or something from a hippy street, it can be difficult to know how to style or carry it. Some of those pieces may not be trendy, but you can use and style them all.

A locket necklace is a small pendant that is worn around the neck on a chain. It can also be worn as a bracelet or as a charm on a bracelet. Lockets typically have hinges that, when opened, reveal a small secret space inside for storing personal items such as photos or a lock of hair. Lockets make wonderful gifts for lovers, family members, and close friends.

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History of Locket Pendant

We don’t know when the first locket necklace were made, but they appear to have evolved from other types of jewelry, such as amulets and talismans. Lockets were originally used to transport medicines, perfumes, and other such items.

Locket necklace evolved into mementos with miniature portraits of loved ones. They were ideal at a time when the only way to see someone’s face who was not present was to look at a painting or drawing of them. It also became popular to keep a lock of a loved one’s hair in lockets as a keepsake. Furthermore, lockets were ideal mourning jewelry for remembering a loved one who had died.

During the Victorian era, lockets, as we know them today, were popular. Then, as with all jewelry, they went in and out of style. Lockets went out of style and were considered out of date after the war. Lockets, on the other hand, are back in style, with celebrities and other high-profile people wearing them.

Lockets evolved centuries ago from amulets (an ornament or small piece of jewelry) that were thought to provide protection against evil, danger, or disease when worn. Early lockets were worn by both men and women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and could be a pendant, ring, brooch, or watch fob. People would frequently display miniature portraits of loved ones or small pictures of the King or Queen to demonstrate their devotion to the throne. Lockets were sometimes made with small openings in which small perfumed fabric squares were placed to mask the stench of the unsanitary sanitary conditions.

With the execution of Charles I in 1649, supporters of the former King secretly wore miniature portraits of him set in lockets and rings, and mourning jewelry became popular in the 17th century. Later in the 18th century, mourners wore intricately decorated lockets with the locks of a “dearly departed” family member arranged in a unique manner. Mourning jewelry became popular in the Victorian era following the death of the Queen’s husband, Prince Albert. During the Queen’s long period of mourning, she wore a special locket dedicated to the memory of her beloved husband, which became a fashion trend.

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Types of Lockets Necklace

1. Keepsake Locket

This type of locket is an excellent choice for commemorating a special occasion such as a birth, first communion, or wedding. Keepsake lockets typically have a space for a small photo behind a plastic cover or a glass enclosure for a lock of hair or other small memento. This is probably the most common type of locket.

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2. Vintage Daguerreotype Picture Locket –

A Daguerreotype photograph was featured in this version of a keepsake locket. The process was first introduced in 1839, and it became less expensive to produce in the following decades, allowing small daguerreotypes to be used in watch cases, fobs, brooches, and lockets. The soft metal daguerreotypes could be shrunk, set, and sealed behind glass. These lockets were very popular in North America at the start and throughout the Civil War.

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3. Mourning or memorial lockets 

Mourning lockets have been around for a while, and they were especially popular in England during the Victorian era. This could be because Queen Victoria was in deep mourning after the death of her husband, and she wore a locket containing a small daguerreotype of Prince Albert and a lock of his hair, which started a fashion trend.

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Meaning Locket Necklace

Some possibilities for the significance of a locket include the ability to:

  1. Mourn the loss of a loved one or a public figure.
  2. Demonstrate your devotion to a public figure.
  3. Keep a loved one close at hand.
  4. Respect a friendship

While lockets are typically used to carry heartfelt messages, they can also be used to carry perfumed scents. As a result, the significance of a locket changes depending on what is inside the jewelry. In most cases, lockets are used to hold the following items.

Whether the wearer keeps a photo of someone or a prayer or wish inside their locket, it is likely that it is something they treasure. The wearer wants to keep this keepsake with them at all times and wear it so they know where it is. When you keep a prayer or wish inside the jewelry, you’ll remember it as you wear it, giving your hopes and dreams meaning.

As long as the outside isn’t see-through, many locket designs conceal whatever is inside. Whether the wearer keeps a photograph, a note, or other trinkets inside, they will be the only one who knows it’s there.

It’s the symbolism that works best for a locket, especially when it’s attached to a necklace chain. Whatever photo or keepsake you place inside a locket necklace will dangle close to your heart. Lockets frequently contain photos of loved ones, particularly significant others, so the placement of the jewelry over the heart makes sense. It also explains why there are so many heart-shaped lockets.

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Are Lockets Still in Style?

Given the long history of lockets, you may be wondering if they are still popular. Their sentimental value made them popular centuries ago, but some people don’t see the point of wearing lockets with today’s technology. While we have unlimited access to photos of family members, friends, and significant others thanks to advances in technology, wearing a locket has a unique feel to it.

Wearing a locket today adds a lot to your outfit while also revealing a lot about what’s inside the jewelry. A locket today: expresses a special dedication to whoever or whatever is contained within the jewelry.

Depending on the style you choose, it adds a vintage touch to your look.

Makes a bold statement with your outfit.

Lockets are great for their sentimental value, but they can also be worn as pendant jewelry without a keepsake inside. Whether or not you have something inside, any type of locket can be part of a fashionable look today. If you’re concerned about being fashionable, select locket styles such as:

A silver oval pendant with a simple design.

A chic gold square pendant.

A gate frame made of silver

A contemporary silver heart with white sapphire accents.

A floating rose gold locket

If you wear one of the lockets mentioned above, you will have a trendy look while wearing a style of jewelry that has been around for centuries. Fill pieces with modern charms or photos to use as statement jewelry, or leave them empty. Lockets are a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, no matter how you wear them.

What pictures should I put in a locket?

a photograph A photo of a loved one with sentimental value is a common item to put in a locket. A meaningful photo, whether of a parent, spouse, child, or close friend, can nestle in a pendant against your heart or fit inside a bracelet on your wrist.

How can you tell if a locket is antique?

Look for lockets that are in good condition, Examine the hinges, finish, and interior compartments, Avoid lockets that have deep scratches or damage, Only purchase pieces that you adore, and you will have a sentimental, personal addition to your jewelry collection.

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