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opal stone

Opal Stone: Everything you need to know about

Opal Stone– Magical to the sight and lovable to style, opal stone has been reigning the gemstone world for ages. Their stunning iridescent nature makes them fabulously special, displaying a hypnotizing play of different colors.

Filled with mysticism, there is so much you need to know and learn about these beautiful stones. So, in this post, we bring you with a detailed source that answers all your questions about this gorgeous gem.

Opal Stone History

With spell casting iridescence and smooth shapes, opals have been the popular and loved stones since times immemorial. They have been prized and treasured for their excellent playing colors, blending and gorgeously sparkling under the glass-like smoothness. Known to be the gems of wonder, they are embellished in some of the best jewelry ideas. The best feature of these gems is their diversity. You will find it incredibly difficult to impossible to find the two specimens that look exactly alike each other. Every specimen of this variety is different and better than the other.

Origin and Supply of Opal Stone

The origin of the name of opal is still considered to be uncertain in today’s world. Moreover, it is known to be adapted from the Sanskrit word “Upala,” which is for precious stones. Another adaptation of the word comes from the Latin origins, for the word “Opalus.” Because of its unique and impressive colors, it has always been associated with some of the blessed and divine. For the same sort of reason, ancient Romans believed that the stone had magical healing powers and considered it to be a stone of hope and purity. The gem was discovered around 4000 years ago and since then has been a favorite among all gemstone connoisseurs and jewelry designers.

As about the current market, around 85% of circulating opal has been sourced from Australia, which has the biggest known reservoirs of the gem. For over a hundred years, Australia has been giving us the best and most specimens of this gem. Moreover, essential discoveries of the gem have been made in Ethiopia too. These are not the only places worldwide that supply us with this incredible gem. Other locations spanning across the globe are Siberia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the US, and India.

Properties of Opal Stone

Opals are primarily and most popularly known for their gorgeous iridescence. The divine gemstone has a unique look that cannot be found in any other gemstone. That said, it has some of the determining physical properties that help you to value it easily. Just like most other gemstones, its properties cannot be divided into the 4Cs, which is due to the fact that every single piece of opal is different than the other.

Below, we have described the main characteristics of this wonderful yet mystical gemstone:

1. Color

Opal stone is known mainly for its hypnotizing and ravishing colors. It is yet to be determined how exactly the stone gets its colors. Carrying a whole universe of diverse shades in itself, the main base colors of this gem are red, yellow, white, green, brown, black, and colorless. It is believed that the stone has been made of Hydrated Silicon Dioxide. Some even say that it is formed over the years as rainwater enter rivulets and cracks of rocks, and evaporates over time, leaving small traces of silicon. This results in the rainbow spectrum of different colors.

2. Clarity and Lustre

Opals are not known popularly for their clarity. They are actually quite clouded and opaque stones, but this makes their iridescence stand out even more perfectly. There are, albeit, some grades and variants of opal that are colorless. In most cases, you will even find them heavily streaked too. They are absolutely not known for any kind of crystalline quality, either.

3. Cut and Hardness

It is merely known to be quite soft as stones, opals only rank 5.5-6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This soft and breakable nature is the prime reason why you would not note any kind of faceting on the stone. This is why most opal stones in jewelry designs are seen in smooth cabochon shapes. Available in several different sizes and shapes, these cabochons find their perfect spot in even the most detailed designs. Opals are stones available in a whole myriad of cuts and sizes, which makes them ideal not only for the center spot but also as a colorful accent.

2.95ct aust black opal3d

FAQ About Opal Stone

Q1. What is fire opal?

Ans: Fire Opal is a variety of Opal with Play of Color effect on the surface. Fire is a kind of Optical Phenomenon on the surface of the stone. Fire-Opal offers better results than plain white opal. Fire signifies the energy or power in the stone.

Q2. What is the best opal for astrological results?

Ans: Australian Fire Opal is best for the astrological results. The stone should have more and more Fire for early and better results.

Q3. What is Australian Fire Opal Price?

Ans: Australian Fire Opal price starts at $500 – $1000. The price depends on the Finish, Size, and Fire in the stone.

Q4. Do we need to worn Opal in Silver or Gold?

Ans: Opal should be worn in Silver or any other white metal as per the Astrological process.

Q5. In which finger do we need to worn Opal stone?

Ans: Opal Stone should be worn in the Index finger as per Astrology. Sometimes, it is also worn in the Middle finger also.

Q6. Is Ethiopian Opal good for Astrological purpose?

Ans: Ethiopian Opal is not a good choice for Astrological purpose. It is less durable, not suitable for regular use as well. Australian Opal is best for the benefits.

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