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Buyer’s Guide to Champagne Diamond

What are Champagne Diamonds? A Champagne Diamond is a type of diamond that has a pale yellow or brownish color. This type of diamond gets its name from the fact

SI2 clarity grade in diamonds

What is SI2 clarity grade in diamonds SI2 clarity grade is a classification used to describe the clarity of diamonds. Diamonds are graded on a scale from Flawless (FL) to


The Fascinating World of Diamond Cuts: Baguette Diamonds

Introduction Baguette diamonds are a popular and timeless choice for fine jewelry. These elongated, rectangular diamonds have a sleek and sophisticated appearance, making them a perfect choice for a wide

Princess Cut diamond

The Princess Cut Diamond: A Comprehensive Guide

A Princess Cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. It gets its name from its square shape and pointed corners, which are similar to


A Complete Guide to Various Chakra Necklaces

If you are looking for a chakra necklace, then you must first know all about chakras; what they are, what their benefits are, etc. The most widespread misunderstanding about Chakras

Freshwater Pearls

4 things that make freshwater pearls more special

Freshwater pearls are now grown in China’s vast freshwater ponds and lakes. Small, family-owned farms and collectives are the basic norm. But, there are a few bigger “corporate” farms in

Marcasite jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry: 4 things you must know about them

Let’s read about Marcasite Jewelry? Most jewelry collectors nowadays go above and beyond to find genuine, one-of-a-kind gems. As a result, unique gemstones are becoming prominent in jewelry design. Marcasite


A Complete Guide to Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Don’t be put off by the clinical name; hypoallergenic jewelry is simply jewelry designed to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction. This name specifically refers to the materials that

70s jewelry

What were the 70s jewelry trends?

  What do you think, most of the jewlery style of today’s era, has been taken from the early times(70s jewelry) ? If you think so, then you are absolutely

orbital piercing

A Complete Guide to Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Orbital piercing jewelry is the trend you don’t want to miss. If you’re considering having a new piercing, an orbital piercing could be ideal. This ear piercing is all the