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4 Princess-Cut Halo Engagement Rings You Must See Right Now

If you’re seeking a ring that radiates elegance and glitter, this could be a perfect choice. A princess-cut halo engagement ring has all eyes on it. With a range of stunning rings in the market today, you might feel perplexed while choosing.

Since selecting can be quite a task, we’re here to help you with that.

What exactly is a princess cut?

A princess-cut diamond is a square-cut stone with pointed corners and a pyramid base. While the round brilliant cut is the most popular, the princess cut retains the spark. It makes round brilliants alluring while sporting a classic and modern geometric form.

Princess-Cut vs Brilliant Cut

The Princess Cut diamond is a dazzling stone, and when combined with a halo, it creates a lasting impression. With tonnes of sparkles, it brings elegance to the game.

The halo will make the stone appear larger since it adds shine and size to the centerpiece. Hence, making the woman wearing it joyous.

What is a halo and why it goes best with princess cut?

A halo setting is a ring of tiny accent stones, often pavé diamonds, that surround a larger center stone. Halo settings can be the same or different shape as the central stone. For instance, a cushion-cut halo encircling a round diamond.


Princess cut diamonds are one of the most costly diamond shapes because the angles must be carefully calculated and cut. So, if you have to pick a tiny diamond to keep within your budget, adding a halo is a great method to make it appear larger.

A halo setting may make the center stone appear up to one-half carat larger, which can save hundreds of dollars. If you like extra dazzle, a halo can be added to a ring.

So, a princess-cut halo engagement ring is sure to do the job.

How to select the perfect princess-cut halo engagement ring?

There are a bunch of factors you need to look at before you pick up that ring. You’ll find plenty of styles and designs that charm you but some things you must not ignore. Before you pick that right princess-cut halo engagement ring, do pay attention to the little things.

Consider the Diamond

Consider the length-to-width ratio of the diamond for the most refined look. The ratio must be more than 1.05:1 to be dubbed a square princess cut.

Rectangular princess cuts can have a variety of ratios, although they are often no more than 1.25:1. A princess-cut stone’s appeal is symmetry other than style. Faceting should match on both sides of its midway. It should be both vertical and horizontal, as viewed from above.

The significance of symmetry extends below the girdle as well. When a princess cut diamond rests face down, the form of each side should be identical to the other side.

Setting Style

Princess cut diamonds are set as beautiful solitaires to highlight their captivating brilliance. Side stones with sharp, angular lines, like triangles, can enhance the appearance. This cut works well in a variety of settings. But its straight outlines appear to be a natural fit for modern diamond engagement rings.

These rings are a favorite of many, from celebrities to monarchs. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is worn all over the world. The beautiful part about them is that any shape or size of the center stone is highlighted in a halo-style band. So one does not have to worry about the stone shape or the appearance of the ring.

Princess-Cut Halo Engagement Rings In All Their Glory

Following are a few styles we adore, and you might too. With a touch of grace and glamour, a princess cut halo engagement ring is a stunner. No doubt it would look ravishing on that finger once you don it.

1. 18K W/G Princess-Cut Halo Engagement (Diamond) Ring

princess-cut halo engagement ring
Princess-Cut Halo Engagement Ring

This one-of-a-kind engagement ring is crafted in 18K White Gold by JeanPierreJewelers. It features a princess-cut diamond center stone, a pave halo, and baguette side stones. Absolutely beautiful shimmer with a sparkling style.

2. Princess Cut Halo Engagement Rings (Diamond) with Black Diamond in 14K Rose Gold


The Vintage diamond engagement ring has a magnificent princess cut diamond in the center. Its surrounded by a classic sequence of scintillating round cut diamonds that make a lovely halo design. On all three sides of the milgrain engagement ring, small accent stones are expertly fitted in a pave setting.

3. Princess-Cut Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold


This princess-cut cluster Halo diamond engagement ring is made with 14K white gold. Four beautiful princess-cut diamonds form the diamond ring. Two cushion-shaped halos and a diamond-encrusted ring take elegance to the next level. Dare to have it all with time-honored quality and cutting-edge design.

4. Open Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


There’s something about this ring that draws people in. This ring stands out with a halo as sharp as the edges of the main stone and a stunning open design. A woman will surely appreciate how this setting reimagines traditional aspects. Including the split shank setting, with a modern twist.

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Wrapping Up The Cuts

These ethereal-looking rings can steal anyone’s heart. Princess-cut halo rings are magnificent stones that symbolize romance. They feature a unique edge while preserving a dazzling and traditional appearance. It’s even great with a halo.

So it’s time to choose your ring, put it on and flash it in the most exquisite way possible.

What is a 1-carat princess cut diamond worth?

A princess-cut halo engagement ring can cost anywhere from $ 3500 and $ 5,500, depending on the cut, color, and clarity of the princess diamonds.

What are the advantages of a princess cut diamond?

One of the benefits of a princess cut diamond is that any existing imperfections are less evident due to the particular cutting and polishing procedures employed. While the princess cut conceals inclusions, it also accentuates the color.

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