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Marcasite jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry: 4 things you must know about them

Let’s read about Marcasite Jewelry? Most jewelry collectors nowadays go above and beyond to find genuine, one-of-a-kind gems. As a result, unique gemstones are becoming prominent in jewelry design. Marcasite jewelry is one of the most popular types of non-traditional jewelry. It’s so in that it’s now worn by celebrities and fashion trendsetters. If you like interesting jewelry, you’ve probably heard about Marcasite. And now that it’s available, you’ll want to understand more about it so you can appreciate its worth.

Marcasite has been used as a decorative metal since ancient civilizations. But still, many jewelry lovers are unaware of this wonderful metal that produces gorgeous jewelry.

What is Marcasite Jewelry?

The mineral iron sulfide, often known as marcasite, is mined all over the world. Since real marcasite breaks into dust and is fragile, most gems labeled marcasite used in jewelry are iron pyrite.

Iron sulfide and iron pyrite have the same chemical makeup, but they crystallize. Iron pyrite is known as “fool’s gold”. Many gold miners felt they had struck it rich when they came across iron pyrite with brassy streaks in the past.

Marcasite has a metallic sheen and is a pale yellow to practically white in color. Marcasite is more difficult to cut and is lighter and brittle than pyrite. In comparison to marcasite, pyrite is also abundant. Several jewelers have turned to pyrite for counterfeit marcasite jewelry. This makes manufacturing easier and keeps costs down. The extra expense of genuine marcasite is surely worth it since it’s a popular choice for heirlooms. It has also been prized for its beauty since the Incas and Ancient Greeks. Cleopatra was also spotted wearing marcasite stones.

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What is the History of Marcasite Jewelry?

Marcasite has a long and illustrious history. Iron pyrite jewelry has been unearthed at Incan burial sites in Peru, and it was also used by ancient Greeks. In addition, Marcasite was widely used as lockets, brooches, and cameos throughout the 18th century.

During the Victorian era, this gem was very popular and frequently utilized. Following her husband’s death, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom opted to dress in black and wear jewelry symbolic of widowhood, which she did until her death decades later.

Her followers followed her lead for many years, wearing dismal attire and accessories in dark and subdued tones. The deeper colors of iron pyrite made it perfect for this sort of jewelry, and its low price made it a popular choice.

The term “fools gold” comes from its brassy golden color, which is sometimes mistaken for gold. Pyrite is comparable to marcasite, but it is less brittle and more stable. It differs from gold in that it is lighter and stronger, and, as a result, it is more resistant to scratches and marks. As a result, marcasite jewelry lasts a long time and makes great mementos. 

Marcasite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extremely similar to Pyrite in terms of color and characteristics, although it is more difficult to mold. Because of its softer nature and proclivity for crumbling into dust, it is inappropriate for use in jewelry due to its fragile crystal structure. The most common setting for marcasite is sterling silver.

 Marcasite Jewelry?

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What are the benefits of Marcasite jewelry?

It’s a gold-like sheen

Marcasite jewelry has a gold-like shine, making it a popular option for those who want the look of gold but can’t afford it. It’s an excellent option for anybody who appreciates classic and exquisite jewelry but does not have the financial means to invest in valuable jewels such as gold or diamonds.

Great combination

When marcasite is mixed with sterling silver, it creates a beautiful combination that is quite popular among jewelry enthusiasts. Other white metals, such as stainless steel, can also be used well.

It’s a unique appearance

Marcasite jewelry is distinguished by its gold-like look and elegance. It is magnificent jewelry that will pique the interest of any jewelry enthusiast. If you enjoy wearing unique accessories, it’s time to have a look at this gorgeous jewelry. Marcasite is a favorite among most fashionistas because of its retro appearance.

It’s easy to maintain

Instead of clasps, marcasite is attached to the metal with a specific type of cement. The only thing you need to be careful of is getting your piece wet because the stone may fall out. You should also avoid using chemicals to clean your jewelry, instead of wiping it down with a soft cloth.

While marcasite’s popularity never faded completely, it did see a comeback in the 18th and 19th centuries. Marcasite was most often cut into little stones and put with sterling silver. Marcasite was very popular throughout the Gilded Age, and it was frequently paired with a big pearl, diamonds, or striking gemstones such as emerald, ruby, colored sapphire, and more.

Nature-inspired brooches or pendants, such as leaves, flowers, butterflies, and bees, are popular vintage marcasite jewelry designs from the Art Nouveau period.

How can you clean your Marcasite jewelry?

Use toothpaste

You may clean your marcasite jewelry in a variety of ways using materials that you can purchase at home. For example, apply toothpaste on the toothbrush in the same way as you would before cleaning your teeth, and then wipe the dirt off the jewelry. 

Toothpaste includes chloride and other chemicals that are good at cleaning without fading the jewelry’s natural color. With a soft, wet towel, gently clean the marcasite jewelry. 

Avoid using hot water, as well as soaps, detergents, silver baths, and other chemicals. This sort of jewelry is delicate, and if a hash object or too much acid is applied, it might damage it rather than restore it.

Use baking soda

Make a paste with baking soda and water, then gently massage a little quantity onto your tarnished jewelry using your fingertips. Rub your fingertips in a circular motion on the jewelry’s surface. Then clean it with regular water to observe whether the jewelry has changed. It brightens and returns to its natural hue.

Use vinegar

Please keep in mind that cleaning Marcasite Jewelry is essential for preventing misting during normal use. If you let a lot of dirt collect and then try to clear it all at once, your job becomes more difficult.

Soak your Marcasite jewelry in a solution of 5-6 teaspoons of vinegar and water. After a few hours, you’ll see that dirt is accumulating beneath the container. Make sure the pan has enough water to thoroughly cover the jewelry items. Finally, dry the jewelry by wiping it with a soft towel and laying it in the air until it is totally dry.

Use a silver cleaning cloth

You may get an ultra-thin silver cleaning cloth at your local supermarket. Use it to simply shine up your Marcasite jewelry without affecting its original character. Although these garments are designed for silver jewelry, they may also be used with Marcasite jewelry. To clean the dirt and grease that is sitting on your jewelry, use this towel. This is the quickest and easiest way to clean your jewelry without making a mess.

Wrapping Up

Marcasite is still used as an accent stone in sterling silver settings today. Black gemstones are popular because the contrast between black and silvery-white is elegant. Pearls are frequently used with marcasite in a variety of colors. From brilliant white or cream to pastel pinks. From antiqued hues, or deeper burgundy, green, and other colors.

Unlike precious jewelry, which may be easily assessed in terms of value, Marcasite is difficult to measure. You could find it difficult to determine the worth of the amount you wish to pay. 

It’s also tough to discover a lot of information on this type of jewelry, which makes buying a challenge. Steel replicas of these stones are also available on the market, but thankfully, a magnetic test can identify the real stone. 

While steel is magnetic, marcasite is not, and you may use this to determine whether or not a piece of jewelry is genuine.

How can you tell real marcasite?

The first step is to take a quick look at the back. A good indication is a stamp on the silver base set. You’re on the lookout for a “925” stamp. Old Marcasite pieces have diamond-like settings, whilst newer or less expensive bits are cemented in.

What is the difference between pyrite and marcasite?

The most significant distinction between pyrite and marcasite is their stability in the near-surface and surface environments. Marcasite is a lot more reactive than pyrite, and it changes a lot faster.

Are hematite and marcasite the same?

The mineral with a greater density is hematite. Marcasite is lighter-colored iron pyrite that is frequently referred to as “white iron pyrite.” Marcasite can take on a greenish tinge or develop multi-colored oxidation as a result of oxidation.

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