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Ruby Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide to Buy

Looking for Ruby Engagement Rings to glow up your wedding? here is all you need to know. Rubies aren’t the first stone that comes to mind when considering an engagement ring, but they have a long history of representing affection, bravery, passion, and security. Rubies are about as distinguished as stones come, and were once the stones of ancient kings and queens, making a ruby engagement ring a completely regal option. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like royalty when they look down at their hand? Ruby engagement rings are completely in line with the untraditional ring styles modern brides crave—from unusual environments to trendy shapes, and, of course, gemstones—in terms of looking new and modern.

Rubies are much more versatile than other gemstones, even though most precious gems are much softer than diamonds, which are the most durable (hence their dominance in the engagement ring market). In terms of hardness, they are second only to diamonds, and their colour ranges from vivid cherry-red to dark reddish-brown. Blood-red rubies with blue and purple undertones (also known as Burmese and pigeon’s blood rubies) are the most common. All look great with yellow and rose gold settings, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to them. This blazing gemstone looks great in a variety of platinum and white mountings.

Although diamonds had ruled the world of the engagement, in the 17th and 18th centuries the diamond paired the ruby to symbolize eternity and love. The rich became a hot commodity with this contrast between the stems. Hindus also considered the ruby highly by separating it into castes; they were classified in terms of beauty, quality and colour into the upper, middle and lower classes. A lower rube, in fear of contamination, could not touch even an upper rube.

Meaning of Ruby Gemstone

The ruby is a bright, deep red stone with an extraordinary and symbolic significance over the years. Over the ages the ruby has been nobility, cleanliness and passion. Rubies have been appreciated by cultures around the world from the ancient times to the modern times.

1. Spiritual Meaning

The ruby is known as a protective stone that can contribute to the life of the wearer. This is why apart from its red colour, the ruby gives a loved one or on occasions like Valentine’s day or anniversary a perfect gift. Since the ruby tone is closely associated with the color of blood, which carries oxygen through all parts of the body, the gemstone is also a source of vitality and vigour. It is also thought that the ruby protects the wearer against negative entities that leak positive energy and foster spiritual vitality and wellness.

The ruby is a romantic love that has long been representative. In a romantic relationship it is said to inspire devotion and faithfulness. In fact, the ruby was called “dearly loves stone” by French jewelers in the 1800s. The fiery red color and sparkle can inspire sensuality in the wearer.

2. Emotional Meaning

The Ruby is a lovely, versatile stone for everyone, aside from romantic connotations. Self-care in the wearer should be encouraged and trust should be fostered in all aspects of life. The ruby is often called anxiety and doubts are reduced. The ruby is a gemstone that encourages the wearer to live completely and to embrace anything.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Types of Ruby Engagement Rings

1. Angara Pear Ruby Ring With Diamond Halo

This Burmese ruby, set in a three-stone setting, is nothing short of stunning. We love how an 18K gold band is combined with a gold claw setting to create a stunning look.

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Credits:- ATTA GEMS Store

2. Barbela Ruby Stellan Ring

Who says a ruby has to be large and flashy? With a single ruby and two diamonds off to either side, this ring is dainty but packs a beautiful punch.

3. Bario Neal Custom Diamond and Ruby Cluster Ring

Rubies have a lot of potential for experimenting with shapes and colors. This stunning cluster ring features a bold ruby, pink sapphires, and champagne diamonds for a one-of-a-kind look.

4. Berganza Pigeon Blood Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

What a powerful way to make a point! This dark red ruby is surrounded by two trapezium diamonds and held together by a stunning platinum claw setting.

5. Jane Taylor Cirque One-of-a-Kind Large Cloud Swing Ring With Ruby

Who says that in your ring you can only have one ruby? This one-of-a-kind design defies all expectations in the best possible way. This rose gold ring is absolutely stunning, with one large center ruby surrounded by multiple mixed cut rubies.

6. Harry Winston Classic Winston Cushion-Cut Ruby Ring

Mixing metals, particularly when it comes to a claw setting, is something special. Gold contributes to the beautiful design of this stunning ruby cushion.

7. Jane Taylor Cirque One-of-a-Kind Large Cloud Swing Ring With Ruby

Who says that in your ring you can only have one ruby? This unique design is the best way to break all the rules. This rose gold ring is absolutely amazing, with a large ruby center and multiple mixed rubies.

8. Lori McLean East-West Double-Banded Ruby Ring

An East-West ring can be such a special alternative, but a wonderful ruby takes it to an entirely new level. We love the gold double band with an oval-cut ruby that looks unique and customized.

9. Van Cleef & Arpels Motifs Pétales Cushion-Cut Ruby Ring

We like the way two pear-shaped diamonds in this design are placed on either side of a brilliant ruby. The classic and elegant setting of three stones.

10. Selin Kent Defne Ruby Ring

Make a pronunciation with a stone of unique form. This compensation is possible. Ruby with a special marquese cut, 4-carat stands out truly. This setting has an audacious design, paired with rose gold.

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