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Silver Ring

Silver Ring | How to Save and Care?

Silver rings are the most awaited rings or even just some out-of-the-box rings for your special girl. Well, choosing the right one can be quite difficult. You would need to consider a lot of things and should be careful in choosing the type and design as well. It can be quite time-consuming, especially for men who are not really into the details and designs.

So, here is what we recommend you keep in mind when buying a silver ring:

1. Set Your Budget and Keep it in Mind

Of course, this is one big significant factor in choosing the silver rings. It will always vary from one store to another, from one design to another, or even from one brand or retailer to another. If you would like to be a little extra and treat your girl to aesthetically pleasing silver rings, then you should better prepare for that. If you would also like to have it personalized by engraving some characters into it, that’s another factor impacting your budget, depending on the design.

2. Start Searching As Early As Possible

If you want to receive a product by a specific date, start searching early so that you can have plenty of time to compare the designs, prices, and quality. Also, if you want it customized, then allow more time for completion and creation.

3. Consider her taste and style

Choose rings that will complement her lifestyle. Simple ring designs are easy to wear and match with any outfit and will never go out of fashion.

4. Choose the Right Size

Make sure that you know his or her ring size before placing the order.

Choosing the perfect rings for your special one can be difficult, but by keeping all these things in mind, it will be a whole lot easier. There is nothing better than seeing that smile on their face upon opening that tiny box and seeing the ring which you chose for them.

 Silver Ring

How to Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewellery

cleaning ring

1. Wear Your Jewellery Often

Yes, this is the first thing you have to remember if you want to keep your sterling silver ring in mint condition. Your skin’s natural oils will keep the ring shining and prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. This also prevents tarnishing, which is a great problem with sterling silver pieces.

2. Remove When Using Harsh Detergents

Most of the people who wear rings forget to remove them when doing their chores. Over time, your ring will feel like a natural part of your finger. Moreover, this poses a big risk because you will expose the metal to very hard detergents and some other harmful materials.

The best way to maintain your sterling ring in the perfect shape is to remove it when using harsh detergents. Sterling silver is indeed durable, but exposure to bleach and some other harsh products will have a negative impact. Your ring will tarnish and lose its glamor.

3. Always Wear Your Ring Last

If you normally remove your ring before sleeping, then it is natural to wear it first thing in the morning. Moreover, this exposes it to the different chemicals in your lotions and some other cosmetics. The position of the ring in your finger leaves it exposed to these harmful products. It is thus highly advisable to wear your sterling silver ring last.

4. Clean Your Sterling Silver Regularly

If you want to keep your sterling silver ring gleaming, then you have to learn how to clean it at home. You should avoid using bleaches or some other harsh detergents to clean your silver jewelry, as this can damage the surface.

Instead, use water and soap or baking soda. If your ring is heavily tarnished, then use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. After cleaning the ring, use a soft polishing cloth to wipe off the solutions.

5. Ensure Proper Storage

Use an airtight storage option. You can buy a specialty jewelry bag or a Ziplock bag to store your ring safely. Place the storage container in a cool dark place away from the direct sunlight.

It is essential to store pieces individually to avoid scratches. You should avoid using paper, cardboard, or the cotton filled boxes for your sterling silver ring. They can have sulfur traces leading to tarnishing.

Silver Ring2

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to care for your rings the best, it’s time to make them shine.

Never let them shed their glimmer.

With these tricks, you will surely have silver rings that are clean, dirt-free, and perfect!


How do I know if my jewelry is made of sterling silver?

To check and verify if a ring is made from sterling silver is to check its hallmark.
In the US, any retailer selling an item of jewelry above 1 gram in weight and calling it sterling silver must need to have it hallmarked as such by a US Hallmark office.

Which silver is suitable for rings?

Sterling Silver ( also called 925 silver) is very much suitable for rings. 925 means it contains 92.5 % of pure silver and 7.5 % of metal alloys( commonly used is copper). Metal alloys are added to increase the strength of pure silver, which is quite soft alone.
Sterling silver rings last forever if taken care of properly. Otherwise, if not, they will last for about 25-30 years.

Which is the best silver or sterling silver?

Both the silver has their own importance. If you are buying silver for investment purposes, then buying sterling silver is not a good idea. You should go for Bullion silver which is available in the form of a coin/bar at any good jewelry shop.
But if you are buying silver to make jewelry, then you must go for sterling silver. Sterling silver is harder and cheaper than bullion silver which makes it a perfect fit for your jewelry.

Is sterling silver suitable for engagement rings?

Sterling silver is not ideal for jewelry that requires continuous daily wear and is intended to last a lifetime, such as wedding bands and engagement rings. It is one of the softest precious metals which is available and bends out of shape and damages more easily than white gold or platinum.
Silver also has the highest conductivity for electricity and heat. Moreover, for anyone who works in a profession involving electricity or handling hot items, silver is not a good metal to choose for an engagement ring or wedding band.

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