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Top 10 Wire Earrings

Wire earrings are unique kind of earrings, if you don’t about them, we will acquaint you with it. This type of earring is a bow of wire which is tied to an earring which is then worn on pierced ear. It is generally made up of precious metal. It is also made up of hypoallergenic surgical steel which makes then allergy free. They look beautiful and can be worn on any dress and on any occasion. So if you plan to buy them don’t have second thoughts about them

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Pair of 9 Wire Earrings Credits:- Amazon

1. Leverback Ear Wires Earwire

These are made up of sterling silver plated brass in which brass provides good formability. It is of high workability. These are durable wire earrings, with good corrosion resistance when compared to other metal allow. What could be better than getting 25 pairs of these beautiful wire earrings? You can choose any, or any occasion and still you would be left with so many to again choose from.

These are rated to be of high quality and with good strength which cannot be break easily. They are made of hypoallergenic that Is why you can wear them without any worry about getting an allergy. These are also light weighted and not much heavy giving you a comfortable experience

2. Hosaire Dangle Earrings 

These are beautiful earrings. A small cube in the center gives it a cute and beautiful look. The stone in the center is sparkly. Crystal inside is really gorgeous. They are lightweight and are a perfect choice if you are looking for some lightweight wire earrings to be worn on the dress as you prefer. IF you are looking for some cute fashion jewelry then it is the perfect buy. These will be a great gift to be presented on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and engagements.

3. Silver with Gold Wire Earrings

These are a pair of handmade earrings, with a toned silver teardrop. As can be seen, it wised with Gold, giving it a more unique and beautiful look. A blend oh Boho is used in this design which makes it glorifying. As they are handcrafted, it is made very carefully and with delicacy. They are lightweight and are comfortable to wear, on any occasion.

4. Pearl Dangle Wire Earrings

These are Bariell’s Classic Pearl wire earrings, specially designed for wedding occasions. These are beautiful Soft Ivory Cream pearl earrings that are fit to be worn on any occasion with beautiful elegant dresses. It is fastened in French wire hook with macro pave, giving it a classy yet so shiny look. They have genuine pearls with a lustrous glow giving you an eye-catchy look.

5. 4 Pairs Bohemian Dangle Wire Earrings

In this set you get 4 pairs of beautiful bohemian. All metals used in the earrings and carefully plated. They are burnished to give them a more realistic look and texture. These are handmade earrings with so perfection that their beauty will compel you to. All 4 are in different shapes, designs, and styles which you can choose to wear on different occasion. If you wear them you will not be able to save yourself from getting compliments as they are eye catchy and steals the show wherever you go.

They are not heavy but light-weighted giving your ears a more comfortable experience for a longer stretch. This amazing jewelry comes with a velvet bag, which makes it perfect and presentable, to be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and achievements.

6. 25 Pairs Leaf Wire Earrings 

25 pairs? Is it a dream or reality? No, it’s a dream, and you can get these 25 pairs at a reasonable price. These are beautiful earrings with leaf shapes. They are available in different beautiful and sparkly colors and textures. In this set, you get different types such as Leaf dangle earrings, Faux Leather earrings, Glitter Earrings, Hollow out earrings, and straight earrings. These are the perfect set to choose from when you are planning to go on special occasions wearing your beautiful dress. These are hand made earrings, made with stainless steel hook. It is Nickle-free and made up of non-toxic material which protects you from allergy. These are durable making them worth buying.

7. French Hook Earwires

This beautiful black Teardrop sterling solver Filigree with flower Bail is a must to buy. It has a polished sterling silver with a shiny finish. The stones attached are also given smooth polishing and steal the show with their sparkly look. These are fit to wear on any dress or even jeans and top. These are perfect for any formal or casual occasion, where you can wear them and flaunt their beauty. Their length is just perfect neither too long nor too short.

8. Double Elongated Wire Earrings

These are perfectly designed Drop earrings made of twisted French-wire teardrops. These are classy and can be wear on different occasions. They have a unique design, hence if you are planning to appear on any occasion just wear them and the plan is done. They can be presented as a gift to sisters, friends, spouses, or mothers. Women like these classy type of earrings to wear on simple and elegant dresses. The elongated design gives them a more appealing look and making it more visible even from far. After wearing this be prepared to get many compliments.

9. Flower Rectangle Wire Earrings

With a beautiful blend of colors, these rectangle floral wire earrings will just steal your heart. They are beautiful light catchers, they will get many compliments for you. These are perfect to be worn at a wedding in beautiful attire. They are gorgeous which gives you a sparkly and shiny look.

10. 9 Pairs Faux Druz Wire Earrings

In this set, you get 9 pairs of earrings in different colors and with a sparkly design. These are of high quality, that you can wear every day interchangeably. Their main part is made up of stainless steel., designed with a smooth and glittery surface. It is not easily breakable and is not easily faded. You will get different colors to wear on different dresses. Colors that are available are:- silvery, white, pink, grey, yellow, dark blue, light blue, purple and black, look vivid and bright, easily match with your different styles of shoes and clothes

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