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Know About Huggie Earrings

Huggie Earrings is one of the cute types of fashion earrings, that are in trend. These are Beautiful Earrings that are fit to be worn on any occasion and any dress. The style is in the Fad and these are highly in demand. They are difficult to lose and difficult worth paying for earrings. Due to their increased demands, jewellers are launching unique styles, size and shapes of Huggie earrings to make various types available for the customers. These are gorgeous Huggie earrings, which are must buy to move with the trend of fashion.

Huggies Earrings
The Handan Huggie Earrings Credits:- Bluestone

What are the Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings, are designed in the hoop style but there in their mini form. These are little hoops earrings, that look like hugging the earlobes thus named Huggie earrings. They are close to earlobes. Hoops are thin and the Huggie earrings are thicker, making them more visible. They are a lever back type of earrings where the curved back is simply clicked into the place, which locks it.

These are great and comfortable earrings, as they don’t have earring backs, which makes saves your efforts in protecting the ears back and also saves you from losing your favorite earrings. These are not lost easily and are so durable. Like other earrings that may hurt you while you are over the phone, these Huggie earrings are really painless in every sense. You can press the phone tightly over your ears but if you are wearing these then you need not worry about discomfort.

Latest trends in Huggie earrings

With an increase in the demand for the Huggie earrings, Jewelry brought various styles and designs in this type. Huggie earrings are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. So according to the occasion and dress you are planning to wear it on, you can choose the best one among the ample of choice presented to you. The latest trends in Huggie earrings are the chain type. Where Huggie earrings are attached to a long chain giving it an elegant look. Trending huggie Earrings are given below, you can buy any of them to look at your best.

What occasions are best for wearing Huggie earrings

Huggie Earrings can be worn on any occasion on any attire. You can prefer wearing these on elegant dresses with the bun hairstyle. Few Huggie earrings like Diamond Huggie earrings look good on black color dresses, as with contrast colors, it outshines the entire outfit. These Huggie earrings can also be worn on jeans and tops. They also blend perfectly on wedding attires, if you are planning to wear them at engagement and wedding events. You can prefer wearing the type of Huggie earring depending upon the occasion and type of dress you are wearing.

Popular earring designs in Huggie earrings

Popular earrings designed that you can find in the markets are:-

#1 Simple Solid Gold Huggie Earrings
These are simple gold mini Huggie earrings. They look so simple yet elegant on attires. You can buy your preferred type. They come in various sizes and types. If you are looking for thick gold Huggie hoops you can find them in any store. You also get them in thin variant style.

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#2 Delicate Pearl Huggie Earrings
Pearl is the favourite gemstone for many women. It is also a birthstone for people born in June. Delicate pearl Huggie earrings is one of the most beautiful jewelry that you get to wear. They have pearl charm that, adds stars to your attire. These will be a perfect choice, to be worn by a person born in June, along with beauty it will also bring good fortune in your life.


#3 Huggie Chain Earrings
If you are looking for sparkly and shiny Huggies earrings then these are the perfect set of earrings to buy. They have a chain attached to them which gives them a unique design, these are in trends and are highly demanded by today’s women. If you are looking for Huggie Earrings, but the ones who have more visibility, these are the one for you then. They are lightweight and gives you the perfect look. Can be worn on any occasion and on any attire. You also need not worry about losing them because Huggie earrings don’t have earrings back, instead, they have a locking system.

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#4 Badlock Charm Huggie Earrings
These unique black colors Huggie Earrings, are all that you need in the collection of your earrings jewelry. These are simple hoop which is made in the design of padlock. They are gorgeous Huggie earrings that are comfortable to wear. You can wear it for a longer stretch. They look beautiful in each and every dress. They can be show-stealing jewelry on special occasions.

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#5 Good luck Huggie Earrings
These Cruz Huggie earrings are believed to bring a good look along with beauty. They are made in sterling silver, with a thick gold layer. The inner gemstone gives you the sparkly and shinning look that you are longing for.

Lily Rain Hamsa Huggie Earrings 065308 Gold

#6 Heart Huggie Earrings

It is an 18k White gold plated Huggie earrings, specially made for sensitive Ear. It is Nickel and Leads free. You can wear this, on any occasion, They have heart designed, which makes a perfect gift to be presented to your spouse or fiance, on special occasions

huggie earring

From Where to Purchase?


Amazon will be the right destination for you if you are looking for chain Huggie Earrings.  You also get not only one pair of Huggie earrings, but you get the option for buying a set of 4 pairs, 7 Pairs, 20 pairs, and many more options to buy from. You get beautiful options like- Padlock Charm Huggie Earrings, Kate spade Huggie Earrings, A to Z Alphabet Huggie Earrings. Amazon is the one-stop-shop for buying these beautiful Huggie Earrings. You can add different types of Huggie Earrings to your fashion jewelry. Along with a single pair, you also get many pair in one set that you can wear interchangeably.

  1. Simple Earrings

2. Delicate Pearl Huggie Earrings

3. Huggie Chain Earrings

4. Badlock Charm Huggie Earrings

5. Good luck Huggie Earrings

6 Heart Huggie Earrings

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