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Turquoise Stone

What are the benefits and different kinds of Turquoise Stone?

If you are interested in one of the most popular and oldest gemstones of all time, turquoise stone might just be the perfect pick for you. Turquoise stone, unique and beautiful, has been used for ornamental purposes in jewelry and some other decorations for many thousands of years. Keep reading to check out the meaning, benefits, and kind of Turquoise stone.

What is Turquoise Stone?

First off, let’s talk about what Turquoise stone actually is. This is a mineral that is formed from a combination of copper and aluminium. It occurs with tons of varying properties. The most common, as well as the most sought after color of turquoise is a bright robin egg’ blue color. This is a color that most people think of when they hear Turquoise. Moreover, it does come in other pretty shades as well. Turquoise can be varying shades of blue-green, blue, yellow-green, and even green. It is also very opaque.

Benefits of Turquoise Stone

Turquoise has a long been thought to have many different benefits to health and well-being. It is a healing stone that has been used amongst different cultures to heal various ailments, both the mental and physical. Native Americans, most of the time, considered it to be a sacred stone and it was a common choice used to heal the ill. They believed that it could actually open up a connection between the Earthy world and the heavens above. It is even supposed to promote the positive flows of energy. This is said to help increase the flow of love and promote strong and prompt haling.

Physical Healing

While it is believed that Turquoise is strong enough to help with the healing throughout the entire body, there are a few areas where it is supposed to be especially useful. The respiratory system, immune system, and skeletal system are some of the examples that Turquoise stone can be specifically beneficial to. You will often find that it is used to help with the treatment of things like dental issues, asthma, and blood pressure.

Mental Healing

The highly capable stone is able to do much more than physical healing. It also has a myriad of different mental benefits. This is a stone of self-realization. It benefits you in many mental areas that all come together to help you be more self-aware by promoting a sense of calm and confidence within you.

The turquoise stone helps you to enhance your natural empathy, sensitivity, and creativity. It is supposed to help you become more positive, creative, and thoughtful. This also helps you to be more aware of yourself as well as those around you.

Moreover, it is also considered to be a stone of communication. It helps to tear down barriers around you and those around you to encourage better and clearer communication within your life. This improved communication, along with the other benefits listed above, help to drastically improve friendships and some other various relationships within your life.

It also gives you more confidence in general. It is often suggested for those having trouble with things like public speaking because of its trait.

Different Kinds of Turquoise Stones


Natural turquoise stones are simply taken from the mine as they are, cut into shapes, polished, and set into jewelry. They even contain no additives or treatment and are usually of gem quality. According to the Ingram, natural turquoise stones make up less than 2% of the turquoise on the market. The colors of the natural turquoise deepen and grow richer with age as the porous stone absorbs oils from the wearer.


It is a turquoise that will not hold a luster or shine on its own. As mined, the stone is sometimes called as chalk or soft turquoise, and it is treated or stabilized by the infusion of a colorless epoxy resin. Turquoise is a naturally porous stone, and the pressurized resin fills the pores, which makes the stone-hard. After hardening, the stone color depends, and it will hold a luster. The stabilized form makes up most of the turquoise on the market. The stabilized stone colors do not change with age like the natural stone, since pores in the stone are filled with the resin. Although it looks very good and makes handsome jewelry, it should be priced less than the natural turquoise.

Treated or Color-Treated

Treated turquoise also begins as soft or the chalk turquoise, but instead of being treated with a colorless epoxy resin, the resin is dyed to add the colors to the stone. The colors produced in this way are highly vivid but have an unnatural look. Stones produced with these techniques are sometimes called by the name as color stabilized or color-treated.


Reconstituted turquoise is made from the low-grade chalk turquoise that has been ground into a powder, mixed with the epoxy and dyes, and compressed with a solid form. The solid cakes are then cut into the mounted and shapes. They resemble some of the natural turquoise to a degree but should be sold at even lower prices than treated turquoise.

Imitation or Simulated

Simulated turquoise stones contain no turquoise. It is made either from other dyed porous stones or entirely from the plastic. This form of turquoise is costume jewelry and should be priced accordingly.

Q1: What does turquoise mean spiritually?

Ans: The color turquoise is associated with meanings of feminine, wisdom, serenity, patience, intuition, loyalty, patience, energy, wholeness, emotional balance, grounding, love, and joy.

Q2: Can Turquoise be worn by anyone?

Ans: In Vedic Astrology, Turquoise is a gemstone for those who are born under the zodiac sign of Dhanu Rashi or Saggitarius. It is one of those gemstones which has no side effects and can be safely worn by anyone.

Q3: In which finger should Turquoise be worn?

Ans: Turquoise stone can be worn in the Index finger. It is a stone for the planet Jupiter which is also known as the Brihaspati, and it should be wear in the Index finger for the profession, which is ruled by the Jupiter, and Ring Finger for the personal work which is ruled by the Sun.

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