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Types of Lip Piercings

Looking for a guide about Types of lip piercings? Then you have come to the right place.  Lips are a beautiful part of your face. To make it more beautiful many people look for piercing on the lips. But while deciding to have a piercing on the lips, many people are confused about which type of lip piercing to be done.

So we are here to help you with the type of lip piercings you can look for according to your choice. In some regions where the tribal community is still prevalent, there getting lips piercing is a custom, but in western culture, lip piercing is a fashion.

Apart from just love towards the bag, belt, earrings, and neck-piece accessories, people are crazy about the lip ornaments also. Many people love to go for a lip piercing to beautify their look and stand out from the crowd.

Lip piercing started in ancient times as a tradition but now it has begun a trend where women and men both prefer lip piercing.

You will now be acquainted with the types of lip piercings that you can go for and adore yourself more.

Types of Lip Piercings

  1. Labret Lip Piercing

Labret Piercing is the common type of lip piercing that is done by both women and men. It beauty your lower lip giving you a star look. It is done on the lower lip at the center. Jewelry used in this type of piercing is the labret stud that is why the name of this piercing is labret. It is also considered to be the most popular piercing which brings so much style to an individual. Labret piercing doesn’t hurt much. As the lips and skin around the lips area have numerous nerve endings lip piercing are ought to be painful, but in labret the piercing is less painful.

Labret piercing only requires puncture which gives you ease in pain and you are not able to feel the pain to much extent. Individuals are able to heal from the labret piercing in just 6-8 weeks. But it generally depends on the individual, thus it can also take 8 weeks for the piercing to heal. The location of the labret piercing makes you vulnerable to chomping that can be harmful to your front teeth. For the first few weeks, you will have to wear a larger stud and need to take extra care of yourself. Larger jewelry like hoops or circular barbells can harm you more so make sure that you don’t use this type of jewelry.

Types of Lip Piercings

2. Madonna Piercing

Again the most popular lip piercing is Madonna Piercing, it is named after the well-known singer- Madonna, who is also considered to be the epitome of beauty. This lip piercing involves a single perforation. It is done on the right side, above the upper lip. You can prefer shiny jewelry on this lip piercing to give an attractive look. On this type of lip piercing, a large stud is worn on the face.

You can also choose horseshoe barbells which gives you a unique look. You will feel less pain in this type of lip piercing. It is done quickly because of which you don’t feel a lot of pain. Healing time for the Madonna piercing is 6 to 10 weeks depending upon the individual and the aftercare of the piercing.

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3. Medusa Piercing

One of the incredible Medusa piercing, which is also known as “Philtrum piercing”. It is done in a single puncture centre. It is done above the upper lip. It looks very cool and many fashion freak women and men prefer this type of piercing. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it is able to highlight the beautiful lip contour and gives an attractive look that snatches the attention of everybody, making you the centre of attraction.

When you are planning to get this type of piercing done make sure that you pay special attention to the location of the piercing. This type of piercing is one of the less painful when compared to other types of lip piercings. It is important for you to know that for the first few days the area will be swollen and it can hurt more after the piercing has been done. But it is important that you take care of yourself and give your piercing some time.

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4. Angel Bites Lip Piercing

You will love this type of piercing which will give you a stunning look. This type is double perforation at the location above your upper lip on both the side: right and left. The jewelry that you can prefer wearing on this type of piercing can be of simple gemstone or a bead. A hoop style will also look perfect on this piercing. What is amazing about this piercing? You can try out or experiment with more types of looks with different jewelry, if you are a fashion lover then this piercing is the perfect one for you.

It is considered to be a bit painful than another type as you have to get the two ends above your lip pierced. It needs more care than any other type of earring and it may be swollen for more days. It takes more time to heal that is the healing period lies from 4 weeks to 3 months.

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5. Cyber Bites

It is similar to Angel bite lip piercing, it is also double perforation and brings out the combination of the labret and medusa piercing. It is done with one puncture on the upper lip and the second puncture below the lop. It gives a perfectly unique look to the person. It is also painful as it involves piercing and your lip can be swollen much more than your expectation, so when you get this type of lip piercing done make sure that you take extra care of the area and consult the doctor on a regular basis. The healing period for this type is around 6 to 8 weeks.

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What is the least painful lip piercing?

Double center lip piercing is the least painful lip piercing at it involves two artificial holes at the center of your lower lip. it is much easy to get without taking much of your time because of which you feel less pain.

What is a bottom lip piercing called?

Labret lip piercing is called the bottom lip piercing as it involves the getting you bottom lip pierced and wearing a stylish jewelry like hoops on it.

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