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What is a Pentacle Jewelry? A Complete Guide

The pentacle jewelry was once considered a sign of good luck and was thought to keep bad spirits at bay. Today, this ancient symbol is associated with a variety of meanings, some positive and others negative.

What is a pentacle?

The pentacle is a five-pointed star encircled by a disc. It’s a well-balanced, symmetrical, and appealing emblem. It is what makes us universal, with all the Elements and everything that makes us people. It is a sign of love, peace, harmony, and culture. When you need to banish harmful energy and achieve full security, your pentacle necklace is your go-to amulet. Due to its ability to absorb negative energies and cast a protective web around its wearer, it is now the most recognizable emblem of Wicca.

Your pentacle is likewise a representation of the four elements: the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. The four sides of the pentacle: the North and South. The round envelope of your pentacle is the union of all quadrants and elements and the totality of your respect for Nature.

Significance of Pentacle Jewelry

The pentacle is an ancient and thousands of years old sign. It has been used by many faiths and beliefs and has gained several different symbols in the course of time.

Some see the pentacle as a sign of evil, while others see it as a security symbol: Let’s dig more in-depth into what it actually signifies

1. The Pentacle in Taoism:

The pentacle also has a Chinese metaphysical approach to the life of Taoism. The five points here reflect the five Eastern elements of wood, earth, water, fire, and metal.

2. Christian Symbol of Pentacle:-

The pentacle used in Christian architecture, drawing, gemstones, and arts was a common emblem of Early Christianity. It was used to shield a man from evil as an amulet. Jesus was depicted by the fifth stage of Jesus’ five wounds at the time of his crucifixion.

3. Pagan Symbol of Pentacle:-

The pentacle used to be seen as a representation of the five elements Earth, air, fire, spirit, and water. These elements worked together in harmony, symbolizing the circle around the five-point star. It is equilibrium and harmony.

How you should wear Pentacle Necklace?

You must have the top point of the star pointing upward to wear the pentacle. A pentacle is the strongest and protects you from bad and psychiatric aggressions.

The most pleasant way to wear a pentacle collar is to have a leather seam at any length. Leather is sturdy, soft on the skin, and lighter than metal (let it breathe). Plus, metal chaining would probably make you break out in hives if your skin is hypersensitive! And your safest bet is leather cords. Also, make sure that you have a lobster clasp for the leather chain you choose, not a fold. A lobster clasp makes it easy to fit your collar (if you ever do) and remove it.

Silver or lead-free pentacles will be the safest way to wear them. Why does this happen? As you are closely linked to the Moon with silver or plum-free pewter. That’s good for mental work and divination. Moreover, the allergy of silver and plum-free pewter to hypersensitive skin people is less likely.

Wearing a pentacle with your birthstones will improve and rejuvenate and heal your personal attributes. You are automatically sensual and enthusiastic if you are anyone born in January. But wearing a ruby stone pentacle will improve your sensuousness and provide you with more focus! The Ruby Stone also will aid you with your self-control and self-admission if you are grappling with your weight.

You are given a sense of duty for yourself, your religion, and the Divine by possessing your pentacle collar. It’s part of the pentacle charm as well. Little by little, it allows you to understand that you are linked to everything, you have a role in this universe, and that you are part of something greater than yourself.

Think about whether you wear the pentacle and what it symbolizes. Whether you are uncertain whether to wear or not the pentacle. You will get strange stars should you want to wear pentacle jewels. You will be challenged to wear the pentacle and may be judged by your preference.

Where Can you Find Pentacle Jewelry?

You don’t have to look everywhere for pentacle jewelry since you’ll get handpicked options below. You may choose the one you think will suit you best and wear it with all your pride.

Check out this pentacle jewelry collection that we hope you like. Don’t wait to Press the shop now button to order it and wear it.

1. Knot Pendant 

This personalized jewelry consists of a high level, resistant and low-allergy stainless steel. This will not tarnish or rust with time. Otherwise, it will not stain. Wicca’s symbol. The five-point pentagram reflects “life” and “health” in mysticism. It is used for prayer for gladness as a magic sign, as a protector symbol, or as a curing wound symbol.

It is used to shield the wizard himself in the mysterious loop of magic and the staff is used to screen the devil. The church then calls the pentagrams “the demon’s coat of arms,” “the witch’s cross,” “the magician’s Star”.

2. Unisex Pentacle Jewelry

Get it in various beautiful colors to wear and maneuver its benefit of beauty and good luck.

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3. Stainless Steel Pentacle Pendant Necklace 

It is made from environmentally friendly ingredients to protect your well-being and our world. There is simply no hypoallergenic nickel or plumage on this lovely pendant and necklace. Celtic knot during necklace. Hollow out pattern pentagram. The pentacle is the Earth’s emblem. This necklace is the finest to convey your enduring affection with the best wishes of Celtic Knot.

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4. Life Pentagram Pendant

Nicely designed with the Tree of Life and Pentagram. It has a green zinc alloy and the waxed cord is made from 100% woven cotton and is finely plated with an ancient silver finish.

Screenshot 2021 03 23 001817

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