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Industrial Piercing Guide: Things to know about it

 Since they were first coined in Body Play magazine in 1992, industrial piercings have been a common body modification option. In its most simple form, an industrial piercing consists of two holes connected by a single piece of jewellery, most commonly a barbell. With so few guidelines, the space for personalization is nearly unlimited. You can have an ornate bar or a very plain one. it is also called “bar or scaffolding piercings”

Industrial piercing has long been associated with punk trends, but now that body piercings—particularly cartilage piercings—are becoming more mainstream, the piercing is becoming less sassy and more like a cute and unique enhancement to any cartilage band.

It’s also important to remember where you want your industrial piercing to be mounted on your ear when deciding on its size. According to Sydney, Australia-based piercer Eden Cox, industrial piercings are anatomy-dependent, so what works for one person might not work for you.

A helix (or outer, upper ear) piercing is compared to a forward helix (or inner, upper ear) piercing by a barbell in the standard version of an industrial piercing. However, since there are so many different versions of the piercing, you can absolutely adjust the look with only two distinct points on the ear and a barbell.

Types of Industrial Piercing?

The helix and anti-helix piercings are by far the most common industrial ear piercing type. The industrial, on the other hand, is characterised as any two cartilage piercings connected by a straight or industrial barbell. Although the possibilities are infinite, here are a few common choices:

  1. A vertical industrial piercing :- A few different cartilage areas can be pierced. Sometimes it includes a piercing helix and a percing conch, two piercings of a coch, or the rook and the conch.
  2. The double or triple industrial piercing:- It is made up of a number of industrial piercings. They’re most often used as part of a traditional industrial piercing, but you can get imaginative with this look.

How much does Industrial Piercing hurts?

The automotive piercing does not hurt any more than any other cartilage piercing because it is actually a mixture of two cartilage piercing styles. However, since you’ll be having two piercings at once, there will be a bit more tenderness than if you just had one. During the piercing process, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort, but it can be a little more painful.

You may encounter some soreness when the needle is extracted from the piercing sites, but it won’t be a sharp or searing pain—and it’s an indication that the new piercing is now healing. Piercings, on the other hand, may not have a fixed recovery cycle. Instead, the duration of the process is completely dependent on the person.

What is the healing time?

The estimated recovery time is around 4-6 months; but, depending on aftercare and the individual client’s immune system, it can take up to a year to heal. To put it plainly, healthier people recover faster.

The curing method for factory piercings would be the same as for any other cartilage piercing. Healing normally lasts 2 to 3 months, although it may take longer. Before you stop doing aftercare, check with your piercer and make sure you’re all healed.

In addition to normal aftercare, you’ll need to be extra vigilant with the industrial piercing to prevent snagging your jewels. Hair can quickly get caught in the industrial barbell, allowing it to tug against the jewellery. It’s very possible to compromise the skin by having cartilage piercings, which can lead to problems including hypertrophic scarring. As a result, some people prefer cartilage studs as a temporary cure until their industrial piercing heals.

Aftercare Rules for Industrial Piercing

  1. Don’t squeeze the jewels:- Sleeping on your side and wearing over-the-ear headphones are two examples. Applying pressure to the jewellery will harm the healing piercing and lead to piercing rejection and jewellery migration. If you have to sleep on your side, having one industrial piercing at a time is a smart idea so that you can sleep on the non-healing ear.
  2. Keep your hair far from the pierced ear:- Hair can quickly get trapped in the industrial barbell, causing it to pull at the piercing and inflict skin damage. As the piercing heals, try to keep your hair up and away from it. During the healing process, cartilage studs are also an option.
  3. Don’t get lazy while choosing the jewelry:- Pick up the right jewelry. You should ensure that your industrial is wide enough to accommodate swelling, particularly because two piercings can cause more swelling than normal. Bear in mind that the longer barbell is more likely to snag. To prevent jewellery rejection or skin sensitivities, choose a high-quality metal. A simple straight barbell is also a good option.

    You can stretch your cartilage after it has healed, but do so with caution because it is painful, time-consuming, and easy to hurt your ear. Make sure your jewellery is internally threaded to prevent external threads from rubbing against your piercing.

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

If you are adamant that you have to get an industrial piercing than we are sure that you have made up your mind to buy stylish and punky industrial piercing earrings that you just want to flaunt once you get your piercing done.

When you are buying the industrial piercing jewelry you will need to make sure that the barbell is the correct size once you have your template in mind. The measurement (density of the post passage) should be slightly greater than a typical 14 g lobe earring and the length depends on where the piercings are located and how big your ear is.

Don’t worry you don’t have to wonder any where else now because you will get the options to buy from, below. choose the one you love and press the shop now button:

  1. Dynamique CZ Paved Moon
industrial piercing

A half moon design earring is what you need to buy for an elegant look

2. Bunny Steel Barbell Earrings

Screenshot 2021 03 21 232852

If you are looking for a animal-themed earring for your industrial piercing, then what could be more cute than this bunny steel barbel earring that will add lots of cuteness to your look.

3. Mayhoop 5Pcs Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell Earring 

Screenshot 2021 03 21 232834 1
Credits:- Myhoop Store

Not one, not two, not three not four but you get 5 pieces of stainless steel industrial barbell earring to wear on different occasion. with different design and style this becomes a must buy earring set for fashion freak with industrial piercing.

4. Dreamcatcher Dangle Helix Earring

Screenshot 2021 03 21 232816 1

A Beautiful dreamcatcher style barbell earring that we glorify your industrial piercing.

5. Rainbow Plated Steel Helix Cartilage Earring

Screenshot 2021 03 21 233859

Looking for a punky earring style for your punk industrial piercing? Then this is the perfect one made for you, a rainbow colored earring beautified with chain look.

How much Industrial Piercing Costs?

Although there are two piercings, the industrial pierce is usually paid only for one. It normally costs between $30 – $70 anywhere. As always, pick a piercer with consistency over prices. Don’t go to a piercer with a drilling weapon. The piercer can use sterile needles and gloves and look clean and professional in its piercing studio.

What ears can’t get industrial piercing?

If your ear has a significant ridge running from the top of the ear to roughly the centre, then no industrial issue should occur. But if you have a sort of ear that mainly or completely flatly has the upper part of the ear, then you will definitely not find an industrial ear.

Do industrial piercings close?

The industrial perforation passes through the cartilage in your ear, will finally close quicker because of the location than many other piercing elements.

Is industrial piercing worth it?

Industrial piercings look totally cool, but you must care for them very well. Cartilage piercings usually take longer to heal, and the commercial one is not one, but two piercings. Follow the words of your piercer when you should take it out and add a few weeks to it just to be on the safe side.

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