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What is the Triskelion Symbol? Check out the Complete Guide

What is the Triskelion symbol? A Triskelion Symbol is the Triple Spiral, derived from the Greek word “Triskeles” which means “three legs.” His first existence dates back to the Neolithic period, as seen at the entry into Newgrange, Ireland, and sometimes referred to by others as Triskelion. In the Celtic society after 500BC the Triskele gained prominence. This ancient symbol is among the most cogent to decrypt, since the symbolists think it reflects many culturally diverse areas of the moment.

What is the Triskelion Symbol?

The triple spiral motif of the triskelion (or triskelion) consists of three symmetrical swirls or forms otherwise curved from a given location. It is present in Europe and Asia in many ancient cultures, but most closely related to Irish and Celtic arts and architecture.

The words tri, “three,” and skelos, “leg,” derive from Greek. Many contemporary triskelion variants, such as the flag of Sicily, represent three human legs across a set centre (in the case of the Sicilian flag, this centerpoint is the head of the Gorgon).

The first examples of triskelion symbol emerge from Malta, and the spirals are stamped on by several Greek vessels and coins. Greek pottery also shows soldiers with shields embossed with triskelion. Pliny the Elder thought that the triangular shape of the island was originated in the triskes in Sicily —where it is both ancient and permanent [sic] mark, hence its ongoing appearance on the flag.

Although many triskellion-ornate artefacts have survived from mainland Europe, the three spirals are now more often linked to ancient Irish culture and tradition.

Significance of Triskelion Symbol

The triskelion symbol describes the various cyclical triplets, like life, death and rebirth of the Celtic belief system. Today, Irish jewellery is a common motif. (Solvar Pendant Chain Bracelet Plated Silver).

The triskelion symbol, also known as the triskelion or triscelium, is a very old mark, composed of three spirals. The word “triskelion” derives from three-legged Greek triskelia.

While the triskelion symbol is generally considered an Irish emblem, the first symbol in Malta appeared before the Celts and dates to over 6000 years. The symbols of Tri-Skelion discovered in ancient Ireland burial mounds in Newgrange were closely associated with Irish culture. That was about 3200 years ago.

The relation between the three realms – Earth, Water and Space – is also to be symbolised.

The Celts connect the triskelet with a number of meanings, each with some form of personal growth, human development and spiritual advancement. Examples of these include re-born life-death, past-current and destruction of creation-protection.

The idea of reincarnation includes an intriguing hypothesis about the meaning of the Triskele. This is since the symbol consists of an almost straight line comparable to the constant motion of time. The triskelet symbolises the entire process of continuing to progress until a level of deeper understanding is reached.

There is no single significance or representation of the triskelet, and the Celts themselves view it in various ways. This polyvalence makes this ancient emblem important not only among the Celts, but also in other cultures. The organisations are used to add their fundamental principles, their mandate and their visions in emblems and seals.

The triskelet can also be used in product labels, symbolising longevity, resilience and power. In the sculpture, decoration, woodwork and many other items that we see or use everyday we still see the three spirals. The triskeletal architecture is both a declaration and a recollection of essential things for us.

It can be represented in a variety of ways due to the simplicity of the symbol. Three is an enticing number with a particular charm, the triskelion symbol is a common sign that goes beyond a single religion or society. The symbolism is different and subject to interpretation.

Should You Wear Triskelian Jewelry?

If you think about wearing a sign, it is mostly because of this: The explanation is:

  • That may be cultural ownership
  • You find it is contrary to your faith
  • You fear that it has a negative significance

The triskelion symbol has, as discussed earlier, many interpretations and cannot be linked to any one meaning, culture or religion. You should assign the triskelion a sense that matters to you so it is open to comprehension.

From a religious perspective, the triskelion has, among others, connections with Christianity and Buddhism. However, the symbol extends beyond these interpretations and it predates any of these religions.

It is important to emphasise that it is a positive emblem that has been admired and cherished for centuries whether you are to wear the triskelion or not.

Where Can you Buy Triskelian accessories?

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  1. Bracelet Celtic Triskelion

The Viking bracelet has various significances. Three spirals are in Celtic Triskele. Spirals are a celtic sign of feminine influence, one of the oldest divine symbols. The amulet knot triquetra means forever. This 11.5*1.6 inch tripod cuff is a beautiful mix of a Celtic knotwork style metalworking and leather seal chain.

The metalwork is engraved with a northern amulet in the Gothic style. This Viking bracelet is very decent, and demonstrates the sensation of Viking gemstones. This mediaeval bracelet is the ideal accessory for Viking parties, LARP, adults and teens, all Saints Eve, Halloween, fancy looks and dresses, and for christenings.

Triskelion Symbol

2. MayLove Wolf Triskele Necklace

Symbol of rivalry and advancement of man. The Greek word triskelion means “three beams,” and impressive skills are suitable to guarantee proud consistency.
It is a wonderful present for friends, relatives, couples, birthdays, birthdays, etc.

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Credits:- Maylove

3. Stainless Steel Bracelets Celtic

Open bracelet with the celtic knot, symbolising the endless divine religion, devotion and life’s circle. The celtic sign is in the centre: Valknut or Triskelion. It could be your everyday wear amulet or a special fashion supplement. It’s also perfect for the families and best friends. It looks like the three-legged wheel, and Triskelion is a popular Celtic sign. The emblem, which describes history, present and future, is the well-known meaning of Nature and the movement of creation.

Screenshot 2021 03 27 233157

4. Bronze Engraved Celtic Earrings

These earrings are lead, cadmium and nickel free which protects your skin from any kind of irritation. they are beautiful and safe to wear

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What is Triple spiral female power?

Three-spiraled Graved stone with the Celtic icon The Triple Spring is a symbol of women’s strength and reflects the three divinities. The three forces of maid, mum and crone serve it. The triple spiral is sculpted into stone with sandblasting / sand.

What is Triskelion spiritual meaning?

One thing is that the triskele can reflect motion, as all three limbs seem to be going away from the centre. It is believed that the movement or motion is the energy in the movement, cycles, growth, revolt and rivalry especially in this Celtic Symbol.

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