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7 Things You Should Be Doing To Care For Your Ring

An engagement ring is one of the most precious and expensive gifts that you will ever receive. It is only natural that you will want to do everything you can to keep it looking as good as the day you received it. While using a high-quality jewellery cleaning solution at home is a great first step, you can take the relationship with your ring one step further. From taking it in for the purpose of professional attention to taking it off altogether, your engagement ring care routine should go beyond just cleaning and polishing.

Discover the jeweller approved tips for maintaining your engagement ring for as long as you both shall live.

1. Schedule professional cleanings

Most jewellers offer free cleaning services. Not only will your ring be stream cleaned by an on-site jeweller, but it can also be examined under magnification to make sure that the prongs are secure, and to check for the diamond fractures and loose stones.

Experts say that having a professional cleaning at least twice a year – much like a dental appointment, is a great way to manage the structural integrity of your ring and keep it as sparkly as the day you first slipped it on.

2. Use mild cleaning solutions

Rumor has its Elizabeth Taylor would clean her 33.19 carat Krupp diamond ring in a combination of hot water and gin. Moreover, the experts say that if you are going to wash your ring at home, you should soak it in a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid for half an hour before being gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Baking soda mild, non-abrasive consistency makes it another great choice for cleaning metals and precious stones, simply pour a bit of baking soda into a bowl and mix it with a small cup of warm water to create a soft paste. Then simply take off your ring and use your fingers to gently rub the paste around the stone, the setting, and the ring. Rinse the ring in warm water, and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

3. Get insurance

It is amazing how many people overlook insurance coverage for their rings. With a price similar to that of a modest car but so much smaller and easier to lose, you would like to think this would be a no-brainer.

Though it may be emotionally difficult to replace your original engagement ring, it is nice to know that if you do accidentally lose it, you would have financial difficulties to add to the misery.

And getting insurance can actually be quite easy. Especially because most of the jewellers offers engagement ring comes with a free expert appraisal so that you can easily submit it to your insurance company. Additionally, you may want to include a close-up photo of your ring to keep on file as well.

4. Consider a “backup” ring

Another increasingly popular option is what is known as the “backup ring.” This is an alternate ring that may not be as valuable – emotionally or monetarily and can be worn more regularly without the worry of it getting lost.

Many department stores and boutiques sell costume jewellery that looks very similar to real engagement rings and bridal sets. For some of the substituting their ring for a stand-in is completely worth the additional price to avoid putting the real ring at risk.

5. Say no to chemicals

Aside from the cleaning products, chemicals like the ones in perfume, sunscreen, and lotion can add residue to the ring and diamond, which can even cause potential damage. Always remove your ring before applying these or any other products that may be made with the harmful chemicals.

6. Check the weather

Whether you are making a quick run to the grocery store during a snowstorm or hiking in the Alps, most people’s fingers naturally get smaller due to the temperature.  This means that there is a risk that your ring could slide off during the cold weather.

Moreover, hot weather can cause fingers to expand and may cause your ring to feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, consider leaving your engagement ring at home when the temperature is intense outside and sporting your wedding band only.

7. Don’t risk the bling

There are various activities that put your ring at a higher risk than others. Even certain outdoor chores like the gardening can be fraught with peril. Moreover, any situation that may make the ring especially dirty, or impossible to retrieve, should be carefully considered.


Q1: What is the best thing to clean rings with?

Ans: The best homemade ring cleaning solution is a mixture of a few drops of Dawn dish detergent in warm, not hot, water.

Q2: Can you clean the ring with vinegar?

Ans: Cleaning your gold and gemstone ring could be easier with white vinegar. Simply drop the ring into a jar of vinegar and let sit for around 10 minutes, agitating occasionally. All you need to do is to remove and scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush, if necessary.

Q3: Can Apple cider vinegar clean ring?

Ans: Soak your ring in a cup of apple cider vinegar for around 10 minutes before removing and wiping dry to remove dead skin cells and add shine.

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