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Pear-Shaped Diamond

How to Buy a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring?

Pear-shaped diamonds have always been one of the unique and brilliant ways to symbolize true love.

A famous actor Richard Johnson who works in the Hollywood once paid around $2 million for a 69-carat pear-shaped diamond cut by famous Jeweller Harry Winston. And presented it to his wife Elizabeth Taylor, a fashion icon.

The incredible stone graced her neck in several public appearances and eventually became the centrepiece of a gorgeous Cartier ring.

While their famously stormy relationship has been also faded from the public eye many years ago, the Taylor Burton diamond made a permanent impression.

While choosing an enormous, million-dollar diamond for Elizabeth Taylor may be a no-brainer, choosing a pear-shaped or teardrop diamond engagement ring for your fiancée takes confidence.

Why? Because most of the common choice for diamond engagement rings is round shaped diamonds. In fact, only 7% of diamond engagement rings feature pear-shaped centre stones, which make them a truly unique distinctive choice.

What is a pear-shaped diamond?

A pear-shaped diamond is also called being called as a teardrop diamond because of its rounded shape, which narrows into a point at the top or bottom. It is a modified brilliant round cut on one end and the pointed tip on the other end.

Anatomy of a Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds have five parts or regions: the head, the belly, the shoulders, the point, and the wings. The head is round-shaped, like a brilliant-cut diamond. The shape begins to narrow below the shoulders towards the belly, before coming closer together at the wings and finally meeting in the dramatic point.

How do I choose a pear-shaped diamond?

There are various factors that affect the appearance and beauty of a pear-shaped diamond. These include proportion, symmetry, and shadows caused by the cut of the diamond.

The “Bow Tie Effect”

Bow ties belong on waiters and grooms, but only on your pear-shaped diamond. The “bow tie-effect” on a pear-shaped diamonds is the light grey to a black pattern resembling a bow tie that typically runs across the width of the stone from the centre of the table. A cut that minimizes the effect to the point that it is hardly visible is a key to a beautiful pear-shaped diamond.

Proportion: Length to Width Ratio and Symmetry

Proportion can be one of the essential things to consider at the time of buying a pear-shaped diamond, it is also the most subjective aspect and is really up to your individual taste.

Moreover, most of the people prefer a length to width ratio that is between 1.50 and 1.75. Moreover, you need to decide what type of shape you prefer.

Do you like a stone with a flatter top or a more rounded middle?

All you can do is to look at a pear-shaped diamond face up and check for gently rounded shoulders and wings. Wings that are too flat may make the diamond appear too narrow, while wings that are too rounded may make it look bulbous and short.

A beautiful pear-shaped diamond must also have the identical sides. To easily check the symmetry at a jeweler or online with the help of digital tools, draw a real or imagined line down the center, from the head to the point. The wing, shoulder, and belly portions should be identical, and 29 facets should be visible on both sides.

While the length-width ratio can give you a general idea of the shape, nothing beats seeing the diamond in person in order to determine the actual silhouette and some other small details like eye cleanliness and bowtie effects.

Are pear-shaped diamonds cheaper than other diamonds?

One of the most appealing aspects of pear-shaped diamonds are that they can be significantly less expensive than brilliant round shaped diamonds with the same cut, clarity, color, and carat weight attributes. This is because a pear-shaped diamonds usually have very minimal amount of waste when being cut from a raw stone.


Q1: How much is a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond worth?

Ans: Slightly under 1 Carat, the pear cut diamonds of this carat are highly appreciated for their visible size and affordable cost. Basically, a 0.75-carat pear-shaped loose diamonds costs around $1500 and above depending on the cut, clarity, color you select.

Q2: Do pear-shaped diamonds sparkle?

Ans: pear has a similar faceting structure to the brilliant round cuts. Because of this, it even retains that coveted fire and brilliance that makes a diamond sparkle. The pear shape can be worn with the top pointing upwards or downwards on the finger, so it is a shape of juxtapositions.

Q3: How much is a 5-carat pear diamond?

Ans: The price of a 5-carat diamond starts somewhere around $9000 per carat.

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