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Know about Double Buckle belts

Are you looking for Double Buckle belts? Congratulations! you have come to the right place. We will show you the best double buckle belt options. Double buckle belts are very cool accessories to be worn on jeans, pants, dresses, shirts, and blazers. You can buy one double buckle belt and use it in various ways.

But you know what? The double buckle belt is not only made for women but is also made for men. Men also prefer wearing double buckle belts as they give a classic look. But this style is not so trending among men right now. This style is trending among women a lot.

The double buckle belt is considered to be one of the coolest styles of the belt that women are crazy about. Double buckle is the trend going on and these belts are in so much demand by fashion followers.

Types of Double Buckle Belts

  1. Women’s PU Leather Belt Double O Ring 

Here you don’t get one buckle belt but you get three elegant durable double buckle belts. They have double 0 rings attached at the centre of the belt. They are considered to be of very cool style and match with pretty dresses that you are planning to wear. You get it in three colors:- Black, White, and Brown. You can choose any of them to wear on jeans, pants, shirts, blazers and pretty dresses.

You don’t have to struggle to buy different types of belt for different dresses, as these belts will just do your task. These belts are made of premium quality material which makes each one of them durable belts. It is made up of faux leather with superb stitching. The buckle is made up of alloy metals with excellent and best craftsmanship. They have adjustable straps which you can use flexibly to wear in different attire. It has a delicate belt hole that assures you that you will not feel uncomfortable at any point.

Double Buckle Belts

2. Waist Belt Double Retro Carved Buckle

Western Waist double buckle belt. The belt is made up of an elastic band that is of PU leather. It has a double alloy pin buckle. It has a waist belt with a soft and comfortable strap. It is highly stretchable which makes it perfect for any body type and any body size. This double buckle belt is very convenient to wear and easy to take it off.

Width of the elastic band black which is 2.87”/7.3cm. It is a vintage accessory that will glow up your outfit. It is a trendy style to be worn on different types of jeans, skirts dress, casual wear, and pants. It is a perfect gift to be presented to a woman on their special occasion like on Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary gift and Thanksgiving Day

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3. Waist Belt Double Buckle 

This double buckle belt is made up of premium faux leather with delicate metal. It is made with excellent workmanship. It has a sturdy design with durability. It is really very comfortable to wear. You can adjust it to fit your waist to the perfect size. It has a retro design that has a vintage yet luxury look. You will see the fabulous design at both ends which gives it a royal look. It is timelessly fashionable and pretty. It is made up of sturdy material this is why it is really durable. once you buy it you don’t have to worry about buying another one

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4. 3 Pieces Women Transparent Belt 

An Eye catchy design on the belt. It has a silver polished metal buckle. You can get the buckle in different design. You will have a belt with a heart-shaped buckle, another with squared shaped buckle, and a round-shaped belt. It is iridescent and so attractive. It is a perfect accessory to be gifted to women on birthdays, achievements, and special other events. It looks so great on women and it gives a beautiful glamorous look to the outfit of women.

It adds charm to the dress the woman is wearing. They are made of PVC thus they are so durable that you will be wearing them for years. They are comfortable to wear for a longer stretch. You can wear it to any event whether it is a theme party, masquerade, Halloween, birthday, or music concert.

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5. Double-Grommet-Belt Leather

Buy this double grommet belt that covers the whole strap. It is comfortable to wear, as it can be adjusted according to different waist size. It looks on every outfit. This is made up of high-quality PU leather. If you are planning to go to concerts, dinner, club then this is the must accessory that you have to wear to wear to give you a punk cool look.  It has a double silver prong buckle which gives it a unique style. Keeps the belt secure and durable for the long term. It is a studded double metal eyelet a very stylish design belt.

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From Where to Buy?

  1. Women’s PU Leather Belt Double O Ring 

2. Waist Belt Double Retro Carved Buckle

3. Waist Belt Double Buckle

4. 3 Pieces Women Transparent Belt 

5. Double-Grommet-Belt Leather


How do you wear a double buckle belt with jeans?

You can wear the double buckle belt over the loops or you wear the belt up to your wait like you wear on the dresses. you can explore your own way to wear it as well

What is a slide buckle?

Slide buckles help you quickly adjust the length of the strap in the belt according to your size. Slide buckles are very useful on every accessory

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