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Which Birthstone Color Is The Best For Which Birth Month?

Different months have different gemstones dedicated to them. All of them have their own significant beauty and power. The birthstone colors are different, thus they beautify the jewelry in which they are embedded. These gemstones are imparted in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and in many pieces of jewelry.

The birthstones were thought to have been first mentioned in the bible, where Aaron contains 12 gems that signified the twelve tribes of Israel. Birthstone has there different versions in different cultures and different time periods. Many of the months have one gemstone, but some have more than one, for example, there are three birthstones for June, that we will discuss in the coming sections.

Birthstone can be gifted on various occasions like- birthdays, Holidays, Festivities, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Promotions, or achievements.

January birthstone color

If you are a January-born garnet is the gemstone that will bring fortune to your life and spread positive hues around you. Garnet’s birthstone color is red. But it can range from soft red to rich red, which gives it a vibrant color and is suited as a gift to be presented on special occasions like valentine’s day, anniversaries, and even birthdays. This January birthstone resembles the lush red color, like a pomegranate seed.

Recalling back to the 14th century, the term “garnet” meant dark red which justifies why the birthstone color is red and not of another color. But you often may get confused between a ruby and a garnet gemstone because of their color. Don’t worry, if you want to see whether you are holding a garnet or a ruby, just hold it in the direction of the light. If you see a yellow and green color, then you can be sure that the stone is garnet-the January birthstone.


February birthstone color

Amethyst is the February birthstone which is known for its healing properties of calming one’s nerves down. Reliving a person from stress and balancing one’s mood. Thus, such a stone with so much power has a color unique from all other birthstone colors. The color of this February birthstone is purple. It belongs to a quartz family which comes under one of the amplest materials found on the earth. The amethyst birthstone color ranges from pink lilac to deep violet, unfurling its beauty over the jewelry it is embedded in. The color variation generally depends on its impurities like few traces of iron or manganese.


March birthstone color

If you are born in March you will be glad to know that you can choose between two birthstones:- aquamarine and bloodstone. Both have their own symbol and meaning. The birthstone colors are different, giving you more choices to make and wear. You can find aquamarine in dark or light green colors and even in dark or light blue colors. Because of the color it owns, it is known for its magnificent beauty and is symbolized for the purity of spirit and soul. You can find bloodstone in color blends like green and rusty red. This color combination gives a resemblance to molten lava. But you can find it in other colours as well like yellow and brown.

Birthstone color

April birthstone color

April birthstone is the one that is most beautiful and the hardest among all, its “Diamond”. The diamond is made of pure carbon. You can buy your favorite diamond of your favorite color:- Yellow, Green, red, purple, pink, blue, black, and white.

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May birthstone color

May’s birthstone is Emerald which has some relation with aquamarine as they both hail from the beryl family. The Colour of emerald can be found ranging from light green to dark green like a forest. But you will be lucky to find a trapiche emerald, which has a six-pointed pattern looking like a starburst.  


June birthstone color

June born have 3 options of birthstone to choose from, the options they have are:- Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. All with a different symbol, meaning, and color. But you can consider pearl as your main birthstone if you want to be dedicated towards only one. Pearl is commonly found in white color but it comes in other colors as well:- blue, gold, green, cream, and pink. If you are a black lover, a piece of happy news for you is that pearl also comes in black color.

Alexandrite spears red under light and it looks green in sunlight, so in one gemstone you can take the benefit of two gemstones through its dual color beauty. This works perfectly for any occasion whether you are wearing it for the day function or for the night one. The last one that is moonstone can be found in various colors ranging from blue to orange. If you are looking for an orange color jewel to match your attire, Moonstone will be the perfect fit for you.

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July birthstone color

July people are lucky to have Ruby as their birthstone. It is one of the beautiful gemstones that everybody desires. July people have the extra advantage to have ruby in their jewelry collection. Ruby’s beauty appears in pink and red colors. Because of its color, it is known for compassion, love, and courage. It is a perfect stone to be gifted on the occasion of the anniversary and marriage/engagement.

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August birthstone color

There are two August birthstones:- Peridot and Sardonyx. Both have somewhat similar color blends but still, we will differentiate them with the colours that they own. Peridots are commonly found in yellowish-green color and also found in brownish-green color. And Sardonyx is found in yellow-tinted red to a reddish-brown color which depends on how many iron oxides.


September birthstone color

Sapphire is the birthstone dedicated to the people born in September, it is a beautiful gemstone of blue color. But if you are fond of any other color, you will find sapphire of a different color as well. You can find it in green, pink and yellow color as well.

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October birthstone color

October people have the happiness of two birthstones which are:- Opal and tourmaline. Opals don’t have much color variation, as they are only available in black or white color, and not any other color. But if you are not a fan of many colors, you will be more than satisfied with Opal/ That is why it is believed to be a symbol of luck and good fortune. Apart from black and white color it also shows a kaleidoscope effect that is rainbow color.

How lucky are October people, if you are not a fan of many colors you can go for Opal, but if you are a colorful person and want other color variations in your gemstone, you can opt for tourmaline, which appears in different colours. The colors range of this birthstone is pink to purple and also from green to blue, you can have different colours in your jewelry collection.  

october birthstones

November birthstone color

November’s birthstone is believed to be Topez and Citrine. Topez is also known for its healing and protecting power, and it is commonly found worn in golden color, giving it a beautiful look. But if you are looking for other colors of topaz you can find these colours:- green, blue, red, pink or orange.

But if a November person is looking for a brown jewel you can opt for citrine which comes in brown color as well as in yellow color.

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December birthstone color

For December people there are three gemstones that they can buy and turn their luck around. These three gemstones are:- Tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. Both desired their own beauty. Tanzanite is of vivid blue color giving some purple and lavender texture as well. You can find Zircon in various colours of blue, and Turquoise can be found in light to dark green color.

Wrap Up

Now all that’s left is picking the birthstone of your month.

Select, wear it and flaunt it.

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