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Want to buy a diamond necklace? Read these points

What could be a more beautiful present than a diamond necklace gifted from your loved one? A necklace is one of those accessories that adds a star to the whole persona of a woman. A necklace shines on even the simplest of attires. Diamond Necklace-one of the admired necklace pieces, ranks as the first of the most desired jewelry.

Diamond is the hardest and most precious stone on this earth, it measures 10 on the Mohs scale. Many diamonds that are considered natural are believed to have ages between 1 billion and 3.5 billion years. It is also believed that they are formed at the depth of 150-250 km in the Earth’s mantle.

A Diamond necklace is considered to be the most precious and beautiful gift that can be given to a woman. Thus, it is presented on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, achievements as a gesture of appreciation and love from the one gifting it.

Let’s see, what type of Diamond necklace are there in the market that you can buy:-

Types of diamond necklace

You will be glad to know that you can choose the necklace diamond according to the preference of your loved one. You can choose the best fit for your wife, sister, fiancé, or mother.

1. Diamond Heart necklace

If you are looking for a perfect diamond necklace for your wife or your fiancé, then this type of necklace would be a perfect choice that you can buy to impress your partner.  The heart symbolizes affection and love. Ablaze your love by gifting this beautiful heart diamond necklace and expressing affection to your loved one.

Heart shape diamond necklace

2. Floating diamond necklace

This type is considered to be similar to the solitaire style, which contains a single stone stretched with a delicate chain. You can prefer it with a large or small diamond. It has an elegant look which can be best suited for you to give to your mother or sister.

Credits:- brilliant earth

3. Three-stoned diamond necklace

Not one, not two, three –three diamond is what you get in this type. This is perfectly suited for a person fond of diamonds and who will most likely not get satisfied with only one diamond. Three diamonds are attached with an elegant yet simple chain to wear.

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4. Diamond solitaire necklace

This type has a traditional elegant design containing stone in a prong setting which you will find at the end of the chain. It is usually set in 4 prongs, but you can also get it in 6 prongs. It can be a perfect gift for your mother, partner, or sister.


5. Dancing diamond necklace

It is one of the unique necklace pieces that you will see. In this type, the diamond is placed in such a style where it catches the light from different directions, giving visuals as if they are dancing.


6. Diamond tennis necklace

It becomes the perfect choice for the one who is looking for multiple diamonds in a diamond necklace. It has many diamonds encrusted around the chain, giving it a beautiful design. It will be a luxurious set with show-stealing beauty.

How much does a diamond necklace costs?

The cost of a diamond necklace varies depending upon style, carat, color, and clarity. It can range from $500 and extend to $36000. The unique piece has different costs depending upon the features that it offers. A major factor contributing to the cost of a diamond necklace is the quality of the diamond. If you want to assess the diamond you need to follow the 4 C’s that you must check:- Color, Clarity Carat, and Cut. Buying a larger diamond costs you higher than the ones of a smaller size.

The next thing that will determine the price of the diamond necklace you are buying is the number of diamonds there are in the necklace that you intend to buy. Example three diamond necklace costs higher than the other diamond necklace because of the reason that it has three diamonds in it. Furthermore, along with diamonds, there are different stones as well in the necklace that can level up your diamond necklace price. An example of such a diamond necklace is the “halo pendant necklace” which has one stone in the center and 8 diamonds surrounding it, giving it an extraordinary look.

What’s more?

At the end comes the chain which calls for the final price. If your necklace is 14k gold that diamond necklace would be less costly for you than the one that has 18k gold or platinum. While looking out for the chain of your preference, give a look at its length. The common length that is considered is 16” or 18”. But if you are planning to have a long one don’t worry your diamond necklace can length up to 30”-36” also. For this, it is advisable that you consult the person you are buying for because her call would be final if she likes it, then its all worth it

If you are intending to buy a diamond you should make up your mind about a high budget set, which can cost you much.

From where to buy a diamond necklace?

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is known for its certified diamonds with a 20,00,000 customer base who are happily connected with them. You would like to buy your diamond necklace from them because they have the tool for “ build your own pendant”, which gives you the option to customize any part of your necklace, diamond style, and its setting. You can find three stone diamond pendants. The Blue Nile has another type which is the Asscher diamond solitaire pendant.

James Allen

They provide the best online experience for you while you are looking to buy a diamond necklace. They have 360 degree HR photographs that will provide you with clear visuals of, what you are looking at. They have a wide range of diamond necklaces with gold diamonds, rose gold diamonds, white gold, and many beautiful elegant chained necklace.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

They are known for their high-quality cuts and beautiful jewelry. They offer a four-prong pedant with split bail connected with a 16” cable chain. IT also offers hand made bezel pendant. It has more variety of diamond necklaces that you can select and buy. You can buy it while sitting back at him on the couch and just a one click away.


It is one of the most renowned jewelers, which has gained 1,00,000 monthly visitors on its online platform. If you are looking for a pink diamond that may become your partner’s favorite one, then this is the stop where you would get the diamond necklace with a pink diamond. You will get around Chameleon & Fancy pink diamond drop pendant here. IF you are looking for something unique you can go for a yellow diamond the uncommon one, you can find a fancy intense yellow cushion diamond drop pendant.

Wrap Up

Well, what are you waiting for?

Time to get yourself a beautiful diamond necklace.

It’s never too late to spoil yourself.

How hard is diamond?

Diamond is the hardest stone, it measures 10 on the Mohs scale

What is the cost of a diamond?

Generally, the range is between $500 to $36000

What all color diamonds can I get?

Many jewelers offer diamonds of colors- pink, white, black, and yellow (read more about the black diamond here:- Black Diamond Engagement Rings: What Makes Them Trendy And Sensational?)

Diamond Education

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