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A Complete Black Gemstones List

Looking for a black gemstones list? You have reached the right place, where you will get to know the Black Gemstones List. Diamond is the hardest stone on the earth. Many people are really fond of Diamond stone and they prefer earrings, necklace and bracelets which has a diamond embedded in them.

Black is the classic color that delights everybody. Black is “The” color that goes on everything be it jewelry, accessories, clothing, furniture, and time it literally everything. What about if you hear about a black gemstone?

With the sentence, you are definitely able to imagine the beauty of the black gemstone that will make you “woo” over the stone.

Earlier the color black was associated with negative energy and it was believed that it is not good for fortunate events. But as things have changed black is a more loved color which is being used the jewelry more and more. You will be fascinated with the black gemstones that are listed below. You will get the knowledge about them all.

Black Gemstones List

Here is the Black Gemstones List with the jewelry option that you can buy. In this Black Gemstones List, you will find the description about the gemstone to add the info in your fashion repository

  1. Black Diamond

First in the Black Gemstones List is the Black Diamond which is a very beautiful Gemstone.

Can you imagine a black Diamond? You will be surprised to know that the Black diamond exists. Yes, it really does. Earlier it was not believed to be a jewelry-grade stone. But with time it has now become the highest in demand gemstone with the highest price. It is made up of carbon. Black diamond yields as the result of the impurities of graphite. Isn’t it magic? How impurities can make up a beautiful gemstone? Black diamond does not sparkle like other diamonds, but it does reflect the light on it.

Do you know that the largest Black diamond unearthed is the “Spirit of de Grisogono” which is 312.24 carat? Black diamonds are rare of the gemstones, it is only found in two regions that are the Central Africa Republic and Brazil. People are really fond of the black diamond because of its classic color. There are synthetic black diamonds as well which are man-made, you can buy these diamonds at much lower costs.

black gemstones list
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2. Black Pearl

This gemstone is also called “Tahitian Pearl”. It is believed to be among the rarest of gemstones. It is one of the exotic gemstones that need special conditions to be developed. Its rare nature and specialty have made it a costlier gemstone with high value. It is made up of precise species of oysters. Black pearls can also be found in light grey color which makes them a beautiful gemstone.

This black pearl gemstone is known for its iridescent glow that gives it an extra luster and beautiful look. Black pearl is soft and needs careful handling as it can be easily scratched. Pearls are farmed in the freshwater of China which are fetched out and dyed to get the desired color. Natural black pearl does not have a concentration in some of its parts as the dyed pearl have.


3. Black Jet

Black Jet is the gemstone that is one of the varieties of coal. It is also known as “Black Amber” as It has similar features to Amber. Black Jet formed with the help of many processes and it is not considered a pure mineral. Black Jet became popular in ancient times where it was used commonly in the jewelry. Like Black Pearl, it is a soft gemstone that can be damaged when it is not taken care of.

Black Jet found in the Whitby area is considered to have a nice finishing, bright lustre, and found in the desired shape. Black Jet gemstone from this gemstone is considered to be a famous gemstone. Black Jet can be found in various countries like China, the UK, Germany, and Spain. Rumours about the Black Jet signify that the gemstone is used for purification as it is believed to be the protector of the spiritual realm.


4. Black Opal

Black Opal is a gemstone that is considered one of the most precious and the rare of the gemstone. It is also known as the “Black Precious Opal”. Opal does not have the pure black color tone but it is black hence it is known as the Black Opal.  Black Opal is a gemstone that has value and you can find it in various jewelry accessories like Rings, Earrings, Brooches, and pendants. In the 20th Century, a plethora of Black opal Deposits was found in Australia, which led to the high value of the gemstone.

Before this deposit discovery, people were sceptical to buy black opal as sellers sold the artificial one at a higher price. Real Black Opal can be found in a range of colors from Smoke Gray, blueish grey to Black color. You can buy the black opal from the given options. On the Mohs scale Black Opal measures between 6 to 10, making it a hard gemstone. It has now become one of the famous gemstones which are preferred in various jewelry. A fun fact about the Black Opal is “ It is found between 1 foot to 150 foot underground in the area of Lightning Ridge.

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5. Black Onyx

Onyx is the gemstone that comes in a wide color range, a beautiful one is a black color. Black Onyx has been considered a healing stone for millennia. It is used in various jewelry to be worn on many occasions. Black Onyx has a stunning look with a matte finish it is preferred by most of the new genre people who are fashion-driven. It has a deep and solid appearance with a smooth finish.

Although the Black Onyx does not have a shiny look like other gemstones, it has a silky luster, giving it a shiny look rather than a sparkly look. A Black Onyx that is naturally made is really rare. Hence it is the most costlier. Most of the black onyx that is found today have been dyed in the color with more saturation. This Black gemstone is durable and has a tough built. It is a highly valued gemstone with the highest pricing. 


What is the Cost of Black Onyx?

Black Onyx can be found between the $1 to $ 9,500 price range which depends on the stone setting.

What is the most expensive black gemstone?

The most expensive Black Gemstone is Black Onyx as it can cost around $9,500 depending upon various factors like its size, setting etc.

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